The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 3406 - Attracted to Han Zhuofeng

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Chapter 3406: Attracted to Han Zhuofeng

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In the competition for more opportunities, there were other celebrities without as much acting experience as her but had been chosen by brands because those celebrities looked more high-class than her.

Therefore, there were very few opportunities suitable for Xiao Fengqing.

It was until she managed to get an opportunity to act with a Hongkong actor.

To be honest, Hongkong, a small island, might be powerful in the past.

However, it had lost its importance.

Their film and television industry had deteriorated.

However, the only thing was that they had more understanding of the strange things.

At least, many people there believed it.

They believed in so many things, not to mention fortune-telling and Fengshui.

At a deeper level, there were masters and spells.

Therefore, through that collaboration, Xiao Fengqing tried to befriend a more experienced celebrity and tried to ingratiate herself with this senior.

Finally, she found out about the method of inviting a fox spirit.

She was old. However, she was a very famous beauty in the entertainment industry back then.

Even when she was 40 years old, she still looked 27 to 28 years old.

However, the signs of aging still won in the end.

She started looking old and was replaced by newer people.

Actually, according to what that senior said, there were ways to maintain her looks.

However, it would just cause damage to herself.

She would not be able to handle the consequences.

So, the senior stopped before it was too late. Even though the temptation was huge, she didn’t dare to continue anymore.

However, it was easy to invite a god but difficult to send it away.

It was easy to invite a fox spirit, but it was difficult to send it away.

The senior spent a lot of money to hire a famous master to send that fox spirit away.

By ingratiating herself and praising the senior carefully, Xiao Fengqing finally got the information.

The senior said that she could help Xiao Fengqing for free if Xiao Fengqing wanted to choose that path.

However, the consequences were serious. If the fox spirit were provoked, it would be very difficult to break free from it.

After all, you would have to pay the equivalent price of what you wanted to get.

In addition, you might not get the equivalent results of what you paid.

Sometimes, you would have to pay much more to get what you wanted.

But at that time, Xiao Fengqing was young and thought that she wouldn’t mind sacrificing anything.

What else could she not sacrifice?

To Xiao Fengqing, nothing felt more urgent than being famous.

‘ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ No(v) e lBin ᴏɴʟʏ.’,

She wanted to stand out and leave all her contemporaries behind.

Therefore, Xiao Fengqing didn’t even think about it when she said she didn’t care and that she was determined to invite a fox spirit regardless of the cost.

When the senior saw her determination, she stopped trying to convince her not to do this.

This was a matter that required willingness from both parties.

No one was pressing on her head and forcing her to do this and that.

She had made the decision, and it would be her responsibility to deal with whatever consequences.

Therefore, the senior took her there.

She found a shaman and invited a fox spirit.

Of course, in their words, that was a fox god. It shouldn’t be called a fox spirit. Otherwise, the fox spirit would get angry.

Ever since Xiao Fengqing invited a fox spirit, she became prettier and prettier. The beauty was deep within her bones.

Her beauty could be described as emanating from a source deep within her soul.

She looked more mature.

And now, she was able to take on different roles, and she was able to fight for opportunities to be ambassadors for certain brands.

The fox god had never discussed with her the price she had to pay.

It said that she could see the result first and they would discuss the price later.

Not long ago when Xiao Fengqing had just finalized her contract for Han Zhuofeng’s movie, the fox god suddenly told her that it needed a man’s essence.

Xiao Fengqing was shocked. How… could she get that?

The fox god told her that she didn’t need to do it until the last step.

But she had to show some charm in the beginning.

In addition, the fox god wouldn’t just accept anyone’s essence.

It was really picky.

It only wanted the good essence. The fox god wouldn’t accept those with impure essence or those who had overindulged and dirtied their essence.

The fox god had previously picked one.

It was a student from the film academy.

He was handsome. He had a few girlfriends before, but very few.

The fox god was a spirit that was attracted to appearance.

However, the student almost had his life sucked away.

Xiao Fengqing was scared.

Even the thought of it right now still sent shivers down her spine.

And this time, after she came on set, the fox god chose Han Zhuofeng!

If it were the student, it wouldn’t have mattered since the student didn’t have a powerful background. Xiao Fengqing wasn’t worried that the student might take revenge on her.

However, Han Zhuofeng was different!

He was the third son of the Han Family.

If a problem occurred, she might not be able to survive in the entertainment industry.

In fact, she might not be able to survive anywhere!

Her life would be doomed!

She had invited the fox god to become famous.

‘Follow current novels ON N (ovelB in.)’,

Not to sacrifice her career.

And so, Xiao Fengqing hesitated.

But then, it caused what had happened today at the opening ceremony.

The others had no idea, but Xiao Fengqing was very much well aware.

The fox god had extinguished the incense sticks.

It was urging her and telling her that it wanted Han Zhuofeng!

But Xiao Fengqing really didn’t dare to do it.

She kept discussing with the fox god, asking if it could choose someone else.

the fox god refused.

Because Han Zhuofeng was perfect.

When it followed Xiao Fengqing, Xiao Fengqing normally interacted with people in the entertainment industry and people in the business world.

The complicated relationships in the entertainment industry were obvious.

The CEOs in the business world were the same as well.

Because of this, the fox god really didn’t like many people there.

It had no choice but to accept it since this was Xiao Fengqing’s social circle.

But when the fox god went with Xiao Fengqing to sign the contract with Han Zhuofeng…

The fox god noticed that Han Zhuofeng was really pure. His essence was especially pure.

He had never once had sex!

This was really rare!

Unless it was a virgin boy, there was no way you could encounter one as rare as him!

And now, it actually encountered one!

The fox god couldn’t let Han Zhuofeng go!

It didn’t care if Han Zhuofeng had a powerful background.

That had nothing to do with it.

No matter how powerful the Han Family was, they were matters of the human world, and those people could not do anything to it.

Now that the fox god had seen how pure Han Zhuofeng was, no one else was good enough.

Even Wei Wucai would get a lower ranking.

Although Wei Wucai didn’t sleep around, he had touched a woman and was not as pure as Han Zhuoling!

Xiao Fengqing didn’t dare to do it, but the fox spirit couldn’t wait.

There were many women on set. The fox spirit was worried that other women might set their eyes on Han Zhuofeng and steal Han Zhuofeng away.

Therefore, the fox god kept urging Xiao Fengqing to find Han Zhuofeng.

Xiao Fengqing kept delaying.

And now, she was looking at her face in the mirror and appreciating her own beauty.

However, she then remembered that she had gotten all these things through the fox god.

The fox god didn’t ask her to do anything previously, so she didn’t feel much about it.

She just thought that this beauty that she had gotten for free belonged to her.

However, she thought about it. If she wanted to keep her beauty…

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