The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 3407 - Control

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Chapter 3407: Control

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She would have to listen to the fox god’s orders. The thought of that made Xiao Fengqing feel really depressed.

Xiao Fengqing stared at herself in the mirror and started carefully tracing her looks with her eyes.

Suddenly, a fox face appeared in the mirror.

“Ah!” Xiao Fengqing screamed in fright.

But when she looked at the mirror again, the fox face was gone. It was almost like an illusion.

Xiao Fengqing was still in shock. Her chest rose with her rapid breath.

Suddenly, the face in the mirror looked different.

Her face in the mirror started changing.

The slightly sharp chin suddenly became longer and even sharper.

The corner of her eyes elongated and shifted upward, changing her eye shape to triangular.

And her eyes didn’t stop changing.

The big eyes started becoming narrower.

Her eyes were very long. The width between her upper eyelid and lower eyelid decreased.

In the end, her eyes narrowed into slits.

The sides of her forehead started increasing in size and widening.

Her entire face looked like an upside-down triangle.

Her face shape changed. She looked like a fox with a human face.

“Ah!” Xiao Fengqing started screaming again as she hastily covered her face.

When she opened her eyes, she thought the changes in the mirror would disappear like what had happened earlier, and it would end up just being an illusion.

However, it didn’t happen this time.

The same triangular face was still in the mirror. It didn’t look like her face.

However, when Xiao Fengqing was making a terrified expression, the face in the mirror was making the same expression.

Xiao Fengqing knew that this was her face!

She raised her hand and touched her face. The person in the mirror also raised her hand and touched her face.

It was the same movement!

“Ah!” Her face…

How did her face become like this?!

Would she be like this forever?

Soon, a fox face appeared on top of the triangular face in the mirror briefly.

This was an actual furry fox face.

But it was slightly different from the foxes that people could usually see.

This fox looked demonic and eerie.

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Xiao Fengqing kept screaming. The fox face in the mirror then disappeared.

But then, the triangular face had a change of expression. It started showing this creepy smile.


This wasn’t her!

This wasn’t her!

And now, the triangular face in the mirror stopped doing the same movement as her.

It separated from her face and became an existence of its own.

Xiao Fengqing’s legs felt weak. She crawled away and didn’t dare to look in the mirror.

However, the triangular face in the mirror was still watching her.

“Do what I say! Otherwise, your face will never change back to normal!” The triangular face in the mirror suddenly opened its mouth.

The voice was sharp and ear-piercing. It was like the voice of an animal that had just learned how to speak like a human.

Xiao Fengqing quickly touched her own face.

She was terrified while she was looking in the mirror that she didn’t notice.

But now, she felt it clearly. She could tell that her face had become triangular.

Even her eyes had narrowed into slits. The corners of her eyes were drooping upward.

Not only had her face in the mirror change…

Her face actually changed!

If this continued, how could she even meet anyone?!

She wouldn’t be able to see anyone, not to mention film!

She neither looked like a human nor an animal. People would know right away that she wasn’t normal!

She wouldn’t be able to film this movie, not to mention future movies!

If she offended Han Zhuofeng, she would lose her opportunity to film movies.

If she offended the fox god, she wouldn’t be able to film movies as well.

Xiao Fengqing lay on the bed and hid her face in the bed.

“Fox… fox god…” Xiao Fengqing muttered out of fear. “I can go find Han Zhuofeng. I promise you. But… don’t do what you did before. Don’t let anything happen to him. Don’t be too extreme.”

“If something happened to him, the Han Family won’t let me off the hook!” Xiao Fengqing said, “If… if the Han Family comes after me, I won’t be able to do anything for you anymore.”

After Xiao Fengqing said this, there was a long moment of silence.

Xiao Fengqing unconsciously held her breath.

She waited for a long while and finally heard the sharp inhumane voice of the fox god. “Sure.”

That would be perfect because Han Zhuofeng was really excellent.

His aura was very clean. It was very hard to find someone with an aura as clean as that of Han Zhuofeng.

It could feed on Han Zhuofeng’s aura a couple more times.

Han Zhuofeng should be able to provide a lot of essence and energy.

When Han Zhuoling couldn’t do it anymore, it would then settle for people like Wei Wucai and Han Zhuoling.

To the fox god, they were the ones aside from Han Zhuofeng with the purest auras.

Xiao Fengqing finally let out a sigh of relief.

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“Your face is back to normal,” the fox god said.

Xiao Fengqing then mustered up the courage to look into the mirror.

She noticed that her face was now as pretty as before.

But maybe it was because her face had been transformed into that strange look…

No matter how much she looked in the mirror, she still felt that her pretty face was emanating this demonic aura.

And her face was starting to look like the face of a fox.

She didn’t look the same as she died earlier.

Her face was actually starting to look like an actual fox. The animal fox.

Xiao Fengqing felt slightly flustered. Suddenly, she felt this intense headache.

“Go!” The voice of the fox god, which neither sounded like human nor animal, rang in her mind.

Xiao Fengqing held her head and said, “I’m going! I’m going now!”

“Let… let me prepare myself. Let me be prettier when I see him,” Xiao Fengqing said.

This was true. But at the same time, Xiao Fengqing was trying to give herself more time.

Although she knew that she would have to face it eventually…

It didn’t mean that she could accept it that easily.

She was nervous.

She was scared!

That was Han Zhuofeng. He wasn’t an ordinary student from the film academy.

But then, when Xiao Fengqing had just finished talking and was hesitating…

Her body suddenly started trembling. She kept trembling like she was in a seizure.

Her eyes rolled back, and you could see the whites of her eyes.

At this moment, Xiao Fengqing looked like she was in a lot of pain.

But this whole process went on for only a dozen seconds.

However, if one saw Xiao Fengqing trembling like that, one would think she was in pain.

When Xiao Fengqing finally stopped, her aura changed.

She still looked the same.

However, she was emanating this eeriness.

Xiao Fengqing walked to the door and passed by a full-length mirror on the wall.

Xiao Fengqing stopped and turned around to face the mirror. A strange smile appeared on her face before she turned and stepped out of the door.

Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing had taken this very seriously. If Han Zhuoling and Wei Wucai weren’t there by their side, they would feel unsafe.

However, Han Zhuofeng was different. Although Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya treated this really seriously, he didn’t bother to care about it.

He went back to the room. After he showered, he covered himself with the blanket and fell asleep.

He was really carefree.

Han Zhuofeng was really stressed.

Previously, he was worried about money.

But now, he had adequate funds.

However, it made him even more worried that he might not make a good film.

Back then, he still had an excuse if his film didn’t do well. After all, he lacked funds.

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