The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife - Chapter 283 - We Don’t Approve! (2)

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Chapter 283 We Don’t Approve! (2)

Facing the three’s gazes, Su Yaya smiled awkwardly, she reached out her hand and touched the tip of her nose, she racked her brains and said: “I wanted to tell you about this matter yesterday, but you two were in a rush to attend your classmate daughter’s wedding, I didn’t have time to tell you about it, I was thinking that it wouldn’t matter to tell you guys slightly later on, but then, he showed up.” She pointed to Shen Xiuqi after she finished speaking.

“You two……” Mother Su looked at them, she didn’t know what to say. Now that they were married, and was even having a child together, how can they break up? Wouldn’t that be too much of a joke?

Su Yaya showed a pitiful expression and looked at Mother Su as she said: “When we broke up, I didn’t know I was pregnant.”

Mother Su knew Su Yaya’s temper very well, their break up should be quite a sudden event. She sighed deeply in her heart, she is still her daughter, she should protect her, and said to the two of them: “What are you two planning to do now?”

Su Yaya glanced at Shen Xiuqi, meaning to let him answer the question.

Shen Xiuqi got the memo and quickly replied: “Seeing that I’m here, of course I want to be with Yaya. Yaya is still not very satisfied with me, I will do well so that you all will be satisfied with me.”

Now that’s better, matters are already this way. Of course, as her mother, she would hope that the two of them will get back together, but the prerequisite is to ask about Su Yaya’s opinion on this. She asked Su Yaya: “Do you think so too? If you don’t want to be with him, we’ll for sure support you, but now that you have a child, you must think about this carefully, you can’t be as self-willed as before and make irrational decisions.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Xiuqi clenched his fist, and looked at Su Yaya with a nervous expression as if he was waiting for her sentence.

Su Yaya pursed her lips. It’s impossible to say that she really has no feelings for Shen Xiuqi. The few days she left Shen Xiuqi, she’ll think of him from time to time. Not as much during the day as she’s busy, but at night, when everything falls into silence, she’ll wake up and feel lonely, as there was no one beside her, she even felt that the blanket was cold, and she couldn’t fall asleep anymore.

The days when they were together was actually very joyful. She also wished that they both could stay together, but she wasn’t sure back then, how Shen Xiuqi had felt for her, that’s why when An Yutong returned, she was frightened, and quickly left him, as if she could escape the danger by running away from it.

It’s just when Shen Xiuqi had come to look for her and repeatedly proved his sincerity towards her. Also, she was pregnant with their child, she had to be brave for her child, that she realised that it was useless for her to escape. She had to stand up for herself, that way, she could only protect herself and her child. Being by Shen Xiuqi’s side is undoubtedly the safest place. As long as he is willing to protect her and the baby, it’ll be much safer than her taking care of the baby alone.

Actually after much thought, she already had an answer in her heart. Su Yaya then said to Father Su and Mother Su: “I’m willing to give him a chance. Be it for the baby’s sake or for any other reason, the baby still needs its father’s care and companionship.”

When Shen Xiuqi, who was beside her, heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Su Yaya didn’t reject him. He felt that he had never felt so touched in his life before, and quickly reached out and held Su Yaya’s hand tightly. As he held her small hand tightly in his broad palm, his feelings surged. Just like Su Yaya said, for the baby to grow up healthy, they should try their best to stay together.

In that case, there was nothing more that had to be said.

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