The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 700 - Internal Strife

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Chapter 700 Internal Strife

“Loses face?” Su Yayan chuckled. “He has already accepted his mistress into his home. Why would he be afraid of embarrassing himself?”

Huo Chenhuan choked and shook his head helplessly. “He only invited his mistress into his house to cause trouble, but if he really sued Huo Shaofeng, it’ll be a huge scandal. Everyone knows about it. He loves his reputation, so he wouldn’t do that.”

Su Yayan pursed her lips. “Humans like to deceive themselves.”

He knew that what he did was shameless, but he still thought that as long as he hid it well, no one would know and no one would say anything

Huo Chenhuan was amused by her act and pinched her little nose.

Su Yayan grabbed his hand and chuckled. “So they’re really going to divorce this time?”

“Not necessarily.” Su Yayan blinked in confusion.

She had long known that Mrs. Huo was someone who respected the strong and stepped on the weak. She was someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong. For her to be able to persist until now without getting a divorce, Huo Shaofeng must have brainwashed her behind her back.

Now that Huo Shaofeng was in trouble, could Mrs. Huo really continue to persevere?

“I just said it. If Huo Shaofeng’s matter is said to be serious, it’s intentional injury. If it’s taken lightly, it’s carelessness. At that time, the few of them were already fighting, so it’s normal for them to push each other.”

Su Yayan immediately understood what Huo Chenhuan meant. An unborn child was different from a newborn baby.

If a newborn baby was killed, it was intentional murder. If an unborn baby was killed and aborted, it would only be considered an intentional injury. It would be considered a crime to hit someone until they were seriously injured.

Furthermore, the crowd was noisy and chaotic at that time. No one could tell if he had done it on purpose or accidentally. If Huo Qihan really wanted to hold Huo Shaofeng accountable, Huo Shaofeng could also hire a lawyer to defend them.

From the perspective of law, Xue Beilei was a pregnant woman and was considered a disadvantaged group. However, from a moral point of view, Mrs. Huo and Huo Shaofeng were the first wife and first wife’s son who had been bullied by a mistress. They also belonged to the disadvantaged group.

As long as the lawyer was strong enough, Huo Shaofeng and his mother might not be in trouble.

“If that’s the case, how could Huo Shaofeng and Mrs. Huo think of this?” The mother and son were obviously pampered and did not have enough brain capacity.

“If they can’t think of it, we can find someone to remind them.”

Su Yayan was surprised. “You want to help them?”

“More accurately, it’s to annoy Huo Qihan.”

The enemy of an enemy was a friend. There was no such thing as an eternal benefit, nor was there an eternal friend.

For some people, even Huo Chenhuan would find it dirty to deal with them. The best way was to let them fight amongst themselves.

“Don’t you think it’s a rare pastime to watch them go back on their words?”.

Su Yayan was speechless. He was too dark. But why did it feel so good?

“You’re right. That’s how it should be!” Su Yayan rolled her eyes and chuckled. “How’s that mistress? The child is already so old, a miscarriage should be very harmful, right?”

“It will definitely affect her health, but she was lucky and was sent to the hospital in time. Her life is not in danger. It’s not impossible for her to have another child in the future.”

Even so, losing a son who was originally healthy and could possibly become her biggest bargaining chip…

Even if there were no more serious side effects, it would not be easy to swallow this anger.

At this moment, Xue Beilei was going crazy with anger. A serious opportunity to rise to the top was right in front of her, but it was ruined by that little b*stard.

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