The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 701 - Retreat To Advance

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Chapter 701 Retreat To Advance

Xue Beilei was ready to stab Huo Shaofeng to death, but she also knew that if she acted too rashly now, it would only make her lose Huo Qihan’s favor.

Xue Beilei was able to seize Huo Qihan’s heart in a few months’ time so that he brought her home regardless of the consequences.

Apart from the fact that Huo Shaofeng and his mother knew how to create trouble, she knew that her own position was also one of the important reasons.

It was certain that Huo Qihan liked her, but a large part of this man’s liking for her was based on the child she was carrying.

Now that the child was gone, Huo Qihan’s anger was all directed at Huo Shaofeng and his mother.

However, if she continued to pester him at this time and forced Huo Qihan to give her an explanation, it would instead cause Huo Qihan’s anger to shift to her.

There were many people who could bear his child. Now that Xue Beilei did not have a child to rely on, she could not lose his favor. As for taking revenge for her child…

Xue Beilei’s eyes flashed coldly, and her pale face revealed a look of pure hatred.

Just then, with a click, the door to the ward was opened.

Xue Beilei was stunned for a moment. She quickly changed her expression and lowered her head in melancholy.

That was what Huo Qihan saw when he entered the ward. The woman lying on the hospital bed looked haggard and pale, and there was a lingering sadness between her brows. It could easily arouse a man’s desire to protect her. “Little Lei…”

Xue Beilei looked as if she had just woken up from a dream. She forced a smile and said, “Brother Huo, you’re here.”

“How do you feel?”

“I’m fine.” Xue Beilei choked as she spoke. She spoke first in a soft voice, “It’s my fault for not protecting our child well.”

Xue Beilei’s words successfully struck a chord in Huo Qihan’s heart. It made him pity Xue Beilei even more, and he hated Huo Shaofeng and his mother even more.

Huo Qihan stepped forward and hugged Xue Beilei. He comforted her in a low voice, “It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have rushed to bring you back. I should have waited until the divorce was over and chased those two out before bringing you and the baby back. I wasn’t considerate enough.”

Xue Beilei leaned into Huo Qihan’s arms and tugged his shirt as she defended him gently, “No, Brother Huo, don’t say that. I know you also want to give me and the child a good living environment so that the child can grow up better. “Now that the child is gone, it’s not what you want either. “Brother Huo, don’t blame yourself too much. You just didn’t expect… didn’t expect that the eldest young master would do such a thing.”

Huo Qihan was deeply moved. She was the one who had been hurt, yet she was comforting him instead.

She was always so gentle and considerate, completely different from his stupid, yellow-faced mother-in-law.

Huo Qihan had completely forgotten that the biggest reason he had brought Xue Beilei home was because the divorce he had negotiated with Mrs. Huo over the past few months had not gone well.

He was so angry that he had lost his mind. Only then did he think of bringing Xue Beilei home to disgust the mother and son pair.

Didn’t she refuse a divorce? Sure, from now on, the matriarch of the house would be replaced and his mistress would live under the same roof as her. She could keep her status as Huo Qihan’s wife, but she could not keep his heart. He wanted to see who could outlast the other.

However, Huo Qihan had never expected that Huo Shaofeng would openly attack Xue Beilei and cause her to lose her baby.

Huo Qihan was so furious. On one hand, he had been waiting for the arrival of his youngest son for months. On the other hand, he felt that Huo Shaofeng had grown up and did not take him seriously.

At that moment, Huo Qihan’s hatred for Huo Shaofeng had almost reached its peak.

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