The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler - Chapter 935 - Differential Treatment

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Chapter 935: Differential Treatment

The moment he said this, he held the boat, and his figure rose up!

His green robe drew an outline in midair.

From afar, it was like an elegant calligraphy painting as the sky and the water reflected the same color. However, the tail end of it had a hint of demonic red like an intense and bright stroke that wanted to break free from this calm and peaceful painting!


A strange bird call came as a white bird flew over rapidly in the sky.

That bird wasn’t big, and it was totally white. Only its claws and top of the head were entirely in black.

Originally, it should’ve looked quite cute and obedient. But with its sharp and red beak, together with its harsh and cold eyes, it looked even fiercer and harsher.

Its wings flapped until it landed on Jun Jiuqing’s right shoulder.

“You’re a step too late. I already know.” He chuckled lowly. Of course, I’ll know the earliest about her arrival. The moment she walked out of the transportation formation and arrived at Lin Zhou, I already knew.

This sentence seemed to disappoint the bird as the harshness in its eyes burned even more.

“Okay. I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t give you any lesser rewards.”

Hearing this, that bird was excited again as it anxiously flapped its wings. It looked as though it couldn’t wait any longer.

Jun Jiuqing tilted his head slightly and lazily said, “Bring the beginner stage-seven one for him.”

A guard quickly appeared by the lake and respectfully kneeled on one knee. “Yes!”

“Oh right, throw away the ones from before. Kill a fresh one for it today.”

That guard was a little surprised, but it seemed like it wasn’t the first time he had experienced this, so he immediately reacted. “Yes, Master.”


That bird then chirped in a flattering manner.

Jun Jiuqing extended his arm, and it flew up.

Very quickly, the guard and the fiend’s figure disappeared without a trace.

Jun Jiuqing quietly stood with one hand behind his back on the boat for a moment. “Anyone there!?”

Two guards rushed out together. “Your Highness, is there anything you want us to do?”

“How are the things I told you to do earlier coming along?”

“Crown Prince, don’t worry. We’re all prepared!”

“That’s great. We must treat our very important guests well,” said Jun Jiuqing as he slightly tilted his head and looked in a certain direction. “You really… let me wait for too long…”

After Chu Liuyue came out, the other few people gradually walked out.

They surveyed their surroundings and saw a team of armored soldiers strictly guarding around this vast transportation formation square.

Two men stood in front of the transportation formation. One of them was tall and burly, while the other one looked skinny.

The two of them stood beside each other, but one of their auras was strong, and the other was weak.

Clearly, both wore an official’s attire, but the skinny man obviously looked much shorter than the muscular man beside him. It seemed like they were waiting for someone.

After Chu Liuyue and the rest came out, the two of them looked over in unison.

When they first saw Chu Liuyue at the front, amazement flashed across the duo’s eyes. Even the guards in charge of guarding the transportation formation couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her.

There were many beautiful women in this world, but there were very few women who were as breathtaking and elegant as this one. Not to mention her perfect features, the most charming thing about her was the intent in her eyes that was cold and bright and the outstanding aura that made one unable to reach her level.

At first glance, she was as passionate as the hot sun. With another glance, she was as cold and charming as the bright moon.

She truly took one’s breath away!

The burly man was then the first to react as he smiled in a flattering manner. But before his lips could curve up properly, he suddenly thought of something, and his expression froze.

His expression changed extremely quickly, but Chu Liuyue still saw it clearly.

She squinted her eyes slightly.

That man spoke hesitantly, “I am Yin Hao and was ordered to wait here. May I know if you are from the Tianling Dynasty?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “I am Tianling’s Shangguan Yue.”

A look of ‘I knew it’ flashed across that man’s face. He then smiled again, but it was more polite and distant as his smiling intent didn’t reach his eyes. “Guests, you’ve come a long way, and I’m sorry we didn’t welcome you properly. Wen Fan, why are you still in a daze? Invite them to the city quickly!”

The skinny man at the side glanced at his colleague and was about to say something, but he swallowed his remaining words. Then, he stepped forward and respectfully greeted Chu Liuyue and the rest. “I am Wen Fan, and I’ll be responsible for your housing, food, and everything else in Lin Zhou. If you have any tasks, just let me know.”

So they are in charge of welcoming us. Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding. They shouldn’t have a low status in the Beiming Dynasty if they were sent to do such a thing, but considering the previous scene… That Yin Hao seems much better than Wen Fan.

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly. “Okay, then we’re sorry for the trouble during this period, Officer Wen.”

Wen Fan didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to be this polite and was instantly shocked as he hurriedly shook his hands. “I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare! This is what I have to do! The Crown Prince has already arranged your residence earlier on. Please follow me into the city!”

Chu Liuyue looked nonchalant and nodded slightly. The other party targeted me from the beginning, so it isn’t surprising that they’ve prepared all of this in advance.

She didn’t speak further as she called Elder Chen Ke and the rest. The few of them then followed Wen Fan to walk into the city.

But the moment the few of them got off the transportation formation, they heard some noises behind.

Chu Liuyue turned and glanced.

Dantai Chen and the rest had indeed arrived.

Upon seeing them, Yin Hao immediately welcomed them elatedly. “Emperor Huai Ren, you’re finally here! I’ve been waiting for you for hours!”

Dantai Chen glanced at him. “You are…”

Yin Hao respectfully bowed and greeted, his face eager. “I am Yin Hao, and I’m in charge of your everything in Lin Zhou City. His Majesty said that you’ve not come in a while and that he misses you so. He even wants to have a game of chess with you!”

Dantai Chen then understood and laughed out loud. “The same goes for me! Since I’m here, we must play our hearts out!”

Yin Hao raised his arm. “Everyone, please—”

Then, he bent his back and led the road.

“Pfft, I thought he was some amazing character, but he’s just a slave that cares about one’s status!” said Mu Hongyu with a face full of contempt.

When this Yin Hao saw them, he was very cold and didn’t even smile. However, he completely changed when he saw Dantai Chen and the rest.

“He’s not even scared that his smile will crack!”

Chu Liuyue smiled nonchalantly. “This is nothing weird. Our Tianling is indeed weaker than their Taiyu now. It’s naturally more beneficial for him if he can suck up to them.”

Her gaze turned, and she glanced at Wen Fan. This person seems to be used to the bullying.

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