The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler - Chapter 936 - Go and Meet!

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Chapter 936: Go and Meet!

“Just ignore them. We’ll go first.” Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze, lifted her leg, and went forward.

When Wen Fan heard this, he hurriedly reacted and led the front. “Please, walk here.”

In the square, teams were waiting to be deployed on both sides as if they specifically came to pick people up.

There were quite a few horse carriages in every team.

The carriage at the front was more extravagant, and the one behind paled in comparison. But compared to normal horse carriages, it was also very elegant.

All these horse carriages were carved with a pattern. They were obviously prepared by the Beiming Royal Family.

The two top horse carriages at the front were led by eight blue-scaled horses.

Blue-scaled horses were seventh-grade fiends, and they were considered superior fiends and very precious. It just showed how formidable the Beiming Dynasty was to be able to send out so many of such horses at once to pull these carriages!

The slight difference was that one of the eight blue-scaled horses on the left had an extremely pure color, and it dazzled like the sapphire sea under the sunlight.

At first glance, this was the one that was about to break through, so it was naturally more elegant than the rest.

Wen Fan was about to walk to the group of horses on the left when Yin Hao’s voice suddenly sounded from the back. “Wen Fan, you’re going to the one on the right, correct?”

Even though this was a question, his tone was clearly a command!

Wen Fan knitted his brows and turned around to glance at him. He said, “According to the order, the one on the left is number three, and the one on the right is number four. Hence, we should take the third one.”

Yin Hao laughed out loud. “Aren’t they all in a row? The first two teams have already left, and only these two groups remain, so why is there an order? Let us take the one on the left!”

Wen Fan was a little angry. It’s fine that I had to tolerate him and give in previously, but he now wants to snatch this horse carriage as well! I don’t care about it if I’m bullied, but won’t I implicate these people from the Tianling Dynasty and cause them to be despised as well if I give in now?

His voice turned cold. “Yin Hao, everyone knows the logic of ‘first come, first serve.’ Besides, the guests from the Tianling Dynasty came first, so they should take the left one.”

Yin Hao was talked back to in public and instantly felt that he was humiliated. His face turned ugly. “Did you not hear what I said earlier? His Majesty is waiting to reminisce with Emperor Huai Ren over chess. If you delay it, can you be responsible for this?”

Wen Fan sneered in his heart. Today, our mission is just to receive the guests and arrange their lodgings. We have to wait for the next day to see His Majesty! Now that he used this as an excuse, he clearly wants to snatch my things!


“It’s just a horse carriage. What’s there to fight about? Since Emperor Huai Ren is in a hurry to use it, I’ll give in.” Before Wen Fan could finish his sentence, Chu Liuyue smiled and spoke from the side.

The originally harsh and intense atmosphere cracked because of this sentence.

The crowd gradually looked over. Who can’t tell that this fight for the horse carriage is a fight for status? Is she really going to back away so easily?

Wen Fan couldn’t help but softly remind, “Do you really want to do this… But…”

Chu Liuyue didn’t really care about the surrounding gazes as she smiled brightly. “Yeah! Since we don’t have anything urgent today, why can’t we just give in? Everyone came here by invite, so why don’t we do it happily? Why must we be so upset over such a small thing?”

Once she said this, the crowd increasingly felt that Chu Liuyue was so afraid of the Taiyu Dynasty that she gave in.

At that moment, quite a few people had a disdainful look. We’ve long heard that the Tianling Dynasty was severely impacted, and it really does look like that’s the case. They haven’t even officially entered Lin Zhou yet, but they were already bullied into this state. In the future, won’t other people step all over them? This Shangguan Yue is also so-so…

Dantai Chen smiled and cupped his fists. “Then, I’ll thank you here.”

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded as if she really didn’t care about it.

Dantai Chen then brought his men and walked toward the horses on the left.

Dantai Ruoli sneered and glanced at Chu Liuyue in contempt when she brushed past the latter’s shoulders. “Pfft, it seems like some people are really ignorant. Even if they’re both emperors, there are still more superior ones…”

Shangguan Yue isn’t even fit to be compared to us!

Qiang Wanzhou’s wrist moved as if he was going to hit her!

Chu Liuyue glanced at the few of them, telling them to calm down.

The suppression of the silent atmosphere made one even more suffocated.

Wen Fan’s face was filled with apologies as he softly said, “Sorry, it’s all because I’m too useless…”

Chu Liuyue shook her head and walked toward the horse carriage on the right. “Let’s go too.”

Dantai Chen and the rest quickly reached the most elegant horse carriage at the side. Just as he was about to board it, he heard a clear voice again.

“Emperor Huai Ren, please wait.”

Dantai Chen turned around. He saw Chu Liuyue standing beside the horse carriage and looking over with a smile plastered on her face.

“I’ve never come to Lin Zhou before, nor have I seen anyone from the Beiming royal family. Since you’re going to see the Emperor of Beiming this time and talk to him over chess, I hope you’ll put in a good word for me in consideration of this horse carriage. Then, I’ll be able to talk to him more on the day we meet, right?”

Dantai Chen was dazed. I didn’t say I was going into the palace today! After all, the Emperor of Beiming has a slightly higher status than me. I can’t see him as and when I want to. Now that Shangguan Yue said this, won’t it be very inappropriate if I don’t go over today?! However… we’ve already snatched the horse carriage!

He vaguely felt that he had jumped into a trap the other party had set up, but he couldn’t jump in nor not jump.

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