The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 1012 - Attracting Attention

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Chapter 1012: Attracting Attention

“That kid is completely crazy!

“I saw with my own eyes earlier that he went to sell his Artifacts and many other belongings. He collected a large sum of money and gambled it all on medicine.

“I’ve asked the storekeepers. He bought two thousand seeds in total. That’s twenty thousand crystals!”

When the Eighth Mountain lord returned, he began to spread the news.

Soon, everyone knew about it.

Upon hearing the news, the other medicine farmers were shocked.

Twenty thousand crystals was not a small sum!

“He’s really crazy! He’s even willing to sell all his belongings. He’s going to go bankrupt!”

“There’s no use talking sense into him!”

They knew that the kid was foolish, but they did not expect him to be so foolish as to spend so much money in one go.

If one were to gamble big, they would lose big as well.

“Why did that kid have to gamble? Serves him right if he loses his money!”

They looked in the direction of the Ninth Mountain and sneered.

When they had nothing else to do, they would gather in front of the Ninth Mountain and point at it while talking.

“He didn’t come down from the mountain today!”

“Heh, he must be going blind from crying! If he manages to grow sixty seedlings out of the two thousand seeds, I’ll eat this monolith!”

The Seventh Mountain lord, a man in his fifties, pointed at the stone monolith in front of the mountain and said.

“Sixty? Hahaha, you must be joking! If he can grow fifty, I’ll… run naked around Bramble City three times.”

The Sixth Mountain lord, a fat man in his forties, swore to the sky.

The people laughed and began to make bets.

Some said that they would eat dirt, some said that they would eat grass, and some even said that they would eat goat droppings. Each one was more ruthless than the last.

However, they were not worried because they knew that it would be impossible.

Usually, out of a hundred seeds, only one or two would survive. Out of those two thousand seeds, that should be twenty to forty seeds.

If one wanted to grow fifty to sixty seeds, they would have to be very lucky.

That foolish kid would not have that much luck!

Just as the people were boasting happily, someone came down from the Ninth Mountain.

“Hey, kid, how many seeds did you manage to grow?”

“Tell us and let us have a laugh!”

The people laughed.

Tang Hao glanced at them and grinned. “Do you really want to know?”

“Of course!”

Everyone nodded. They were wondering why that kid was smiling.

‘Shouldn’t he be crying now?’

“I’m going to sell the seedlings now. If you want to know, follow me!”

Tang Hao said calmly and walked through the crowd.

“By the way, I’ve heard everything you said earlier!”

After taking a few steps, Tang Hao turned around and smiled at them before walking away.

“Something’s fishy!”

“Why is that kid so calm?”

The people were confused.

“Let’s go! Let’s follow him and have a look!”

They quickly followed him.

On the way, they bumped into the medicine farmers from other places.

“Hey, Ol’ Wang, Ol’ Liu, what’s going on?”

“Hey! The whale is going to sell his seedlings!” The medicine farmers from Goldenglow Mountain said.

After knowing that the kid had rented the Ninth Mountain and sold his belongings so that he could gamble, they had considered him a whale.

The other medicine farmers were surprised, but they soon became excited.

“Haha! You should’ve told me earlier about it! Let’s go!”

They were overjoyed as they joined the group, eager to watch the comedy.

Some even invited friends to join them, and the group quickly grew in size.

Some even used jade talismans to send messages and spread the news.

In the blink of an eye, all the medicine farmers in the entire mountain range heard the news and rushed over to watch the comedy.

Tang Hao walked into Bramble City with a large group of medicine farmers behind him. It was a magnificent sight.

He walked into Hu’s Pharmacy.

The old storekeeper was surprised to see him. “Are you here to sell your seedlings, kid? How many have survived?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he noticed the crowd of people at the door.

“F*ck! What’s going on?”

The old storekeeper was shocked.

“We’re here to watch the comedy, Storekeeper Hu!”

“We’re betting on how many of his seeds survived, Ol’ Hu!”

The people laughed and shouted.

The old storekeeper could not help but laugh and shake his head.

He walked out from behind the counter and said to Tang Hao, “Take out the seedlings! I’ll appraise them. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the market price for them. I’m not going to scam you.”

He did not summon his attendant. Appraising thirty or forty seedlings should be an easy job.

“Alright,” Tang Hao said, then crouched down and began to take out the seedlings one by one.

The old shopkeeper stroked his beard and spoke as an elder, “You must have suffered a great loss, haven’t you? Don’t gamble next time. How many made it? Do you have thirty seedlings?”

When he looked down on the floor, he was stunned.

There were clearly more than thirty seedlings on the floor, and the kid was pulling more from his bag.

However, he was not too surprised. It was still considered normal.

“Hmm, you should be expecting thirty to forty seedlings. It’ll be hard to exceed forty though!”

The old storekeeper stroked his beard and smiled.

Soon, his expression froze.

The kid did not stop taking out seedlings. Soon, he had already surpassed forty.

His hand froze while stroking his beard. He was beginning to blush.

He had just said that it would be difficult to exceed forty seedlings. That was too embarrassing!

The crowd began to grow restless.

“F*ck! It’s already more than forty. Forty-five, forty-six…”

“Damn, don’t tell me he has more than fifty!”

Many people were starting to panic because of the bets they made, especially the fat man from the Sixth Mountain. He had said that he would run around Bramble City naked if the kid grew more than fifty seedlings.

“Don’t! Don’t!”

The fat man was anxious.

Tang Hao did not stop.

Amid the uproar, he broke through fifty.


The fatty cursed.

The others burst out in laughter.

“You should’ve bet at sixty like me!” The Seventh Mountain lord laughed.

He thought that he was quite smart to bet conservatively.

After a while, he could not laugh anymore. The kid had taken out fifty-six seedlings, but he showed no signs of stopping.

‘How… how is that possible?’

The laughter in the crowd slowly died down, and everyone’s eyes glazed over.

The kid had taken out more than sixty seedlings. The number was approaching seventy.

The faces of the Goldenglow Mountain medicine farmers had all turned ashen.

They did not expect that the kid would be so lucky.

Most people who gambled on the seeds would lose all their money, and a small fraction would break even. It would take a stupendous amount of luck to make a fortune.

One would be extremely lucky if they could recoup half their cost from such a big gamble.

The kid was about to recoup half of his cost.

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