The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1181 - Within Expectations  

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Chapter 1181: Within Expectations

Marquis Meng had no choice but to admit that he had never been able to gain anything from the Crown Prince.

“His majesty is extremely protective of the Crown Prince. The Fourth Prince does not know how to rope him in and is not interested in the throne. I only thought of a way to help them plan for the mother and son, but it was not good. It’s impossible to say that my heart is not cold. It’s just that the arrow is on the bowstring and it is not good to retreat.” Marquis Meng spoke the truth in front of his son.

After fighting for so many years, if he suddenly said he was not going to fight, who would he let down?

There were many people in the court who were on his side. Even if he did not want to fight, he could only keep his head down and move forward.

“Father, you mean you don’t think you can shake the Crown Prince’s position?” Meng Jifang frowned.

Marquis Meng asked his servants to leave.

“Well, if we fight openly, the Fourth Prince has no chance of winning. If we want to win, the Crown Prince will have to lose his life. In the early years, it’s not like I didn’t send people to assassinate him. It’s just that we didn’t succeed. Now, the Crown Prince is harder to deal with than before. The guards around him aren’t simple either. How could I dare to make a move so easily?” Marquis Meng sighed. “Besides, I can see that if anything were to happen to the Crown Prince, I would be the first to be reprimanded by the emperor. I have worked so hard for what? Isn’t it for the Meng family and the descendants of the future generations?”

In the past two years, the Crown Prince’s fortunes had soared.

He had solved many cases while he was in charge of the criminal division.

There were some mementos in the court that were sent to him. The decisions he made were all correct. He even made many suggestions and made many meritorious contributions.

He had a high reputation among the people, and he had gained many supporters in the court. It had been a long time since anyone had mentioned that the Crown Prince was crippled and unfit to be an emperor.

Meng Jifang opened his mouth. After thinking about it, he had no choice but to admit that the Crown Prince… might really have nothing wrong with being the emperor.

However, the division made him want the Fourth Prince to take the throne.

“The Crown Prince is not a cruel person. I see that his relationship with the Fourth Prince is not just that of brothers, but also that there is no animosity between them. In the future, when he takes the throne, the Fourth Prince will definitely be a carefree prince and won’t suffer any losses. Your aunt has advised me many times, but I still seem to be somewhat dissatisfied. In fact, I’ve already taken away more than half of the schemes arranged earlier.”

In the future, when the Crown Prince ascended to the throne, he would make sure that the Meng family restrained themselves. He would also make arrangements for the individuals who were on good terms with the Meng family, so as to minimize their losses and influence.

Fortunately, he had participated in the Crown Prince’s affairs quite a few times over the years, but the damage done to the Crown Prince was not too great. He had not offended the Crown Prince to death.

Otherwise, there really was no way out.

In the past, he had not been willing to tell his son these things. After all, he was someone who cared about his dignity.

Now… he had to make his son understand something.

Meng Jifang thought that he could not accept it, but after hearing all this, he was actually quite calm. It was as if… It was within his expectations.

“Father, I understand. In the future, when you see the Crown Prince, you just have to be more respectful.” Meng Jifang was quite tactful.

“You have to follow me to look for that Master Mo first. Please take a careful look. Of course, Master Mo doesn’t have the final say. I’ll ask your aunt to send a letter of visit and ask Master Huiqing at the Imperial Temple. This divination concerns your life. You have to pay attention to it,” Marquis Meng quickly added.

Meng Jifang was still quite obedient in front of his father. He did not refute at this moment.

The next day, Marquis Meng entered the palace and explained the mistakes his son had made.

The emperor and the Crown Prince were both present. He was nervous. He was afraid that the Crown Prince would be dissatisfied with his family and take advantage of this matter to suppress them.

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