The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 1287 - Instructed Him to Plead for Mercy   

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Chapter 1287: Instructed Him to Plead for Mercy


Fu Jiuxiao had always been decisive.

He would never change his orders.

Fu Ruofei started to panic. “Jiuxiao, I don’t want to threaten you. I just want to ask you. They are my family, and they are very important to me.”

“Aren’t we also your family?” Fu Jiuxiao asked back.

“You want to use the Fu family’s things to save your wife. Is this fair to the old man, me, and the employees?”

Fu Ruofei’s lips were trembling. He was angry and troubled, and he blurted out, “The old man has always been biased towards the two of you. What did I get from being in the company for so many years?”

“You are not even willing to help with such a small matter. You are inhumane.”

Jiang Li’s face suddenly darkened. She slammed the table and was about to stand up to confront Fu Ruofei but Fu Jiuxiao stopped her.

“Brother, you are not someone who can threaten me.” Fu Jiuxiao caressed Jiang Li’s hand and said seriously.

Fu Jiuxiao’s words forced Fu Ruofei to calm down. It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over Fu Ruofei’s head and feet.

It was not just Fu Ruofei. Meng Zhi could not threaten Fu Jiuxiao either. She would only use Jiang Li to attack him.


Jiang Li was also angry, and she quickly analyzed, “You mean that someone is behind his back and wants to call him over to cause trouble? What good would that do to the person who is behind it?”

She only thought that doing something would at least bring some benefits.

However, if Fu Ruofei and Fu Jiuxiao did not get along well, who would benefit?

Fu Jiuxiao turned his head and reminded her with a smile, “Silly, the benefits of this matter are not great, but it will make the person who ordered it very happy.”

“Seeing the Fu family not get along well and make a joke out of themselves, would they be happy?” Jiang Li guessed hesitantly.

So who was this person?

Jiang Li could not think of anyone around them who would do such a useless thing.

They were making reasonable guesses.

However, it was rare for Fu Ruofei to figure out the cause and effect of the whole thing.

He looked at Fu Jiuxiao, who was frowning and turned his head to look at Jiang Li. Suddenly, a sense of powerlessness and uncontrollable anger emerged.

“I understand. I’m leaving now!” Fu Ruofei suddenly stood up.

Jiang Li looked at Fu Ruofei, who turned around and left. She did not move to Fu Jiuxiao’s side until the office door was slammed. She asked, “Did you guess who it was?”

“I did, but I didn’t expect it,” Fu Jiuxiao said sarcastically.

“But he did give me an idea.”

What idea?

Jiang Li did not understand. When she was pulled into Fu Jiuxiao’s arms, she was still a little confused.

As for Fu Ruofei, he was too weak. Even if he wanted to plead with Fu Jiuxiao, he could not say anything harsh, and he did not dare to argue with Fu Jiuxiao. He could only leave dejectedly.

Of course, he also remembered the last few words Fu Jiuxiao said to Jiang Li. They were all aimed at the person who ordered him to do it.

Fu Ruofei stumbled into the car. Just as he breathed a sigh of relief, he heard the person waiting for him ask, “How was it? Did he agree?”

Fu Ruofei turned his head and looked at his brother, Fu Zhongtian, who had been waiting for him all this time. He was full of sarcasm.

He thought that Fu Zhongtian came up with a good idea to help him, but in the end, he was setting Fu Ruofei up?

“You said that this idea was your wife’s idea, right? I can only save my wife by threatening Fu Jiuxiao, right?” Fu Ruofei murmured.

Fu Zhongtian nodded seriously. “Of course. Although Shuwan has been imprisoned, she has been paying attention to the news of the Fu family. As long as we work together…”

“Enough, do you really think I’m stupid? Get out of the car,” Fu Ruofei shouted.

Fu Zhongtian was shocked. Fu Ruofei had always been gentle as if he had no temper. However, when Fu Zhongtian was yelled at, he could not believe it.

“Why are you shouting? We are also helping you think of a way. If…” Fu Zhongtian still wanted to quibble.

Fu Ruofei was so angry that he laughed. “Meng Zhi was taken away today. Li Shuwan, who is in prison, immediately heard the news and contacted you to help me resolve the crisis. How could I be so stupid to believe your words?”

“You only want us to join hands to deal with the Fu family. You don’t want to help me save people.”

Fu Zhongtian’s eyes darkened, and he said, “The news of the Fu family can’t be suppressed. Usually, there will be…”

“Get out of the car.” Fu Ruofei did not want to listen to Fu Zhongtian anymore.

Fu Zhongtian was not a man of his word.

When Fu Zhongtian was forced out of the car, his face was very ugly. He glared at Fu Ruofei angrily. “I helped you because we are a family. It doesn’t mean that we are easy to bully. If you…”

“I won’t believe your nonsense. Also, remember this, I won’t let Li Shuwan off either.” Fu Ruofei said harshly and told the driver to drive home.

Fu Zhongtian’s face turned red then white.

He was left in the parking lot and had no choice but to call the driver to pick him up.

It seemed that he needed to see Li Shuwan again and think of other ways to deal with the Fu family together.

Fu Zhongtian snorted unhappily. “He has quite the backbone today.”

Just as he was about to visit Li Shuwan again, he received news that Fu Jiuxiao, with the consent of Old Master Fu, had taken back the power of Fu Zhongtian and Fu Ruofei’s branches abroad. From then on, he could only be a rich idler.

Fu Zhongtian still had the Li Corporation.

What could Fu Ruofei have?

He could only be angry after being schemed against.

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