The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 1288 - Chaos   

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Chapter 1288: Chaos


Fu Ruofei was furious at home and blamed all of this on Fu Zhongtian and Li Shuwan’s schemes.

If it were not for their instigation, he would not have gone to Fu Jiuxiao and threatened him.

Meng Zhi was not saved by him, and Old Master Fu personally asked Fu Jiuxiao to take away his rights in the foreign branch.

What was this?

Fu Zhongtian stayed alone in the Fu family villa. Looking at the empty dining table, he felt a surge of anger.

Old Master Fu was still recuperating in the hospital, and he might go to a better place and stay for a few days from time to time, but he had no intention of coming back for the time being.

Due to his work in the Li Corporation and because he was dealing with Li Shuwan’s matter, Fu Zhongtian did not come back to live for a long time.

The younger generation all chose to flee because of the serious crimes they had committed.

The funniest thing was that Fu Jiuxiao rarely came back.

Fu Ruofei thought that he was the most miserable person in the Fu family at the moment, and he could not even save his wife.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, and he suddenly stood up.

The servant stood aside and was shocked when she noticed Fu Ruofei’s actions. She asked hurriedly, “Sir, what happened to you?”

“I don’t want to eat anymore. I want to take revenge,” Fu Ruofei roared.

Did he want to take revenge?

What did he want to take revenge for?

After watching Fu Ruofei leave, the servant came back to her senses and thought that Fu Ruofei might have gone to find trouble with Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li.

Especially Fu Jiuxiao.

Fu Ruofei went to the Fu Corporation to argue with Fu Jiuxiao, but in the end, his power was taken away from him.

In a panic, the servant could only contact the Fu family’s butler and ask the butler to tell Fu Jiuxiao about Fu Ruofei’s situation.

It would be best if he could stop Fu Ruofei.

Fu Jiuxiao did receive news from the butler. He was working overtime at the Fu Corporation at that time, and he had Jiang Li by his side. When he heard that Fu Ruofei would come to find trouble with him, he was quite interested.

Fu Ruofei would come to find him again?

Then he would wait and see.

Fu Jiuxiao did not wait for Fu Ruofeng to come looking for him personally. Instead, he received a message from the driver of the Fu family.

The person that Fu Ruofei wanted to take revenge on was not Fu Jiuxiao, but Fu Zhongtian.

Fu Ruofei did not notice the strange behavior of the driver. After he rushed to the villa where Fu Zhongtian was staying, he did not hold back and wanted to rush inside to argue with Fu Zhongtian, but he was stopped.

It was noisy.

When a woman came out of the house and heard the noise at the gate, she yelled in disgust, “Why are you making so much noise? Why did you barge into our home? Get out!”

“Li Shuwan? Why are you out of prison?” Fu Ruofei recognized the woman at a glance. It was Li Shuwan.

The moment Li Shuwan saw Fu Ruofei, her face froze. She forced a smile and said with an embarrassed smile, “I was out a long time ago.”

“That’s impossible, you poisoned Old Master Fu…” Fu Ruofei wanted to shout out what Li Shuwan had done to Old Master Fu.

Li Shuwan was also angry.

Fu Ruofei mentioned Old Master Fu?

She wanted to think about what had happened. It was true that she had attacked Old Master Fu, but what was the real reason?

It was because Old Master Fu was too biased, right?

She had been in prison for so long, so could she still not come out?

Fu Ruofei thought of Meng Zhi who was locked up, and Fu Yunze who had been forced to escape, and then looked at Fu Zhongtian and Li Shuwan’s condition. He immediately made a terrifying connection.

All of this was the three of them’s scheme.

Their goal was to take revenge on the Fu family.

“How come I didn’t see your true colors?” Fu Ruofei yelled and pounced on them.

The courtyard was in chaos.

When Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li heard the news and rushed over to stop it, they saw Li Shuwan hiding behind Fu Zhongtian.

Jiang Li was very surprised. She thought that Li Shuwan was waiting for the trial. Was there already a result?

Jiang Li had lost her energy because of the Black Crow Organization. She thought that Li Shuwan would get the punishment she deserved, but it seemed that she had been released for a long time.

Fu Jiuxiao watched the scene quietly, and his face did not look too good.

“Do you think the old man knows?” Jiang Li turned her head, held Fu Jiuxiao’s hand, and asked softly.

Fu Jiuxiao looked away and said lightly, “Besides getting approval from the old man, Li Shuwan can’t come out, right?”

Was she innocent?

Jiang Li did not find any relevant information on the internet, but it wasn’t difficult for her to find out about the Li family. She left this matter to Chen Gu.

After sending the message, she looked at Fu Jiuxiao and waited for his reply.

Should they go in and stop what was happening or pretend that nothing had happened?

In the end, Fu Jiuxiao looked away indifferently and said coldly, “Let’s go back to the resort.”

“Okay!” Jiang Li agreed with a smile.

When the car drove away, Jiang Li’s eyes fell on the messy villa. She found it ridiculous, but she was especially annoyed.

Old Master Fu had been bullied so ruthlessly by the Li family. Why did he have to forgive Li Shuwan in the end?

Was there some other secret, or was it because of some other reason?

Jiang Li could not figure out the reason behind it. She just silently held Fu Jiuxiao’s hand and softly comforted him, “Xiao, we have to believe Old Master Fu. He should have his own considerations. He won’t really let the Li family scheme against the Fu Corporation.”

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