The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 1304 - Precisely Attacking the Boss   

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Chapter 1304: Precisely Attacking the Boss


China’s Sea City treated Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li’s engagement as a gimmick. It was so noisy that everyone hoped that the Fu Corporation and Jiang Corporation could come out and make a statement, but no one paid any attention to the people.

Even when the media blocked the entrance of the Fu residence, it was rare that there were no security guards to chase them away. However, they could not go in and take more pictures.

Were they really going to break off the engagement?

Of course, this news also spread to the Country M. However, not many people knew this fiancé and fiancée. They were just there to watch the show.

Fu Yusheng stood respectfully in front of the boss with a smug look in his eyes.

This was because he had already arranged for people to secretly transport Jiang Li, who was locked up in the police station, to the Country M. He was prepared to give her to the boss.

With the boss’s personality, he would not like women. However, Jiang Li would eventually fall into his hands.

“Come and sit.” The boss patted his lap and signaled Fu Yusheng.

Fu Yusheng did not hesitate to sit on the boss’s lap and said with a smile, “Boss, don’t worry. I will send the annoying Jiang Li to you. I will also let the new drug make more money for us.”

“You do very well.” Just as the boss wanted to kiss Fu Yusheng’s face, someone suddenly barged in again.

The boss’ face darkened and he shouted angrily, “What’s going on?”

Fu Yusheng secretly heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that the assistant had saved him so that he did not have to suffer any more humiliation, but he heard the assistant say anxiously, “Boss, Interpol has taken all the bases on Island G. They secretly repaired the communication equipment before sending the message.”

“That’s impossible. Spade A and his teammates are staying in Country M,” Fu Yusheng said through gritted teeth. He had always sent people to keep an eye on them.

Just as the assistant was about to answer, he received another phone call. Then, he turned his head slowly to look at the boss, “Boss, Country M’s experimental base has been destroyed by Samuel. All the researchers and test subjects inside have been transferred to the police station and public hospitals.”


They had obviously ignored such an important figure because Samuel was too quiet.

“I’ll contact Angie.” Fu Yusheng thought that Mr. K loved Angie and would definitely think of a way to help him.

His hand was held down by the boss.

Fu Yusheng instinctively trembled and understood what the boss meant. These things should be left to the members of the Black Crow Organization. At the moment, they should be… running away!

Fu Yusheng efused to give up. Ge quickly promised the boss, “Boss, I need a chance. I can…”

The boss did not say a word. He grabbed Fu Yusheng’s wrist. As he led Fu Yusheng out, he said to his assistant, “Arrange for a car to go to the airport. If the airport can not be taken, we will change to a waterway.”

Fu Yusheng stumbled behind the boss. When they reached the parking lot, they were blocked by a large number of Interpol officers.

“Drive!” The boss held Fu Yusheng and walked to another car.

The car door opened and a gun was aimed at the boss’s forehead.

“So you are the boss of the Black Crow Organization. Please come with us,” Spade A said with a sneer.

When the boss pulled Fu Yusheng in front of him, he took out his pistol and aimed at Spade A.

Several silver needles pierced the back of the boss’s hand, causing him to cry out in pain. He immediately pushed Fu Yusheng into the arms of Spade A and turned around to escape.

Spade A swiftly pushed Fu Yusheng away and chased after the boss with his gun.

Gunshots started to ring out from all directions, one after another, and it was extremely dense.

Fu Yusheng covered his chest and was about to escape when he saw Jiang Li walking toward him. He instinctively shouted, “I, I am Fu Yusheng, I am a member of the Fu family, you can’t…”

Jiang Li did not even look at Fu Yusheng. She took out her gun and chased after the boss.

Fu Yusheng was so scared that his heart almost jumped out of his chest. However, when he looked up again, he saw Fu Jiuxiao, whom he was most afraid of.

Fu Jiuxiao ordered calmly, “Bring him back to Dr. Wei. Make sure he doesn’t wake up until he gets back to China.”

“Yes!” The bodyguard answered.

Fu Yusheng was about to beg for mercy when he was knocked out by a punch.

Fu Jiuxiao did not stop. He caught up with Jiang Li, who was hiding behind the car door and said in a low voice, “They have too much ammunition. It will be very troublesome.”

“Xiao, don’t worry. I’m ready.” Jiang Li proudly took out the remote control.

Yun Ya and the others all had the same controller. They drove the drone, carried enough ammunition, and attacked accurately.

Fu Jiuxiao saw the opportunity and jumped in front of the boss, kicking his gun away.

“Don’t move again.” Fu Jiuxiao shouted, and the boss came at him with empty fists.

The two of them fought, but Fu Jiuxiao obviously had the upper hand.

“Hmph, you know Ancient Martial Arts? So do I.” When the boss was about to go forward again, the back of his head was blocked by the muzzle of the gun.

Spade A said mockingly, “I have a gun, do you have one?”

Of course not.

Fu Jiuxiao walked quickly to the boss and deftly removed his arms to prevent him from attacking again.

On the other side, the situation had already ended.

Jiang Li ran quickly to Fu Jiuxiao’s side and hugged him tightly. “Xiao, it went much smoother than I expected.”

Fu Jiuxiao looked at the boss with a cold smile. “It’s all thanks to Fu Yusheng. If he had not been too careless and exposed his whereabouts to my eldest brother, we wouldn’t have found him so easily.”

So it turned out that it was all because of Fu Yusheng.

Fan Xuan successfully intercepted Fu Yusheng’s call with Fu Zhongtian, found Fu Yusheng’s IP address, and gave it to Ban Yue in exchange for the benefits of upgrading the system. This allowed Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li to use the opportunity of being taken away by the police to create an illusion and deceive the boss.

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