The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 1305 (END) - Marriage Proposal  

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Chapter 1305: Marriage Proposal

“No, I won’t fail.” The boss shook his head desperately. There were too many things that he did o’t understand, but Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li were obviously not in the mood to explain.

They were going to see Samuel and fight for some benefits for Blake and Yue Qing.

“Goodbye, boss.” Jiang Li waved her hand provocatively at the boss, held Fu Jiuxiao’s arm, and left together.

As for the members of the organization who were protecting the boss and Fu Yusheng, they were no match for the criminal police, Yun Ya, and the others. They were all lying on the ground in a sorry state. Other than committing suicide and confessing, there was no other way.

Spade A looked at Jiang Li’s leaving figure, and a dark light flashed in his eyes. He smiled coldly and patted the boss’ face. “If you are interested, I can tell you how you were set up to get to this point.”

“Let’s go, boss!”

The Black Crow Organization had been taken down in one go, but its members were still scattered all over the country. They needed to be captured by Interpol, but this was no longer Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li’s business.

Was everything easy?

Of course not.

Jiang Li and Fu Jiuxiao used the resort and other connections to coordinate with Samuel in Country M and could attack the Black Crow Organization’s bases on Island G at any time. However, all of this needed an appropriate time.

This timing was the help of Interpol.

The whole plan could be carried out normally, but it was thanks to Fu Yusheng’s ‘help’.

Jiang Li looked at the scenery outside the plane’s window. Suddenly, she hugged Fu Jiuxiao’s arm and said, “Xiao, can I really go back to Jing University to continue my studies?”

“Of course, when have I ever lied to you?” Fu Jiuxiao agreed very quickly.

The Jiang Corporation had entered a stable state of development and no longer had any worries.

As for the Li Corporation, it was quite interesting to watch Fu Zhongtian and Li Shuwan continue to quarrel.

Jiang Li kissed Fu Jiuxiao’s cheek hard and hugged his waist gently. She closed her eyes and said, “I’m so happy. The bad things are over.”

Fu Jiuxiao scratched Jiang Li’s nose and covered her with a blanket. He coaxed her softly, “Go to sleep.”

Jiang Li’s face was slightly red as she leaned on Fu Jiuxiao’s shoulder.

The plane did not return to Sea City, but to China’s Jing City.

Jiang Li had to go through the procedures to re-enroll, but because of the one-year suspension, she could only go back to the first year of university.

It was a new feeling for her to go back to school, and without Jiang Man’s hostility, her life would be much smoother.

Until the end of school, many students especially passed by the classroom, wanting to see the once famous person.

Jiang Li was not interested in this at all. After class, she held her book and left the school building with Ban Yue and Su Tongtong, who were waiting for her.

“I can’t today. My parents, my brother, and Old Master Fu are going to have a meal together. Of course, there’s also that Mr. Blake.” Jiang Li revealed a rare shy expression, she finally had the ease that belonged to her age.

They were going to start discussing the wedding date.

Su Tongtong quickly grabbed Jiang Li’s arm and said in a low voice, “Is Jiang Man’s condition very serious?”

Ban Yue coughed twice. “Don’t mention anything that makes people unhappy.”

Jiang Li nodded. “Their condition is very bad.”

It was not just Jiang Man and Fu Yunze, but there were also the other test subjects. They had been severely harmed, but the antidote was far from enough.

However, this was not something Jiang Li was considering anymore.

Jiang Li pulled Su Tongtong’s arm back and said, “If today goes well, I’ll treat you to dinner tomorrow.”

Su Tongtong was so happy that she almost jumped up. However, her phone rang twice, and she immediately showed an awkward expression. She even wanted to hide it secretly.

Who was it?

It really made people curious.

Jiang Li could not see Su Tongtong’s phone, but she heard Ban Yue say leisurely behind them, “I heard it was a boy named Xiao Shun. Who is he?”

Su Tongtong was so angry that her face turned red, and she chased after Ban Yue.

The three girls walked all the way to the school gate. When they saw the luxury car, they immediately packed it up.

Jiang Li waved goodbye to her good friends and walked quickly to the car.

Fu Jiuxiao actually came to pick her up personally.

After they got into the car, Fu Jiuxiao relayed the decision that Old Master Fu had just made to Jiang Li.

Old Master Fu had already decided that Fu Jiuxiao would be in charge of the Fu Corporation alone in the future. The corporation would continue to provide shares and dividends to Old Master Fu’s other two sons, but they would not have any chance to participate in the operation of the corporation.

As for Fu Yunze and Fu Yusheng’s problem, they would handle it themselves, and Fu Jiuxiao would not interfere.

Jiang Li let out a sigh of relief. Finally, she heard some good news.

They rushed to the restaurant and received a call from Kong Xia. After she told them where they were, Jiang Li took the elevator to the highest floor.

This place was beautifully decorated, like a dream.

Their family was waiting for them.

The moment Jiang Li stood on the carpet, she had a premonition. When she turned around, she saw that Fu Jiuxiao was wearing the familiar golden mask.

“Miss Jiang, please!” Fu Jiuxiao reached out his hand to Jiang Li and said with a smile.

Jiang Li’s heart beat even faster. She handed her hand to Fu Jiuxiao and walked to the rooftop step by step.

When the fireworks in the sky bloomed, Fu Jiuxiao took the ring and knelt down on one knee.

Jiang Li was wearing the ring. The moment she heard the applause from her family, she hugged Fu Jiuxiao tightly.

After all the haze had faded, they finally had their happy life.

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