The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 248 - Settled

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Chapter 248: Settled

“Jiang Li, don’t talk nonsense! How dare you threaten Lil Min!”

“Manager Wang, I think you’re really getting old and your brain isn’t working properly. Who gave you permission to shout in front of me?” Fu Jiuxiao’s expression was a little ugly. “One would not be afraid if they didn’t do anything wrong, so why are you so agitated?! As long as I say the word, you and this woman can get lost together! Do you really think that my Fu Corporation can’t do without you?!”

Fu Jiuxiao was really angry. Even his volume increased a little, scaring Manager Wang and Wang Min so much that they both trembled.

“Okay, you say it. I want to see what you can say.”

Manager Wang compromised, but he knew that Wang Min had always been a good and obedient child. She would not do anything wrong.

Wang Min was a little flustered. If Jiang Li had said Wang Min used her computer, Wang Min could say that there were no surveillance cameras, so there should not have been any evidence. Thinking of this, Wang Min calmed down a little.

Jiang Li naturally knew what Wang Min was thinking. She just told Fu Jiuxiao that she was going to use his computer.

Jiang Li quickly typed something on Fu Jiuxiao’s computer with a serious expression. She remembered that even though the surveillance camera at the front of her workstation was broken, there was another surveillance beside her workstation.

Even though it could not catch her, it could catch Wang Min’s reflection in the mirror!

Jiang Li had discovered this when she moved out of her workstation. This surveillance camera might be able to capture the image of Wang Min deleting her statistics through the mirror.

Entering the company’s surveillance system, Jiang Li switched to the surveillance camera on their floor. Soon, Jiang Li locked onto one of the cameras. The corners of her mouth curled up, and she turned the computer to Manager Wang and the rest.

“The statistics that I had just finished were deleted for no reason. At that time, the surveillance camera was broken, and the person who deleted it could not be found. However, I don’t think that person would have thought that everything she did would be recorded by another camera.”

As soon as Jiang Li finished speaking, Wang Min was shocked, and her expression changed when she saw the image on the computer.

Fortunately, Fu Jiuxiao’s office was well-kept, so the glass wall outside was so clear that everything that Wang Min did was clearly seen.

“This… What’s going on?”

Manager Wang was also a little surprised. He looked at Wang Min with a confused face, afraid that Wang Min had really done something against Jiang Li.

“No, it’s not like that. That day, I only browsed through Jiang Li’s files to see if there were any mistakes. I was kind enough to help take a look. I didn’t delete the statistics that she made!”

‘Yes, that’s right. Although the surveillance camera captured me touching Jiang Li’s computer, there was no evidence that I was deleting Jiang Li’s files at that time.’

Wang Min comforted herself in her heart.

Manager Wang felt that what Wang Min said made sense. Although it was a little far-fetched, she was still her niece after all.

“Oh? is that so? What about that time at the restaurant?”

Jiang Li also pulled out the surveillance camera of the restaurant. It showed that Wang Min deliberately stretched out her leg and tripped the waiter, which caused the Waiter to spill the soup.

Moreover, Wang Min kept insulting the waiter. She did not look like a lady from a rich family!

Manager Wang was a little embarrassed and could not believe it.

Wang Min’s expression changed. It was unknown whether she was angry or embarrassed.

When Fu Jiuxiao saw this, his face was already livid.

The evidence was obvious, so there was no need to explain.

Thinking about how this woman actually wanted to hurt his Ah Li, Fu Jiuxiao felt that he could not let her off so easily.

He would fire Wang Min directly and terminate all cooperation with the Wang Corporation!

This time, not only was Wang Min stunned, even Manager Wang found it hard to believe.

Fu Jiuxiao really wanted to give up his cooperation with the Wang Corporation for a woman!

Wang Min cried and begged Fu Jiuxiao not to fire her, but Fu Jiuxiao was unmoved, so Wang Min went to ask manager Wang.

Manager Wang looked at the disappointing Wang Min and felt depressed and angry. He had never thought that such an innocent and cute little girl would be so vicious.

He shook off Wang Min’s hand that was hugging his leg and left without looking back.

Wang Min was naturally dragged out by Assistant Zhuo.

“Isn’t this too much?” Jiang Li felt a little guilty. She did not want Fu Jiuxiao to give up on the Wang Corporation because of her. “Manager Wang will also be…”

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