The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 249 - An Ugly Misunderstanding

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Chapter 249: An Ugly Misunderstanding

“Don’t worry, Manager Wang has already cut off all ties with the Wang Corporation. Besides, the benefits we get from working with the Wang Corporation aren’t much. Sometimes, they even do small tricks behind the scenes, so it’s a good opportunity to strike a blow at the Wang Corporation.”

Hearing Fu Jiuxiao’s words, Jiang Li was finally relieved, thinking that Fu Jiuxiao really did not do something that would give them a loss.

However, there were some things that needed to be clarified.

“Why does Wang Min think you like her? Don’t you think you should reflect on it?”


Fu Jiuxiao was a little confused. He did not quite understand what Jiang Li meant.

“I heard from Wang Min that you once helped her solve problems and gave her a branded dress.”


Fu Jiuxiao really did not have any impression of her.

Jiang Li narrowed her eyes and bent down to look into Fu Jiuxiao’s eyes.

“Don’t play dumb with me!”

Fu Jiuxiao was stunned. He knew that this expression would only appear when Jiang Li was about to get angry. For a moment, he panicked and started to think about when he had any contact with that woman named Wang Min.

After thinking for a long time, he suddenly remembered that there was a day when a woman spilled all over herself when he was discussing a business deal with a client. Fu Jiuxiao was focused on discussing a business deal, so he was worried that this woman would get in the way.

It just so happened that he a brand had given him some clothes. Although he did not know why it was women’s clothing, this Wang Min was so annoying that he directly threw the brand’s clothes to Wang Min.

Fu Jiuxiao wanted her to get out quickly and not get in the way.

It was just that someone as cold and aloof as Fu Jiuxiao did not say a word to Wang Min throughout the whole process. Wang Min relied on her own imagination to create a big drama to create such a misunderstanding.

After listening to Fu Jiuxiao’s explanation, Jiang Li realized that it was just an ugly misunderstanding.

“So, don’t do such things that are easy to misunderstand in the future, got it?”


Fu Jiuxiao was thinking that he must not easily have contact with other women in the future. Otherwise, if there was another misunderstanding, his jealous Jiang Li might not be able to stand it.

This matter was handled in a rather secretive manner, and not many people knew the exact process.

However, Assistant Zhuo explained the reason for Wang Min’s dismissal and warned everyone that if such a thing happened between colleagues in the future, the punishment would only be more severe.

For a time, the entire company was much more stable, and the atmosphere was as quiet as the surface of a lake.

They were workers themselves, and the Fu Corporation was the boss who paid their salaries. Since the higher-ups had spoken, how could they dare to have any opinions? Moreover, Wang Min herself had offended many people, after everyone knew the truth of the matter, not many people felt sorry for Wang Min.

After all, life had to continue…

Jiang Man was really angered to death these few days.

Fu Yunze had been dealing with her these few days, but he had never appeared. Jiang Man did not dare to directly go to the Fu family’s old residence to look for Fu Yunze.

After thinking about it, Jiang Man could only ask Fu Yunze’s friends. Only then did she know that Fu Yunze had been drinking at the clubhouse every day for the past few days.

Thus, Jiang Man planned to go meet Fu Yunze personally!

Jiang Man had been to a place like the clubhouse many times, so she was very familiar with this kind of place.

However, the place that Fu Yunze came to seemed to be newly opened nearby, and Jiang Man had not been there before.

The familiar feeling and atmosphere quickly infected Jiang Man. Jiang Man remembered that she also had not come out to relax like this for a long time.

Moreover, there were quite a number of people chatting with her along the way, which satisfied Jiang Man’s pride. Since she could not find Fu Yunze for a while, she might as well relax herself first.

Not long after, Jiang Man started chatting with a handsome man. The two of them had a lot to talk about. Jiang Man seemed to finally have someone who could listen to her, and her tone sounded a little aggrieved and unsatisfied.

By adding in Jiang Man’s own acting skills and pretty face, she quickly captured the sympathy of this handsome man in front of her.

During the conversation, Jiang Man learned that this handsome man in front of her had an extraordinary family background. He was very successful at a young age, and this clubhouse was the business of this handsome man in front of her.

The handsome man even described his future business blueprint to her, and he was very passionate. This made Jiang Man feel a sense of admiration. This kind of man was much more outstanding than someone like Fu Yunze who only knew how to eat at home.

Jiang Man quickly exchanged contact information with the handsome man. This handsome man was different from the ones she had met in the past who only knew how to hit on her. His eyes were passionate, and the way he looked at her was not flirtatious.

Jiang Man felt that she might be able to use him in the future.

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