The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1306 - Go For Wool and Come Home Shorn

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Chapter 1306: Go For Wool and Come Home Shorn

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The more Han Qin thought about it, the more terrible he felt. He no longer saw Zhang Yiqi like she was food, but some kind of infectious source.

He let go of his hand and put his clothes on, and only then did he have time to deal with the matter.

However, how could Zhang Yiqi know what was really going on?

She only knew that she had become like that before because of Han Qin!

As for why it had become another situation now, how could she understand?

Therefore, when faced with Han Qin’s questions, she could not answer anything, but her heart was full of anger.

Without waiting for Han Qin to ask more, she rushed up to grab his hand and bit it furiously.

The two of them tussled for a long time.

If she didn’t think killing Han Qin was against the law, Zhang Yiqi might have killed him.

Moreover, Han Qin was curious about what had happened to Zhang Yiqi and how the situation had turned out to be like this.

That was why he held back his shock and anger, pushed Zhang Yiqi away, and walked off.

Looking at his departing back, Zhang Yiqi felt as if she was dreaming. She sat down weakly on the ground, tears spilling wildly.

After watching Han Qin leave in anger, Xia Xibei was satisfied to leave.

Han Qin’s reaction already indicated the success of her drug.

What Han Qin didn’t know was that this was just the beginning.

Xia Xibei put the pills she made into Zhang Yiqi’s milk tea, using the color and taste of the tea to cover up the pills’ flavor.

Zhang Yiqi’s body changed after she drank the milk tea with the pills. Meanwhile, her body fluid also contained these drugs.

Han Qin absorbed the drugs from her body during his contact with her, especially during the exchange of saliva.

Therefore, these drugs would have a great impact on Han Qin after entering his body.

Now, Han Qin would be finished if he took any pills used for cultivating others.

She believed that after a few more times, Han Qin would know the power.

If one lost some energy every time they had sex, which fool would dare to mess around?

As long as Han Qin did not dare to mess around, Song Jiaren would naturally be safe.

Thinking of this, Xia Xibei breathed a sigh of relief.

However, apart from Song Jiarun, Cui Tong’s side was not necessarily safe either.

Xia Xibei thought of this as she took out her cell phone and called Cui Tong.

Cui Tong happened to be working near G City these days, and it was convenient to come here.

So, Xia Xibei asked to meet her the next day.

It was only when they met face to face that she could see the problem.

After making an appointment with Cui Tong, Xia Xibei rushed back home again.

When she returned home, Qiao Yanjue was not there.

Qiao Yanjue was supposed to come back with her today, but something happened at the company, so he rushed over again.

Looking at the empty room, Xia Xibei’s mood was a bit low.

However, she quickly adjusted her mood and called Qiao Yanjue.

Soon, the other side picked up the phone.

After the two of them talked about what happened today, Xia Xibei hung up the phone contentedly and went to wash up and rest.

What she didn’t know was that the smile on Qiao Yanjue’s face had disappeared after he hung up the phone.

He looked at the documents in his hand, his face very gloomy and ugly, and the room seemed to be shrouded by low pressure.

What he had in his hand was a report from the lab.

They were originally researching a new type of material. If this material was developed successfully, the Qiao family’s assets could definitely be doubled!

However, just when they were about to succeed, something went wrong with the lab.

All the information was stolen, and the lab was vandalized!

They had reported it to the police, but there was little response from the police.

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