The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 476 - Too Cheap

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Chapter 476: Too Cheap

Jiang Shenghe and his wife were waiting outside, anxiously pacing in circles. Sister Chen went forward to comfort them.

“Don’t worry, she’s a wonderful doctor!” Sister Chen kept singing Xia Xibei’s praises in front of them like an ardent fan. “I hadn’t been sleeping well lately, right? But I instantly felt better after she poked me! The results were amazing!

“I only went to western doctors before this, but I never expected traditional Chinese doctors to be so capable. If I’d known about it earlier…”

Her nagging managed to comfort the couple somehow.

“But the doctor’s so young!” Jiang Shenghe’s wife, Meng Qiuyue, couldn’t help but chime in.

“Ah! It’s all because she takes good care of her skin!” Sister Chen shook her hand, “Tell you what, this shop is awesome!

“Look at me! I look much younger now, don’t I?”

Meng Qiuyue finally had the mood to look closely at her, becoming amazed instantly. “Sis, you really do look a lot younger than before!”

“That’s for sure!” Sister Chen nodded firmly, “The beauticians told me I can look at least ten years younger with just a few more treatments!”

Meng Qiuyue drew a sharp breath.

“Did they really say that?”

“Yeah,” Sister Chen laughed. “Manhong told me that the doctor also plays a role in their products, so she definitely puts more effort in taking care of her own skin!”

The couple were relieved after listening to Sister Chen.

Although Xia Xibei’s confidence had convinced them, they still couldn’t help but worry when they thought about her age.

However, since her cousin had put it that way, they could put their minds at ease for now.

Jiang Shenghe still found it a bit strange somehow. He kept getting the feeling that he had seen the doctor somewhere before.

But he was soon occupied with something more important.

The room’s door opened, and Huo Zijun stepped out.

“You may come inside now.”

The three of them dashed inside in a hurry. Upon entering, they saw Jiang Qirui getting down from the bed, while Xia Xibei was tidying up the scene.

“Ruirui, how do you feel?” Meng Qiuyue rushed to her son’s side and asked anxiously.

Jiang Qirui rubbed his belly, then looked up and said, “Mom, I’m hungry.”

“Hungry?” Meng Qiuyue gasped, and her eyes lit up. “Are you hungry for real?!”

Jiang Qirui’s appetite had been poor ever since he fell sick. He only ate a tiny amount of food every day, and they usually forced the food down his throat.

His nutrition was normally maintained by injection, which only caused him to become skinnier and skinnier every day.

His mother was so happy that she was at the brink of tears upon hearing her son say that he was hungry.

“Doctor, how’s Ruirui now?”

“Get him something to eat first, something easily digestible, and keep his food intake sensible. Don’t let him overeat,” Xia Xibei said while packing her utensils.

“Sure, sure, sure!” the parents nodded non-stop.

“Bring this medicine with you and let him drink it three times a day. Come back to me after a week.”

“What about the hair on his body…”

“Don’t shave it yet. I’ll deal with it once it’s time.”

“Alright!” There was nothing they could do besides nod. “The fees…”

“The consultation and treatment fees are one thousand yuan altogether. As for herbs, you may look to him,” she pointed at Huo Zijun while speaking.

“One thousand?”

The couple were astonished.

It was too cheap!

When Jiang Qirui was staying at the hospital previously, they had to spend a thousand or two yuan a day!

This doctor was such a kind soul!

“Beibei,” a voice called, along with a knock to the door.

All of them turned around to look and became dazed at once.

“Why did you come here?” Xia Xibei asked in surprise.

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