The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] - Chapter 837: BACK AT THE THOUSAND WORLD STATION

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AFTER that notification appeared, the surroundings and the NPCs slowly turned into a bunch of data. The only ones remaining standing were the detective, Sofia, Daphne, fake Sorcha, and Peter Baker.

Luo Yan smiled when he saw this. Because his prediction was correct. These four were indeed the members of their team. He turned to Shen Ji Yun, still dressed as Sofia. It just so happened that the other also glanced at him.

He smiled meaningfully at the other and mouthed the words, ‘Brother Ji Yun.’

Shen Ji Yun, of course, read the other’s lips. Seeing the detective called him that, his face immediately heated up, quickly turning into a bright tomato. How could he be not embarrassed?

Although he already knew that the detective was his rabbit and that the other also knew his identity, it’s still a bit hard to accept. After all, he was playing as a woman and his performance was also a bit embarrassing. Then, he was easily discovered by Luo Yan. Just thinking that the person he liked was watching his jokes was enough for him to want to bury himself on the ground.

Truthfully, if not for seeing Luo Yan doing his best to solve what happened 20 years ago in that made-up world, Shen Ji Yun would truly want to just give up the task. Never in his wildest dream dreamt that he would one day experience being a woman. Although it’s only virtual, it’s still uncomfortable as hell.

It didn’t really help that the character he’s playing was that of a flirty woman with a hidden bitchiness in her bones. She appeared to be a silly-sweet who didn’t know anything. But deep inside, she had a lot of means. What was that term he read in the internet during the times he was looking for answers about his feelings? Ah! White lotus! Or was it green tea?

Anyway, Sofia was not a simple woman that anyone could just imitate. Especially not him. Shen Ji Yun wasn’t even sure how he managed to not go out of character until the end. What he was sure of was that he squeezed every last drop of acting talent that he possessed just so he could get by.

He wasn’t really sure about the overall result. He definitely made a fool of himself many times though. But in order to pass the task, he gritted his teeth and continued on. To hell with looking like a fool. He just wanted to make sure that Luo Yan’s hard work wouldn’t go to waste.

He could finally let out a sigh relief after the notification about them successfully completing the task appeared. At least with that, he was certain that he didn’t make any mistakes.

Now, the only problem left to him was how he would face the teasing of his team mates once they found out that he played the role of Sofia. Bai Ze, in particular, would definitely have the time of his life teasing him. He wouldn’t put it pass the other if he rolled on the floor laughing after finding it out.

The only one who could probably understand his plight was the person playing the role of fake Sorcha. Of course, that would only be the case if the other was played by Bai Ze or Luo Jin. If it was played by Su Yuqi, then it wouldn’t matter much. Since he was sure that Su Yuqi would never feel embarrassed playing as a male crossdressing as a female.

Shen Ji Yun glanced at Luo Yan before their surroundings completely turned into a sea of data. The other was still looking at him. His peach blossom eyes were shining, as if filled with a million starlight. Shen Ji Yun could already tell that the other couldn’t wait to tease him.

The corner of his lips turned up slightly. Well, as long as his rabbit was happy, then that’s all that mattered.

After a few more seconds, the five of them returned to the Thousand World Terminal. The rabbit conductor was there waiting for them.

“Congratulations on completing the task in the world of Magnolia Manor!” the rabbit said. “Your reward for this task will be sent to your Items Tab in just a short while. Being the first team to clear this dungeon, you can get your additional reward at the Record Hall. If you don’t have any questions, you can now teleport back. Thank you for travelling with us! And I hope you can ride the Fantasia Train once again!”

After saying that, the rabbit turned around and walked towards the train platform. As if waiting for the next ‘passengers’.

“How about never?” Luo Jin grumbled, clearly showing that he did not enjoy this ‘travel’.

“I quite like this dungeon though,” Su Yuqi said. “It’s very… unique.”

“For once, I agree with you,” Bai Ze said. “It’s like experiencing one of those quick transmigration thing.”

“Hmp. Going here once is enough,” Luo Jin said still maintaining his belief.

Bai Ze glanced at his cousin suspiciously. And then he grinned, as if realizing something. “Hey, Xiao Jin, don’t tell me you were Sofia. Did playing her traumatize you?”

Shen Ji Yun almost choked in his own saliva when he heard that. This was one of the times that he was thankful of his expressionless face.

“Of course not!” Luo Jin said, his small face turning red.

“Then, were you Daphne?” Bai Ze asked, still not giving up.

“I was Daphne,” Su Yuqi said.

Luo Yan wasn’t too surprised when he heard that. Because he had already suspected that Su Yuqi was Daphne.

“Tsk. Boring,” Bai Ze said. He turned to Luo Jin once again. “Just admit it, you’re Sofia, weren’t you? Come on. Your Brother Ze won’t laugh at you,” he continued, but his expression was completely telling him otherwise.

“I told you, I’m not!” Luo Jin said, annoyed.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Brother Ze,” Luo Yan suddenly interjected. “But I was Sofia.”

Everyone looked at him almost at the same time, as if knowing that he played the role of ‘Sofia’ was very surprising. Most especially Shen Ji Yun.

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