The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] - Chapter 838: WHO'S WHO?

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Chapter 838: WHO'S WHO?

“AREN’T you the detective?” Bai Ze said in disbelief.

The other two, Luo Jin and Su Yuqi, obviously also thought the same.

“Then, Brother Ze, if it’s not me, could it still be you, Ah Jin, or Brother Ji Yun?” Luo Yan asked, tilting his head to the side.

“No way, no way. I was Peter Baker, you know?” Bai Ze quickly denied it and even directly admitted the role he played in that task.

But after that, he also realized that if that was the case then the role of ‘Sofia’ could only fall between Luo Jin and Shen Ji Yun. He looked at the two back and forth until his gaze finally settled on his cousin.

Luo Jin gritted his teeth when he saw this. What did his cousin mean? That between him and Shen Ji Yun, he’s the more likely to play the role of ‘Sofia’? He felt very aggrieved by that.

“It’s not me!”

Bai Ze only looked at Luo Jin with suspicion. Until Shen Ji Yun said;

“I’m the detective.”

Again, his lack of expression worked well for Shen Ji Yun at this time. Although it’s a bit shameless of him to admit to something untrue, since Luo Yan had already admitted that he played the role of ‘Sofia’, then the only thing he could do was say that he’s the detective.

If he didn’t, then it would only make Luo Yan appear like a liar. And he didn’t want that. Okay. Maybe he also didn’t want to be teased by the other because of that. He knew he wouldn’t hear the end of it from Bai Ze. Su Yuqi would definitely give him meaningful glances while snickering. And he couldn’t even begin what Luo Jin would do.

Luo Yan probably knew what the other three’s reaction would be that’s why he lied and told everyone that he played ‘Sofia’. Just so he could let Shen Ji Yun save some face. So, he was indeed very thankful.

Sure enough, his rabbit was still the best for him.

What Shen Ji Yun didn’t know was the only reason Luo Yan ‘saved’ him was because he wanted to be the only one to tease him. If he knew about it, he might not be so thankful. But then again, this was Shen Ji Yun. He would probably be happy with anything that Luo Yan did.

Bai Ze nodded at what Shen Ji Yun said. Him being the detective was definitely more acceptable than the other being Sofia. After that, he suddenly realized a very important thing that they almost neglected.

“Then, you’re the fake Sorcha?” he suddenly exclaimed, even pointing at Luo Jin. Then, laughing altogether.

Luo Jin’s whole face turned red because of Bai Ze’s exaggerated reaction. It got even worse when he saw Su Yuqi chuckling.

“Wow. Xiao Jin, you’re good,” Bai Ze said, giving his cousin a thumbs-up. “I didn’t even realize that you’re actually a guy until the very end.”

“After all, Ah Jin has—”

Luo Jin quickly covered Su Yuqi’s lips before the other finished what she’s about to say. He knew that she would say that he had experience crossdressing. After all, the two of them were together at that task during the King of Arcadia’s birthday. He had to cross-dress back then as well.

Just thinking about it, he couldn’t help but gnashed his teeth. Because it seemed like those game devs had something against him. If not, then why always gave him these embarrassing identities while doing such a task?

Su Yuqi glanced at Luo Jin’s red cheeks and ears. Feeling the other’s small hand on her lips, she stretched out her tongue and licked the other’s palm. She visibly felt Luo Jin shuddered at her action. He quickly removed his hand on his lips and glared at her. Which wasn’t really scary considering how red his face was. It only seemed adorable in her eyes.

Ah. This was bad. She’s really enjoying such things.

The only one who noticed this interaction was Luo Yan. He raised his brow looking at the two. He actually didn’t expect that the relationship between the two had already progressed this far. Considering his tsundere brother, this development was probably due to Su Yuqi, right?

He’s definitely not invalidating his brother’s efforts. Since it’s probably mostly because of it that Su Yuqi even bothered to let their relationship progressed this far. That’s definitely a job well done on Luo Jin’s part.

Anyway, knowing that the other was actually the fake Sorcha didn’t really come off as a surprise to him. Especially once Su Yuqi revealed that she’s Daphne. Between Bai Ze and Luo Jin, the latter’s attitude and mannerism were definitely more similar to the fake Sorcha compared to the former.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell that directly to Luo Jin. He would tease him about it though from time to time.

“Why are you targeting me when someone like Yan who literally played the role of a woman is here?” Luo Jin asked Bai Ze, probably trying to win some of his prestige back.

“Hey, who told Xiao Yan to have such a perfect performance? I didn’t even suspect that he’s not an NPC,” Bai Ze responded. “It must be because Xiao Yan is too beautiful that’s why he managed to perfectly embody ‘Sofia’.”

Luo Yan bit his inner cheek so he could stop himself from laughing. Based on Bai Ze’s logic, wouldn’t it mean that Shen Ji Yun’s performance was so perfect because he’s too ‘beautiful’?

He glanced at Shen Ji Yun. Seeing the other’s expression became stiff, he almost couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“Anyway, I think Ji Yun being the detective is much more shocking,” Bai Ze added. He turned to Shen Ji Yun. “The way you did the interview and the deduction, since when did you learn to become such a drama queen?”

This time, it was Luo Yan’s turn to have the same stiff expression. Was it still too late to knock some sense into this cousin of his?

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