The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 974 - Forcing This Person To Speak

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Chapter 974: Forcing This Person To Speak

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Yun Jian, Zhang Shaofeng and Zhang Jian had been making their way to their class, nothing out of the ordinary, when someone jumped out of the bushes with a knife to stab it toward Yun Jian.

There was no way the others who were present were not terrified at the scene. All of them shrieked in shock and stepped back rapidly.

However, seeing how Yun Jian countered the criminal in one swift swing of her arm and snatched the criminal’s knife to push it back against the latter’s neck, those who stood at the top of Zhaobao Mountain and witnessed her move froze in surprise.

Zhang Shaofeng and Zhang Jian were stunned as well. What was different was that Zhang Shaofeng was able to react promptly since he had been under Yun Jian’s training.

When he saw Yun Jian pressing the knife against the neck of the black-masked person who wanted to assassinate her, he went over directly and kicked the back of the person’s knee. Helpless to the kick, the person fell down to the ground kneeling with a thud.

“How dare you try killing my master! Damn it, did you want to die?” Zhang Shaofeng huffed and kicked the person once more. He yanked the black mask off the person at the same time.

With the black mask being removed, the person’s face was revealed. It caused Yun Jian to narrow her eyes.

This assassin who was dressed like a man with short black hair was actually a female. It was obvious from her face. The relatively delicate face did not look old—she might even be Yun Jian’s age.

The girl said nothing despite Zhang Shaofeng kicking her. She merely snapped her head to the side.

Yun Jian kept the scimitar against the girl’s neck. Since the latter refused to speak, Yun Jian pressed the knife closer to her neck.

“If you continue to stay silent, I’ll kill you.” The threat that was supposed to sound unconvincing felt utterly believable to everyone around them.

The girl who came to assassinate Yun Jian looked sideway without making a sound, as if not believing that Yun Jian would kill her, but she panicked when Yun Jian dug the scimitar toward her neck while she spoke.

The blade pierced her skin following her neck, eliciting a sting. The girl even felt blood oozing from where she felt the pain. Alarmed, she turned to shout at Yun Jian, “You’d actually dare kill me?”

She spoke so confidently like Yun Jian would never really kill her.

“Do you think I wouldn’t dare do it?” Yun Jian smirked with crescent eyes but the smile felt shudderingly authoritative.

As she spoke, she gripped the scimitar and continued pressing the blade toward the girl’s neck without any hesitation.

The teacher and students who stood farther away were horrified by what Yun Jian was doing.

Although she was Team Monarch’s Slashing God and was already a member of the Advanced Special Forces—the fact was no longer a secret, people were still scared when they witnessed the scene. Moreover, Yun Jian could not be killing people recklessly like this even if she was an ASF soldier!

“No, don’t, I’ll speak!” It was only then the girl got afraid and quickly spoke up.

Since the girl had taken the bait and Yun Jian’s goal was achieved, Yun Jian held back in time. She was sure that she would have slit the girl’s throat if she stopped any later. Pulling back with squinted eyes and an unnerving smirk, she told Zhang Shaofeng, “Take her to the cliff. We’ll talk there.”

“Yes, master!” Zhang Shaofeng happily took said girl to the cliff by her collars, understanding that Yun Jian was not planning to keep him out of the loop anymore from what she said.

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