The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 975 - Rip The Poster, Take Her Life

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Chapter 975: Rip The Poster, Take Her Life

Watching Yun Jian ask Zhang Shaofeng to take the girl to the cliff, the teacher and students who were rooted to their spot dared not even move. After all, Yun Jian was in the military. What happened just now might involve classified military information, so no one dared follow them.

Zhang Jian nudged the three bags he was carrying closer to himself and was surprisingly obedient as he stood his spot without asking to go with Yun Jian and Zhang Shaofeng.

By the precipice of the mountain, Yun Jian crossed her arms in front of her chest as she stared at the girl with squinted eyes. There was an odd gleam in her eyes.

There was no one by the cliff as the steep edge prevented people from hanging around the area. If they were to accidentally fall over, that was no joke.

“Speak,” Yun Jian ordered with a slight raise of brow looking at the girl still with her arms crossed.

Standing by the cliff, the girl pressed her lips together with a hand covering the wound on her neck.

“You have a taste of my ability just now and I’m confident that I’m able to kill you before you can escape. If you’re smart, don’t try tricks with me.” With her arms crossed, Yun Jian’s laidback attitude called for one to reexamine her instead.

The girl apparently had something in mind as her pause was abrupt when Yun Jian said that.

“I’m Gu Nian…” she finally said slowly.

Nonetheless, Yun Jian’s wrist flicked as she threw a flying knife to the girl right after that sentence. The girl who called herself Gu Nian was startled by Yun Jian’s attack but managed to avoid it with just a turn of her body.

Since she was standing by the edge, however, Gu Nian’s foot landed on the rubble by the cliff in despite her success in avoiding the flying knife. With the ground giving up under her foot, she nearly fell off the cliff.

Gu Nian was not entirely incapable. Forcing herself to balance, she stabilized her feet by planting her weight on them and saved herself from falling over the edge. Despite that, panic rose within her and she snapped her head to Yun Jian when she saw the rubbles under her feet gave out under her weight and rolled off to the bottom of the cliff.

She was greeted with the same laidback manner from Yun Jian except the latter’s eyes that had turned piercing as they scanned Gu Nian before she yelled, “Don’t give me nonsense to drag the time out. You have one minute to tell me your identity and purpose. I’ll kill you otherwise.”

Yun Jian’s tone was domineering. As she spoke, she flicked her wrist and several flying daggers appeared in her palm once again. She glared at Gu Nian icily. “Don’t play tricks too. You know that it’s useless.”

“Did you hear what my master said? Don’t play tricks, it’s useless!” Zhang Shaofeng chorused, shouting at Gu Nian.

Lowering her eyes, Gu Nian knew that she could only come clean if she wanted to stay alive. Besides, it seemed like she could hardly escape death if she refused to speak based on how Yun Jian was acting.

Gu Nian spoke after another press of lips, “I’m an assassin from Yulong Mainland…”

“Someone put up a bounty poster on Yulong Mainland’s notice board stating that there’s huge sum of reward if you’re killed!”

“So you ripped the poster and accepted the mission?” Yun Jian finished Gu Nian’s words.

Gu Nian gulped and nodded. “That’s right! I’m here to take your life!”

Yulong Mainland was an all-new continent where there were assassins too. Like how it was on earth, occupations existing on earth existed in Yulong Mainland as well. The only difference was that people in Yulong Mainland dressed like they were in ancient times and they could cultivate to immortality.

When they came to earth, they could not use the power they had in Yulong Mainland. If they did, they would be punished severely just like Lan Su was back then.

Hence, when Gu Nian assassinated Yun Jian, she could only fight the latter with her physical combat skill.

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