The Side Character's Hidden Boss! - Chapter 311 - Relieved

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Chapter 311: Relieved

“We are stopping you for the safety of the patient!” Lu Xuan had just arrived but he had already heard the most arrogant claim he had encountered in his life.

Mo Li felt the voice was familiar. She turned and met Lu Xuan’s eyes.

“Tea, teacher?” Lu Xuan didn’t expect the person he was going to stop was actually Mo Li! If he had known it was her, he wouldn’t have doubted her at all. If people called him a genius doctor, then Mo Li was a God.

Doctor Zhao wondered if she had gone crazy. Did she just hear her teacher call Mo Li teacher? This had to be a joke.

“Teacher, you must be extremely nervous today. I can’t believe what you’ve called Miss Mo earlier!” Doctor Zhao said nervously and smiled apologetically at Lu Xuan.

“Why are you here? Is she your student?” Mo Li readied the needle and grabbed a small vial from the freezer. Seeing this, Lu Xuan hurried to help.

“Is this a medicine to treat epilepsy?” The medicine looked very normal so Lu Xuan’s question was not out of place.


Lu Xuan looked at Mo Li. He was once again impressed by how collected she was despite the gaggle of people questioning her.

“Miss Mo Li, you’ve saved my son’s life. Without you and Mr. Mo, my son would be dead already, so no matter what, I am willing to give this drug a try.” Zhang Hao told Mo Li seriously. He knew Doctor Zhao was worried about Mo Li using this drug but it was better to try than to give up. Beside Zhang Hao and his family had no money and power, there was no reason for Mo Li to scam them.

Mo Li nodded and injected the drugs into Zhang Hong’s body. Everyone was nervous even though they knew the effects of the drugs wouldn’t show that fast.

Lu Xuan was nervous about Zhang Hong’s condition so he had his student bring over the physical monitor. Half an hour later, Zhang Hong’s face scrunched up in pain. However, on the monitor, all of the young man’s physical indicators were healing.

“How is this possible?” Doctor Zhao gasped. To her knowledge, western medicine couldn’t heal epilepsy. What kind of world did Mo Li come from that she could accomplish something like this?

Lu Xuan was actually the most nervous. As a doctor, he knew what this meant to the medical world. The drugs wouldn’t only be a cure for epilepsy but other similar neurological diseases.

“Teacher, is this because you’ve found out about the pathology behind his epilepsy?” Lu Xuan found it hard to believe that Mo Li had developed this drug in less than a week.

Mo Li packed up her tools and turned to Lu Xuan. “If you wish to conduct further research on this, I’d suggest a study of the body’s neural perception of temperature and tactile receptors. In any case, Zhang Hong should be fine now. If anyone asks about the drugs in the future, I’ll tell them to come to you.”

Lu Xuan was very interested what Mo Li said. The research topic that she suggested was indeed very intriguing. It was an angle he had not considered before. This research would greatly benefit the medical world.

“All done?” When Mo Li exited the room, Mo Yun who had been waiting for her outside, only said 2 words.

Mo Li nodded. They were going to visit Mo Xiao next. It had been almost half a month since Mo Xiao was saved. His body was recovering. Based on Mo Li’s calculation, Mo Xiao would wake up in the next few days.

Mo Li personally designed Mo Xiao’s daily meals. After he woke up, he would start physical rehab.

In the room, Mo Xiao was laying quietly in bed. His vitals had returned to normal.

Mo Li had also seen to Mo Xiao’s nutritious meals. When he woke up, he would be able to enter rehabilitation directly. Mo Yun couldn’t wait for Mo Xiao to wake up so that he could ask his brother what happened back then. How did he end up offending those people who wanted him killed?

The siblings walked out of the room. They said nothing along the way. Mo Yun only commented when they were almost home. “You’ve done well this time. I’ve already found people to take care of the murdered girl. Leave the rest to me.”

Mo Li looked at Mo Yun through the rearview mirror. Mo Yun felt very different from usual, he seemed to be more understanding of Mo Li today.

Mo Li had an understanding of Mo Yun by reading the book and getting to know him. She could sense this change in him.

After parking the car in the underground garage, Mo Yun sat in the driver’s seat and said calmly, “I’ll leave Ol’ Three in your capable hands.”

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