The Sovereign’s Ascension - Chapter 870: Unchanged and the Same as Before!

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Chapter 870: Unchanged and the Same as Before!

The next morning, the sun shined brightly in the sky, removing the demonic aura from the night. At the same time, the astral energy in the spiritual energy was twice as dense in comparison to the night. When calculating the days, it had been half a month since the Profound Amber Realm arrived in the Heavenly Path.

Fang Shaoyu gathered Lin Yun and the others and said, “How many astral pellets have you guys refined so far?”

If anyone didn’t have a thousand astral pellets, they would have a terrible outcome. Zhao Chen’s face was nasty as he said, “I only refined 500. Furthermore, I made no improvement in my cultivation over the past fifteen days. This is already my limit…”

Zhu Qingshan had only refined 600 pellets. As for Yu Haotian, he gave a random number as he used all the astral pellets he refined with no intention of handing them over to the Flamecloud Realm.

“Lin Yun, what about you?” Fang Shaoyu asked.

“Not much.” Lin Yun cultivated two sword sutras, and he could refine about 100 astral pellets in a single night. If he did his best, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to refine 200-300 astral pellets.

“Then none of us have gathered enough astral pellets,” said Fang Shaoyu. “Don’t start a conflict with them for now. We’ll plan again after reaching the Heavenly Soul Realm.”

“Everyone listen up! Anyone who isn’t here in thirty minutes will be killed!” A booming voice echoed out in the city.

“They’re so arrogant,” said Zhu Qingshan.

“Damn it. The Flamecloud Realm really think we’re livestock!” Zhao Chen said furiously.

Fang Shaoyu wore a grave expression and said, “Don’t forget about the big picture. Let’s go.”

“The Flamecloud Realm have an appetite that isn’t easy to satisfy. Even if we hand over 1,000 astral pellets, they might not fulfil their promise,” said Lin Yun.

Fang Shaoyu’s eyes flickered before he said helplessly, “We’re not Tang Yan’s opponent, not to mention Nangong He.”

He had gathered much information over the past fifteen days. He no longer targeted Lin Yun with his tone because they had to look out for each other.

Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts because Fang Shaoyu wasn’t entirely useless. At the very least, he still had some thoughts of fighting.

There were over three hundred cultivators from various realms gathered in the plaza. This meant that the Flamecloud Realm could obtain at least a hundred thousand astral pellets. This was an astronomical sum as each person could obtain a few thousand. As for Nangong He, he could get at least 10,000.

Tang Yan and his group looked at everyone coldly before a smile crept onto their faces. The Heavenly Path was a place with countless treasures and opportunities, not to mention that they had all these people providing them with astral pellets. When opportunities emerged, they would be a lot stronger than the others.

“Brother Tang, the Profound Amber Realm is here along with that brat.” The youth who had a conflict with Lin Yun last night pointed Lin Yun out. After all, he didn’t forget how he suffered at the hands of the cat. Plus, he couldn’t accept the fact that a piece of trash from the Profound Amber Realm dared to be disrespectful to him.

Upon hearing those words, Tang Yan’s eyes lit up and his gaze soon fell onto Lil’ Red.

“Luo Kun, you’ll be responsible for collecting their astral pellets later. You know what to do, right?” Tang Yan smiled.

“Leave it to me,” said Luo Kun as he rejoiced.

Tang Yan wore an indolent smile. After this was done, Nangong He would head to the next city, leaving the position of boss to him. The current city was located at the border of the Heavenly Path and there was no need to stay here for long. But before that, he had to get the Dragon-Blooded Cat no matter what.

Squinting his eyes, Tang Yan’s eyes flashed coldly.

“Go on,” said Tang Yan.

Luo Kun chuckled as he walked towards the Profound Amber Realm’s group.

“Senior brother, Luo Kun seems to be happy acting like a dog,” smiled the others from the Flamecloud Realm with disdain.

Tang Yan chuckled, “Don’t look down on them. They’re pretty helpful. It’s not easy to control a few hundred people. You guys are still too tender.”

When the rest of the group heard that, they immediately started to flatter Tang Yan, which made the latter feel satisfied.

“Only 500?” Luo Kun first went to Zhu Qingshan and sneered, “You must’ve hidden quite a bit of them, right?”

Zhu Qingshan’s face changed when he heard Luo Kun’s words. Luo Kun laughed and pushed a palm at Zhu Qingshan. Caught by surprise, Zhu Qingsha took the attack head-on and blood dripped from his lips. He was enraged and was about to make a move when Tang Yan’s cold gaze fell on him.

Tang Yan folded his arms together and sneered as if he was waiting for Zhu Qingshan to make a move. In the end, Zhu Qingshan handed over the 600 astral pellets reluctantly.

“What a piece of trash. You really know how to hide!” Luo Kun took the astral pellets and prepared to give Zhu Qingshan a slap. The scene caused everyone to shudder because the lackeys of the Flamecloud Realm were really ruthless when humiliating others.

“If you slap him, I guarantee that you’ll suffer a terrible death.” A cold voice sounded out and was heard by everyone in the plaza.

Hmmm? Luo Kun and his group were stunned when they heard that. They didn’t expect that someone would dare to speak to Luo Kun in this manner. Didn’t the owner of this voice know that Luo Kun represented the Flamecloud Realm? They were especially surprised when they noticed that Lin Yun’s cultivation was only at the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm. In their view, Lin Yun was simply courting death.

Tang Yan was surprised because Lin Yun’s temper was worse than he imagined. Then again, this would also give him an excuse to deal with Lin Yun.

Luo Kun narrowed his smile while rejoicing inwardly. He dropped his arm and walked over to Lin Yun with a smile, “Brat, do you know who you’re talking to?”

Lin Yun seemed fearless, but everyone knew that he would be killed if he said a single wrong word. After all, offending Luo Kun was the same as offending Tang Yan’s pet dog.

“A dog.” Surprisingly, Lin Yun didn’t give Luo Kun any face at all.

“You’re courting death!” roared Luo Kun.

But the moment Luo Kun finished talking, Lin Yun had already thrown a punch. His punch was like a dazzling cannon that caught Luo Kun by surprise. With a huge hole in his chest, Luo Kun was sent flying. The other lackeys were also caught by the impact and went flying.

Dead? Luo Kun died just like that? The entire plaza became silent after watching this scene. After Luo Kun and his men hit the ground, the rest of the crowd recovered from their shock.

“Tang Yan of the Flamecloud Realm, your dog is dead. Why are you still standing there? Get over here!” Lin Yun’s words made everyone lose their minds. Some people even wondered if their ears were messing with them because someone actually dared to provoke Tang Yan.

At this moment, everyone believed that Lin Yun had gone insane. After a brief silence, an uproar broke out in the plaza with everyone looking at Lin Yun with disbelief in their eyes, “Did I hear it right? Did he command Tang Yan to come to him?”

“Where did this madman come from? Even a Heavenly Soul Realm is nothing before Tang Yan.”

“Many Heavenly Soul Realm experts were killed by Tang Yan’s Flamecloud Incinerating Palm. His fortune martial technique is invincible against those in the same realm.”

“He’s insane. He’s simply a madman!”

None of them expected to see a madman today. Additionally, they started looking at Lin Yun with pity because they weren’t optimistic of him. Even Yu Haotian was briefly stunned before he started to sneer inwardly. Does Lin Yun think we’re still in the Profound Amber Realm?

In his view, even if Lin Yun managed to win, he would be heavily injured. At that time, he could easily kill Lin Yun and get revenge.

Fang Shaoyu and the others were completely dumbfounded as they looked at Lin Yun. Although they knew that Lin Yun had killed two of their champions, they never imagined that he would still be arrogant in the Heavenly Path.

Only Zhu Qingshan’s eyes were blazing with flames when he saw this scene because Lin Yun was still the same Lin Yun he knew!

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