The Sovereign’s Ascension - Chapter 889: Lightning Cocoon, Azure Lotus

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Chapter 889: Lightning Cocoon, Azure Lotus

Once the Lightning Cocoon, Azure Lotus, and Solaris Lunar matched the phenomena of his Azure Firmament Tree and Iris Sword Sutra, the Three Heavenly Divides would truly belong to him.

Each of the swords were comparable to an overlord martial technique and would bring his sword intent to a new height.

Advanced fortune martial techniques were rare, even in Kunlun Realm. The superpowers had the techniques, but the other forces struggled to obtain them. After all, the other forces required wealth, resources, and opportunity to find an advanced fortune martial technique. Perhaps only those from the higher realm in the Heavenly Path possessed advanced fortune martial techniques.

If Lin Yun remembered correctly, advanced fortune martial techniques required one to either be a pinnacle first soul Heavenly Soul Realm or a second soul Heavenly Soul Realm. Otherwise, it would be easy for one to run amok and cripple themselves.

For example, the Iris Flowers on the Azure Firmament Tree had boundless power, but Lin Yun didn’t dare to unleash their full power. If he did so, the power would far surpass the durability of his body, which would kill him.

“There’s only two days left. This should be enough,” muttered Lin Yun as he stored the jade slip. Generally speaking, it was impossible to learn a greater fortune martial techniques in two days. Those with poorer aptitude might even take over half a year.

But Lin Yun could easily achieve lesser or even greater mastery. The only thing he was lacking was to comprehend the true essence. Not only did he comprehend the essence of the forms, but he even managed to merge it with his comprehension. It was as if he had been cultivating for ten years.

Lin Yun started with Lightning Cocoon, the Azure Firmament Thirteen Sword’s tenth form. He had to condense his thunderstorm sword intent into mist before refining it into fine silk. It required powerful sword intent and excellent control. But it was naturally easy with his spiritual sword intent in complete mastery.

After a few attempts, Lin Yun’s pupils flashed with boundless sword intent as mist started to form. His eyes were like dazzling pearls while the mist enveloped the starlight.

“Sword!” With a wave of his hand, the Flower Burial Sword flew into his hand. Simultaneously, a third of the tree branches in his violet palace broke off and were converted into boundless thunderstorm sword energy. When he poured the energy into his sword, it started to shine brightly.

At this moment, the sword was like a radiant sun. Then, Lin Yun calmly muttered, “Wind.”

The wind in his thunderstorm sword energy exploded, tearing the lightning apart. At the same time, Lin Yun brought out his immortal intent, which further condensed the lightning. When he swung his sword, his thunderstorm sword energy turned into mist that enveloped the entire field in a single breath.

“Fine sword energy!” Lin Yun’s expression became grave as his immortal sword intent started to surge violently. As the mist continued to compress, it turned into a bolt the size of a finger. When his sword intent reached greater mastery, his lightning became silk that was a few hundred meters long.

The silk looked transparent and made the sword look like an illusion. As the silk sword moved, the specks of dust in the atmosphere exploded.

When Lin Yun took a deep breath, he felt a chill run down his spine. If his opponent had this attack, he might be torn into pieces if he wasn’t careful. It wouldn’t even matter if he had his sword intent to protect himself.

As the mist dissipated, the silk started to form a nail-sized cocoon. The cocoon looked like a firefly as it shined with purple light. Looking at the cocoon, Lin Yun knew that he had succeeded.

But when he was distracted for a moment, the cocoon spiralled out of control and exploded. Lin Yun wasn’t able to react in time and was sent flying. He got back on his feet with blood dripping from his lips. At this moment, he could feel his mind buzzing as an aching pain came from his ribs.

“How many times has it been?” Lin Yun smiled bitterly with ecstasy in his eyes. He didn’t like following other people’s paths when practicing sword techniques. At the very least, he wanted to grasp the essence of the form and not simply copy the move. However, his way of thinking guaranteed all sorts of accidents. If his physique was slightly weaker, he might have been killed by the explosion just now.

“Lightning Cocoon…I see…” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed because he finally found out where the power of the attack came from. The silk sword was even finer than hair, so it was extremely piercing. If it shot into his opponent’s body and formed into a lightning cocoon, even a celestial wouldn’t be able to save his opponent.

“I roughly used 30% of my strength. If I use my full strength, I should be able to refine four or five silk swords that reach over nine hundred meters.” Lin Yun’s thoughts flashed quickly.

Nine hundred meters was nearly a thousand meters. As long as he planted a cocoon in the body of his opponent, even a first soul Heavenly Soul Realm expert would instantly die. If his opponent was strong, then he might as well plant five cocoons in the body of his opponent.

To avoid this attack, his opponent would either have to suppress him or be faster than his sword. Then again, the silk sword was too fine. Others might be able to destroy them, but suppressing him was practically impossible.

If anyone wanted to suppress him, they would have to be at least in the second soul Heavenly Soul realm while utilizing both aura oceans at the same time. Under that pressure, it would be tough for Lin Yun to even draw his sword. But this was the Heavenly Path with no lack of geniuses, so there might actually be such heaven-defying geniuses.

“In the end, I still have to work hard and learn all three swords as fast as possible.” Lin Yun collected his thoughts and started learning the second form of his Three Heavenly Divides, the Azure Lotus. If Lightning Cocoon focused on control, while the Azure Lotus focused on being imposing.

“I wonder what kind of existence Senior Jian Wuya was…” Lin Yun could feel that he was tiny compared to Jian Wuya who created such a terrifying sword technique. Since Lin Yun had already learned Lightning Cocoon, practicing the Azure Lotus was smooth.

Half a day later, a sudden rain drizzled down on the field before merging into a lake. Every single droplet of rain contained his thunderstorm sword energy that eventually formed a three hundred meter wide lake.

“Three hundred meters…” Lin Yun opened his eyes and muttered, “This is already my limit. This form exhausts a lot of my origin energy and puts a strain on my mind. If I can’t make it look like a mirror, the sword energy in the lake will consume me first.”

Lin Yun slowly stood up and the lake disappeared. He could only maintain it for a split second before he was drained of his origin energy. That meant that he only had a split second to swing his sword. Furthermore, he couldn’t act anxiously and needed to calm his mind to form a lotus with leaves. But he could only maintain the lake for a split second, and it took longer for the leaves to form.

This time, Lin Yun could only aim for lesser mastery. But if he couldn’t comprehend the essence in this form, he wouldn’t be able to reach Jian Wuya’s height.

With the jade slip, he saw how Senior Jian Wuya created a lake of 300,000 meters. When the lotus was formed, Senior Jian Wuya’s sword ray was even brighter than the stars in the sky.

“Senior Jian Wuya, you’re really made it tough for me,” muttered Lin Yun calmly. But he had no bitterness on his face as he was fond of challenges. Plus, he knew he could do it.

Closing his eyes, the Azure Firmament Tree appeared behind him with branches of purple petals. The Azure Lotus wasn’t from the Azure Firmament Tree, but the petals of the Iris Flower.

In a split second, a 3,000 meter lake appeared beneath his foot that was clear as a mirror with the Azure Firmament Tree at the center. On the tree branches, purple petals emitted a bewitching and chilling aura.

Under the tree, Lin Yun’s eyes were shut as his hair fluttered in the wind. He didn’t have any killing intent on him and looked like a mortal at this moment. However, his jade white hand was still grabbing onto his sword hilt.

When Lin Yun finally opened his eyes, the mist in his pupils disappeared. The lake water started surging as flower petals drifted down from the Azure Firmament Tree and into a blooming lotus. At the same time, his thunderstorm sword energy rained while the petals fell.

Under the majestic phenomenon, Lin Yun grabbed his sword and swung it out. He caused the entire ground to tremble violently as cracks spread out on the surrounding walls. One must know that the walls were empowered with ancient restrictions.

In the next second, a shockwave spread out as the statue at the center of Thunderflame City’s plaza started to shake. One by one, stone pavilions collapsed from the shockwave.

At this moment, an ancient restriction blocked the fluctuation with light shining from the ground. Simultaneously, the statue shined brightly and lit up the entire Thunderflame City with divine brilliance.

“Oh my god. What’s going on?”

“The Divine Dragon Statue came to life?”

“Can it be that a treasure is emerging in this Dragon City?” The entire city was shaken at this moment as countless figures soared into the sky. But all of them were shocked by this terrifying phenomenon before them.

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