The Steward Demonic Emperor - Chapter 536: Exposed

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Chapter 536: Exposed

“Zhuo Fan, are you alrig-, uh…”

Elder Yuan and a few laborers were shouting on their way here, but the scene they saw had their brains on the fritz.

Zhuo Fan was the perfect embodiment of a laborer, with that broom on his shoulder and those plain clothes, but that cocky look left no room for discussions; just like a god.

While Yue Ling and Kui Lang watched him, stunned and bleeding from the mouth, collapsed on the ground in fear.

It took just one strike to counter their all out attacks and leave them with a heavy wound. [Who the hell is he?]

Elder Yuan made his way there and was watching the play with bugged out eyes.

[What happened here? Why isn’t he dead yet and the others are on the ground instead?]

Zhuo Fan glanced over, “Elder Yuan, what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to urge them not to do this, buy time for someone to call the four Venerables to help you. But there’s no point now.” Elder Yuan was puzzled.

Zhuo Fan nodded, “Ha-ha-ha, thank you Elder Yuan for your concern, but there’s no need for that. They don’t have what it takes to hurt me. Take them away, I will be staying for a while longer. We’ll debate on the topic of demons and Dao at the first chance I get.”

“Uh… oh…” Elder Yuan nodded absentmindedly. Not knowing the situation did not mean not understanding the outcome. Kui Lang and Yue Ling had no way of taking Zhuo Fan’s life and knowing that, he rested easier.

So he called the other disciples to pick up the two and left.

The laborers clicked their tongues seeing their two big shots so wretched and unable to even move.

[That’s why Elder Yuan keeps saying Zhuo Fan is special. Today proves it. His hidden bodyguard is so tough to deal with these two so quickly.]

It only worked to assert his status as a wastrel, since not even the Sect Leader messed with him. Having bodyguards was just a perk of the job.

Never in their wildest dreams would they conceive it possible for Zhuo Fan to be the one behind Kui Lang and Yue Ling’s states. He was just a Profound Heaven cultivator. That meant his old man’s subjects had to have done it.

Yet only the two victims knew the reality, that this creature had the godlike power to crush all the sect’s disciples.

Never had they met such a freak in their lives.

Yet they had the worst luck ever to make an enemy of the only one they shouldn’t on their first meeting too…

Yue Ling and Kui Lang looked each other in the eye, reflecting the endless remorse inside. They were ready to die together, for their baby sister and son, but their target of revenge was beyond their comprehension.

The two were depressed, wanting to rave at the injustice but couldn’t budge an inch.

Zhuo Fan showed them just how puny and weak they were…

“Zhuo Fan, you may be stronger but I will never forget this hatred. One day I will have you answer for what you did to Yue’er!” She roared at the heavens.

The hateful proclamation had the disciples carrying her shudder in fear, almost dropping her and making a run for it.

Kui Lang glared at Zhuo Fan with fury.

Just because they were weaker didn’t mean they’d just drop it.

Sighing, Zhuo Fan mocked, “Get this through your thick skulls, I am no saint but at least I’m open about it. Me, you and those kids have no bad blood to warrant using dirty tricks. Most of all, I only need to squash you to kill you. Why waste so much time with an over elaborate plan?”

“Is there anyone else but you? Didn’t you warn them of this outcome? You couldn’t have known the result unless you planned it yourself!”

Kui Lang half-believed Zhuo Fan at this point since he made damn good sense. With his strong arm, why waste time?

No hidden assaults, no smoke and mirrors, just a simple strike and they’d be dead. Zhuo Fan’s strength was his greatest proof of innocence.

But Zhuo Fan must’ve known the real situation and Kui Lang wanted to find out the truth. [I can’t just get beaten for nothing without even finding out about my son’s culprit.]

Zhuo Fan smiled, having him all figured out, “Ask Hu Mei’er for that. Hasn’t she always helped the two scamps? “


The two found it hard to believe. Their trust in Hu Mei’er had never faltered and they never would’ve come to this conclusion by themselves.

“You’re throwing blame! Mei’er couldn’t have done this. What proof do you have?” No matter how much Kui Lang was against it, he still asked Zhuo Fan for proof.

Yet Zhuo Fan turned his back on him, “Not my problem. Figure it out yourselves. But the next time you come at me, you better be damn sure or my subordinates will end you where you stand!”

Zhuo Fan flew away, back to the cemetery.

Leaving the two lost sheep behind.

“Kui Lang, do you believe him?” Yue Ling faltered. Zhuo Fan’s accusation would mean their dear Hu Mei’er was out to get them all along.

Nobody could just accept it.

Since in a demonic sect, a friend was a rarity and to find that same friend had now turned into an enemy would be a crushing blow.

Kui Lang furrowed his brows and closed his eyes, “I don’t know. But he is right about one thing, he doesn’t need petty tricks to handle us.”

“That means he might just be right…” Yue Ling was shaken to the core, her mind replaying everything that had happened in the sect and she paled, “I should’ve known there’s no one in the Demon Scheming Sect worthy of trust.”

Kui Lang’s silence echoed her thoughts.

Elder Yuan ran before them, providing them with a pill, “Thank god you’re alright. These are mere 3rd grade pills but should be enough help to get you moving again.”

“Old Yuan, I never knew that you were so nice.” Kui Lang smiled, “You could’ve spurred Zhuo Fan to kill us and have the Labor Office all to yourself.”

“Ha-ha-ha, I’m just a Bone Tempering old bag of bones. Besides, we all meet our end at some point, it’s up to fate. Life and death is part of the natural order, the cycle of every living thing. Many disciples treat Asura Circle as their fate as materials, but their death gives life to others. It’s survival of the fittest. However cruel, it has a purpose! It would be too much of a pity for you two to die now.”

“Oh, old Yuan, no matter how much sense that makes, I just can’t figure out what you’re saying, just like Zhuo Fan. Can’t you be simpler?” Kui Lang squinted his dull eyes.

Elder Yuan waved him off, “Sir Kui Lang, just tend to your wounds, I was only grumbling about finding time to talk it out with Zhuo Fan.”

“Oh, right. I can’t see why Zhuo Fan would get so close to a Bone Tempering old man with his strength. It must be these incomprehensible topics, having found someone to talk to.” Kui Lang nodded.

Elder Yuan smiled, “Yeah, we both wish to understand the nature of this world…”

Elder Yuan had a disciple take them back to Labor Office, but by then they could move. Zhuo Fan had obviously gone easy on them.

They were going to see Yue’er and Kui Gang in the room Elder Yuan had arranged for them when a very familiar person approached.

The two eyed her with suspicion.

“Junior sister Mei’er!” Kui Lang spoke openly.

She was caressing Yue’er’s head and turned to them, “Senior brother Kui Lang, junior sister Yue Ling, what happened? Yue’er and Gang’er are so hurt yet you went out for a walk? What fortune that I was here to keep them company, hi-hi-hi…”

Hu Mei’er’s bright giggle sounded like cawing to their ears.

It opened them up to how devious she was. Zhuo Fan was right, she led them by the nose all along.

They didn’t need proof to see it. What friend out there would be gloating over their misfortune?

[Hu Mei’er!]

Yue Ling roared inside and her eyes burned with the flames of revenge…

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