The Steward Demonic Emperor - Chapter 537: Course of Events

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Chapter 537: Course of Events

“Hu Mei’er, they suffered backlash in the competition. Did you do this?” Yue Ling squinted at her.

Sneering, Hu Mei’er declared, “How can you say that, junior sister? I have done everything I could to get these poor children to pass the outer sect promotion. With them training themselves into such a state, aren’t you afraid I will become colder if you pin the blame on me?”


Yue Ling had no proof and words left her even as she tried to cuss.

Kui Lang eyed Hu Mei’er coldly, “Enough of your pretense. We don’t know how you did it but we are clear that you’re the culprit behind it. You should be frank right about now and not play pretend.”

“Hi-hi-hi, senior brother Kui Lang is as blunt as always so I shall oblige. Yes, I planned everything.” she grinned, “And not just this, but everything since the beginning.”

The two spoke at the same time, “Everything?”

“Why, did you forget already how you got thrown into the Labor Office?” Blinking her pretty big eyes, Hu Mei’er mocked, “Hi-hi-hi, you sure have a nice life here to ignore the outside world.”

“Speak clearly!” Kui Lang almost burst from the anger.

Yue Ling stared daggers at her.

Hu Mei’er jeered, “When big brother Kui Lang had an affair outside the sect, resulting in a son, I reported it to the elders. That’s what got you booted into the Labor Office. As for Gang’er, he only escaped execution because of your master being a Venerable with plenty of pull. Kudos, hi-hi-hi…”

“It was you…” Kui Lang balled his fists, his thirst for blood rising.

Hu Mei’er snickered, turning to her next victim, “Junior sister, do you remember that 5th grade pill? I was kind enough to give you the tip about it so you could steal it and improve Yue’er’s constitution. And you lived up to my expectations by going with it. I just had to report you.”

“Wh-, it was you!” Yue Ling shuddered with bloodthirst, “Our pains these past decades were all because of you. Why? What did we do to you?”

“I brought you into the sect myself, so why are you so cruel?” Kui Lang was fighting against the rage, his voice shaky.

Hu Mei’er sneered, “Of course I had motive, ample in fact. I wouldn’t just go about stabbing my friends in the back over nothing.”

Hu Mei’er’s icy eyes landed on Kui Lang, “Big brother Kui Lang, I’ve always respected you since you brought me here, but you shouldn’t have pulled your pants and denied me that night. Even daring to call it the sect’s rule, allowing dual cultivation but forbidding love. You think I’ll freaking believe that crap after you went fooling around, and even had a child? Try calling that dual cultivation!”


Kui Lang felt awkward under her stare and sighed, “Just over this trifle…”

“Shut it, of course that’s not all!” Hu Mei’er turned to Yue Ling with a creepy smile, “What mattered the most was the elite disciples quota. Senior brother Kui Lang and junior sister Yue Ling were both prominent inner sect disciples and wouldn’t refuse going higher and with the positions being so limited…”

“Shit, that’s your real motive, you viper!”

Kui Lang’s earlier guilt got squashed by anger the instant he heard her. [This wretched Hu Mei’er didn’t do it for revenge, but for selfish gains!]

[Curses, being a player will only get you killed. I thought I got what I deserved for being frivolous. Damn, I felt ashamed for nothing.]

Yue’er glared at Hu Mei’er, “I get that you schemed against us for the elite spots, but why go after Yue’er? They’re just children. With the elite selection about to start, them just entering the inner sect will be of no threat to you… “

“Weeds need to be culled from the roots, lest they grow unchecked.”

Hu Mei’er snickered, “As your kin, once the brats found out about my involvement in your punishments, they’ll hate me to the bone. So rather than wait for them to come for me, I did a preemptive strike, crippling them. A shame that the sect’s rules protect disciples with potential. An inner disciple can’t touch the outer ones, unless the latter initiates it.”

“What other choice was there besides plotting their demise at their own hands? I overheard that the Sect Leader brought in a new disciple so I got the girl to test him. Getting him to kill her wasn’t such a bad outcome, but that Zhuo Fan is such a loser, getting hurt instead and ending up in the Labor Office. Humph, had no choice but to resort to schemes.”

Kui Lang and Yue Ling were sweating buckets.

If Zhuo Fan was a loser, then the entire Demon Scheming Sect was hopeless. But since Hu Mei’er was in the dark about Zhuo Fan’s might, they kept it that way.

But Hu Mei’er’s vile schemes against these two couldn’t be left alone.

Yue Ling and Kui Lang nodded and went for an attack.

As 3rd and 4th layer of Radiant Stage experts, even when wounded, they were a force to reckon with. Both of them were enough to make the 3rd layer of Radiant Stage Hu Mei’er gasp in fear.

“Hu Mei’er, we’ll kill you even if it’s the last thing we do!” The two cried.

Hu Mei’er faltered five steps at the sheer killing intent, using all her Yuan Qi to defend.

The following explosion did not happen between them, but on the Labor Office’s wall as a blue figure shot in front of Hu Mei’er and forced the two to retreat with his palm attacks.

Kui Lang and Yue Ling withdrew ten steps while the other person only three.

The two cried out on seeing the newcomer, “Second senior brother Liu Xu!”

“Ha-ha-ha, juniors are so strong even after so many years in the Labor Office. Not even with the 5th layer of Radiant Stage cultivation can I hold you back.” Liu Xu cupped his hands.

Kui Lang and Yue Ling were filled with bloodthirst.

“Liu Xu, you’re to blame as well!” Kui Lang roared.

Liu Xu smiled, “Juniors, how can you say that? I don’t understand a word you’re saying. But if you want to harm junior sister Mei’er, you’ll have to go through me first.”

Liu Xu took Hu Mei’er’s hand and flew away, “Junior sister Mei’er, come. Let’s not waste time on them.”

“Not if I can help it!” Kui Lang and Yue Ling were in pursuit.

But the sudden arrival of four trails of smoke had them surrounded as they gave off the typical creepy jeer.

With the rattling of chains, Kui Lang and Yue Ling found themselves tied up, waiting for the smoke to clear and reveal the Four Scheming Demons.

Kui Lang and Yue Ling found themselves unable to break out of the black chain.

“Hi-hi-hi, you shall never escape the demonic cultivator hero quartet, the heroic four, the Four Scheming Demons!” Sly Demon cackled.

Violent Demon was mighty proud, speaking in a savage tone, “I just got word that someone in the Labor Office is itching to die by touching our Steward Zhuo! Roaming around, we found you two to fit the bill. Talk, were you going after Steward Zhuo?”

“S-Steward Zhuo? Who’s that? We don’t have any steward here.” Kui Lang asked puzzled, “And who are you four? What are you doing in the Labor Office?”

The Four Scheming Demons had just returned to the sect and many didn’t know them.

But on hearing his words, the Four Scheming Demons turned cold and their ill will at them only grew.

“For god’s sake, our names are glorious, the entire sect echoing the demonic cultivator hero quartet! Yet you dare say you don’t know us? Just for that, you deserve the most excruciating death!”

Violent Demon grinned showing his pearly whites…

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