The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More - Chapter 422 - The Person Behind the Scenes  

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Chapter 422: The Person Behind the Scenes

Upon hearing this, Mo Zhu lowered her eyes slightly and subconsciously rubbed her palms.

Using money to buy her life?

Although she had come to Southeast Asia a few times for other reasons, she had never had much contact with the organizations and gangs here, let alone made enemies!

Mo Zhu could not think of anyone who could spend a high price to buy her life in Country N!

Besides, tonight’s matter was different from ordinary kidnapping cases. The person who came must be very familiar with Mo Zhu to know that Meng Ran was on good terms with her. That was how they were able to target this girl accurately and lure her into the trap!

Before Mo Zhu could think of any substantial clues, a familiar female voice suddenly came from the corner. “Haha, you don’t have to continue guessing, Mo Zhu. The person who wants your life is me!”

Just as she finished speaking, Kang Wan walked out of the shadows with a laugh.

Seeing that the person who came was this girl, Mo Zhu frowned slightly. She looked up at the girl coldly and asked, “It’s you? Heh, how dare you attack my people. Are you really tired of living?”

Upon hearing Mo Zhu’s words, Kang Wan seemed to have heard a huge joke. She couldn’t help but laugh. “Haha, Mo Zhu, how dare you be so arrogant in my territory. Don’t tell me you think that I only prepared these few people to deal with you!”

After a pause, she took two steps forward and waved her hand. She added with a disdainful expression, “These are just the appetizers. The ones lying in ambush outside the warehouse are the greeting gifts I’m giving you!”

Following Kang Wan’s words, she looked up at the men in black in the warehouse. Mo Zhu sneered coldly and said, “Don’t speak too early. How can you fight me with such strength? It’s still unknown who will win tonight!”

Ignoring the coldness in the girl’s words, Kang Wan took out a small whistle from her pocket and placed it by her mouth. She glanced at Mo Zhu and Jiang Yu, who was beside her, and continued with a cold expression, “I’ll settle you here today and take it as revenge for the Kang family. Although the person in charge of the Kang family now is not my family, I heard that you destroyed my aunt’s precious hands. In that case, let’s take this opportunity to settle this score with interest!”

After saying this, she stuffed the whistle into her mouth before Mo Zhu could reply.

After blowing twice, rustling footsteps suddenly came from the bushes outside the warehouse.

Upon hearing the commotion outside, Mo Zhu took two steps back and came to Jiang Yu’s side. She pushed the girl hard and lowered her eyes. “Not good, there are many people outside. It seems like this girl has already laid an ambush in advance!”

“Kang Wan’s target is me. I’ll lure them away later and you can escape in the chaos…”

Before Mo Zhu could finish, she thought that Mo Zhu would definitely want to protect her. Jiang Yu grabbed the girl’s hand anxiously and shook her head vigorously. “Sister Mo, I won’t leave you here alone. If you want to leave, we’ll leave together!”

Seeing that the two of them were acting like sisters, Kang Wan sneered and sneered, “Don’t waste your energy. None of you can escape today. Oh, right, there’s also Meng Ran. On the account that we’re all classmates, other than Mo Zhu, I’ll let them give you a quick death.”

After saying this, she turned her gaze to Mo Zhu’s face. A hint of jealousy flashed across Kang Wan’s eyes. “Mo Zhu, now that things have come to this, don’t blame me for being ruthless. This is all your fault. If you had stayed in that small city and been a country bumpkin, you definitely wouldn’t have attracted such a fatal disaster. If you want to blame someone, blame your mother who wants to climb up the social ladder!”

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