The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 1178 - The hearts of the people in the medical Affairs Department are really dirty  

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Chapter 1178: The hearts of the people in the medical Affairs Department are really dirty

Ye Qingqiu returned to the dressing room in silence. At this time, it was late at night, and there were occasional Emergency Operations on the stage, but they were no longer as busy as they were during the day. He thought about Zheng Ren, but he did not feel bored. After a while, director Wei walked in. “Chief Wei, you must be exhausted.” “Yes, I’m getting old. I really can’t do this kind of long – term delicate work.” “Only young people like boss Zheng are okay. He has good eyesight and steady hands.” Director Wei sighed. As he spoke, he took off the pants of the hazmat suit, revealing A Pair of Silk Stockings. Ye Qingqiu knew that all surgeons would have varicose veins in both lower limbs after working for a long time. These elastic socks were good for treating varicose veins. However, it was weird for a man to wear this, and his legs were tight and uncomfortable. She guessed that director Wei didn’t want to go up and wanted to take it off to relieve her fatigue. “Old Wei, do you look very sexy in this?” Ye Qingqiu said with a smile. Director Wei was relieved to see that the usually serious director ye was joking. This matter had something to do with the gastrointestinal surgery department, but the joint responsibility could be big or small. As long as director ye was willing to take the blame, it didn’t matter. He laughed.”I’ve been standing for a lifetime in surgery. My legs look like they’re crawling with earthworms. I feel disgusted just looking at them.” With that, he began to take off his stockings. “Old Wei, you’re too skilled at this.” Ye Qingqiu said. “Haha, I was also a city fresher back then. 912 kawaii, which young lady wouldn’t turn back to look at me when she saw me?” Chief Wei laughed and said. “Haha …” Ye Qingqiu laughed.”You only dare to say that in front of me. Go to the operating room and tell them. See how scared the nurses will be.” “I’m old now. Flowers will bloom again, but I’m no longer young. ” Chief Wei skillfully removed the stockings and threw them into the cabinet. As he looked at the worms – like varicose veins on his legs, director Wei said,”I still want to find time to go to instructor Mao’s place to treat my varicose veins.” “Let’s wait a little longer. The technology is still not good enough. In another two years, boss Zheng will be able to resolve it for you. ” Ye Qingqiu said. “Director ye, not bad. You don’t work in clinical medicine, but you’re really familiar with such things.” “Only the patients are clear. It was on 912 a few days ago. The directors of the National Medical Affairs Department had a meeting, and I heard many of the directors of the medical Affairs Department in County and city hospitals complaining about how hard their work was. Actually, what’s the difference between 912 and 912?” “Hehe.” Chief Wei only chuckled. “You don’t believe me, but a hospital administration Director told me that a patient from the dental department came to complain a few days ago that his teeth were black from a dental treatment.” “It was later identified as the fourth ring’s plain tooth from thirty years ago,” ye Qingqiu said. “He’s just trying to make people uncomfortable. The hospital won’t pay him.” “One or two doesn’t matter, but what if there are more?” Ye Qingqiu said,”a medical director said that every day when he went to work, he could see two old complaints standing at the door waiting for him. More than ten years passed like a day, unstoppable by wind and rain. The old lady is almost eighty years old, but she’s still in good health and chatting with him every day. ” “…” Director Wei was stunned for a moment.”For what?” “In the past, her husband was crippled. A few years ago, there was a surgery where the femur was broken and then elongated. Do you remember?” Ye Qingqiu said. “I remember. I don’t do it much now.” Chief Wei said. “Yes, the director of the local orthopedics department performed this kind of surgery on her husband. The postoperative effect was good, and her leg is no longer crippled.” “Isn’t that good?” “But her husband is a city fiancé. After he recovered, he found a lover and divorced her. Because of this, she has been suing the local hospital. ” Ye Qingqiu said with a smile. “…” Director Wei cursed in her heart. The people working in the medical administration Department were really dirty. She had just said something casually, and he had made up so much nonsense just to mock her. “Old Wei, I really can’t come to the operating theater often.” Ye Qingqiu continued,”when I saw you take off your stockings just now, I had a F * cking psychological shadow.” “Why?” “You’ve destroyed all my good memories. It’s not the fair legs under the silk stockings, but the black leg hair. Tell me, who should I Sue for this?” Ye Qingqiu laughed and threw a cigarette at director Wei. Director Wei really didn’t want to chat with director ye. This person was really bad at insulting people. However, seeing that ye Qingqiu was in a good mood, his heart also calmed down a lot. In addition, boss Zheng was on the stage, so maybe this matter would be passed without any losses. “Chief physician Wei, please give us your honest opinion on boss Zheng’s general surgery standard.” Ye Qingqiu made up a lot of stories just to pull away and hear this truth. After lighting up the cigarette, director Wei pondered for nearly a minute and then smiled bitterly. “His level is higher than mine.” Chief Wei said,”I don’t care if you believe it or not, but I think that his standard is definitely higher than mine.” “That’s only right. You’d be lying if you said that my level is lower than yours.” “How many surgeries do you think boss Zheng can perform at his age? why is he so skilled?” Chief Wei asked the question in her heart. “Who knows? some people are gifted by their ancestors. They are born to eat this.” Ye Qingqiu said,”there’s no way to compete, stop.” Let’s not talk about boss Zheng. I saw that Su Yun went up to be the assistant, and the surgery’s progress was obviously much faster. ” “Young, steady hands, and accurate eyes. You might not be able to see the difference between a normal surgery and a regular anatomy, but when it comes to this kind of abnormal physiological anatomy surgery, the difference is too great. ” Chief Wei said honestly. “Do you think the surgery will be successful?” Ye Qingqiu asked. “It’s hard to say. It’s too complicated. Generally speaking, the most taboo of this kind of rectal foreign body surgery was intestinal perforation, which would lead to a large area infection in the pelvic and abdominal cavity. However, the patient’s bottle had been perforated many years ago, and it had been so long that the vessel had become perforated. ” As he spoke, he was stunned for a moment. The cigarette in his hand was faint and drew a slightly elegant curve, like … The position of the colon spleen. After pausing for nearly a minute, director Wei shook her head and said,”If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it. If it was boss Zheng, I think the possibility of him doing it would increase to 70%.” Ye Qingqiu also knew that this was a fact. Although it was not 100%, it was already a surprise to be able to reach 70%. Outside, the patient’s girlfriend kept crying. She was emotionally unstable. Ye Qingqiu was also very worried about these things. She was afraid that the operation would fail and something would happen to her. After he finished smoking, he threw the cigarette butt into the bathroom and said,””I’m going out to take a look at the patient’s family. You stay here and keep an eye on them. Call me immediately if anything happens. ” “Alright,” Chief Wei answered without hesitation. …… …… He went out to find a meal, came back, wrote for a while, and then fell asleep. At night, he didn’t keep an eye on the monthly votes. He would release two chapters in a row and continue tomorrow morning. The poor patient had to lie in bed for another night. Well, you guys always talk about it in your chapter, so I’ll go first. He smiled. The monthly votes were so powerful, and the updates should not be a burden. This was the highest ranking since the book was released. Every minute and every second in the past was a brand new history.

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