The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 789 - Original Dream

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Chapter 789: Original Dream

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After Peng Jia got off the plane, the secretary contacted Chief Qi of the 912 hospital.

As a medical professional website, one had to have some familiar relationships and know some gods. Chief Qi was one of the trump cards of Xinglin Garden website. However, Peng Jia knew very well how useful this trump card without any conflict of interest could be.

Introducing and meeting each other was a piece of cake. However, it was probably impossible for Chief Qi to serve him face.

Peng Jia was extremely nervous on the way to 912.

This involved the life and death of the Xinglin Garden website. If it was seen as a battle, it was a battle that had to be won.

Failure meant that no one was interested in Xinglin Garden in the third round of the venture capital conference.

However, he did not have any confidence in this.

The halo of a Nobel Prize candidate was simply too big. It was so big that Peng Jia could not bear it.

He came to the 912 hospital and waited at the entrance of the ultrasound examination room. The flow of people was endless and bustling.

Peng Jia suddenly thought of his original dream: to give the doctors a professional platform to communicate with each other. They would promote each other and improve the level of medical treatment, so that there would be no sickness and no pain in the world.

However, it was really difficult to do.

He was a little stunned. Ten minutes later, Chief Qi came out of the 11th room. His secretary whispered the introduction, and Peng Jia followed Chief Qi to the chief’s office.

After entering the office, Chief Qi sat down casually.

Peng Jia bowed slightly, with a professional smile on his face. Every detail was perfect, so much so that Chief Qi did not feel that he did not value it, nor did he have the illusion that he was overly enthusiastic.

“Hello, Chief Qi. I’m Peng Jia. I’ve heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you,” Peng Jia said politely.

“I’ll contact Chief Zheng for you, but it’s hard to say whether it will work. The specifics will depend on your communication with Chief Zheng,” Chief Qi said while holding the phone in his hand.

As expected.

Peng Jia revealed a trace of a smile and said, “It’s just some business matters. Chief Qi, it would be a great favor if you could help to recommend me. As for whether it will work out, I’ll talk to Chief Zheng again.”

Chief Qi looked at Peng Jia. His gaze was a little strange, but he did not say anything. Instead, he picked up his phone.

“Hello, Chief Zheng?”

“A business friend wants to visit you. Do you have time?”

“Okay, then I’ll ask them to wait for you at the entrance of the operating theater.”

After he said that, Chief Qi hung up the phone.

“Interventional surgery. Chief Zheng just finished the TIPS surgery,” Chief Qi seemed to be thinking about something and said unintentionally.

However, Peng Jia did not care.

He could make Chief Qi pay attention to him? What a joke.

To be able to make a phone call and set up a connection was already considered a good job in public relations.

He gave Chief Qi a deep bow, then said a few polite words before he turned around and left.

Chief Qi watched Peng Jia leave, and a smile appeared on his face.

This Little Zheng was really a troublemaker.

The most difficult surgery in the field, the TIPS surgery, was as easy as cutting melons in his hands. A few days ago, Chief Qi went to see a surgery out of curiosity.

After he saw it, he was silent for a long time.

This was not a traditional TIPS surgery. After Chief Qi saw Zheng Ren’s surgery, even he felt that he was outdated.

No wonder he could get a recommendation and compete for the Nobel Prize. He had the real deal.

Not only was it surgery, but Chief Zheng was also very good at diagnosis.

The first contact was with a young woman who had a right breast cholesterol granuloma. When Chief Qi saw Zheng Ren skillfully perform a B-scan to locate the puncture and take a biopsy of the pathological tissue, he actually could not find any flaws with his procedure.

Even if Chief Qi was personally involved, he could only do it to this extent.

Young people were really amazing.

Chief Qi did not even want to think about Zheng Ren. Every time he thought about this honest young man, Chief Qi felt that he was getting old.

Xinglin Garden acted quickly. This Manager Peng had found the right path. He just did not know if Chief Zheng could realize the value of Xinglin Garden…

However, this had nothing to do with Chief Qi. He recalled the process of Zheng Ren performing the TIPS surgery. He was stunned for a few seconds. Then, he stretched his body and stood up to continue performing the ultrasound.

Peng Jia came to the entrance of the interventional surgery room and waited.

He had never seen Zheng Ren in person, but he had seen a picture of him. He was a very young doctor. He was so young that it made people’s hair stand on end.

At the beginning, Peng Jia did not believe that he could receive the recommendation of a Nobel prize at such a young age?

However, the facts told him that all of this was real.

Peng Jia stood at the entrance of the operating theater. He was not anxious. He first took two deep breaths and then pressed the button on the intercom.

“Who are you looking for?” The intercom lit up. The light shone on Peng Jia’s face.

“Hello, I’m looking for Zheng Ren, Chief Zheng.” Peng Jia tried his best to make his expression impeccable. He tried his best to leave the most perfect impression on everyone.

“Chief Zheng! Someone is looking for you!” Judging from the voice, this nurse was older.

“Okay, got it.”

The voice suddenly stopped. The radio was turned off, and the light on Peng Jia’s face disappeared.

He was finally going to meet the real person. It was the most critical moment of life and death. Peng Jia took two deep breaths, calmed himself down, and looked at the door calmly.

So many big shots were not willing to do live broadcast surgery. Would this Little Zheng be willing?

Peng Jia was a little worried. In fact, he already had the answer in his heart: why would he be willing?

It was just that Peng Jia could not accept it if he did not give it a try.

Soon, the door of the operating theater opened, and a doctor wearing an isolation suit walked out.

He took off the sterile mask and breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at Peng Jia and asked, “I’m Zheng Ren. Are you looking for me?”


Zheng Ren’s face still had traces of bruising that were fading. He did not look very serious.

He was young, and with such a small bruise, Peng Jia almost did not recognize him at first glance.

However, he reacted quickly and immediately dispelled the confusion that should not have appeared in his heart. A warm smile appeared on his face as he extended his hand and said, “Chief Zheng, Hello. I’m Peng Jia, the CEO and President of Xinglin Garden.”

“Xinglin Garden?” Zheng Ren extended his hand and shook Peng Jia’s hand. He was a little confused.

He had visited Xinglin Garden a few days ago. Why did its CEO come to look for him?

“Yes.” Peng Jia nodded and smiled. “Chief Zheng, when is convenient for you? I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is it?” Zheng Ren was still very confused.

He let go and looked at Peng Jia, guessing what this Manager Peng wanted to do.


“Oh, it’s not convenient to talk here, right? Then wait for me, I’ll change my clothes.” Zheng Ren was very easygoing. Seeing Peng Jia’s troubled expression, he immediately understood what he meant.

Zheng Ren immediately went to the changing room, left a message for Little Yiren, and then began to change his clothes.

“Boss, who is looking for you?”

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