The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss - Chapter 205 - Sister, I’m So Speechless

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Chapter 205: Sister, I’m So Speechless

Although she did not know why the Huo family treated Huo Chulan so differently in this life, it had nothing to do with her anymore.

If Huo Chulan was still a member of the Huo family, then the person Xing Jiuan paid the most attention to in the entire Huo family was Huo Chulan.

Now, there was nothing worth her attention in the Huo family.

All the good and bad things in the past had vanished with that death.

Xing Jiuan did not speak. Ou Qi said nervously, “Jiuan, are… are you in a bad mood?”

After what had happened yesterday and the Huo family cutting ties with Huo Chulan today, Ou Qi thought that it might have affected Xing Jiuan’s mood.

Xing Jiuan shook her head. “No.”

She was only thinking about what to do next.

Huo Chulan had unknowingly lost the support of the Huo family. What would happen to her?

And that man.

In her previous life, he had killed her with his car. Would he do the same in this life?

The change was too fast and too drastic. She had to handle it properly.

Ou Qi gently held Xing Jiuan’s hand.

“Your hands are so cold.”

Actually, it was because Ou Qi’s hand was too hot. Xing Jiuan’s body temperature was a little lower than normal people’s, so she would be very comfortable in the summer.

“Your hand is too hot.” Xing Jiuan retracted her hand in disdain.

In such a short time, she almost broke out in a sweat.

Feeling despised, Ou Qi looked at her aggrievedly.

Xing Jiuan was especially cold. “Don’t act pitiful. It’s useless.”

She did not buy it.

Ou Qi sighed.

“Sigh, I’m so pitiful!”

No one bothered with her.

Ou Qi went over to rub against Xing Jiuan again.

Anyway, there were only the two of them in the backseat. Lu Mingxi and Mu Qing were both in front.

Xing Jiuan was not impatient either. If Ou Qi was willing to rub against her, then she let her. She took out her phone and typed.

“Jiuan doesn’t love me anymore. She’s even chatting with others.”

“Stop fooling around. I’m talking to Xiao Lei,” Xing Jiuan said calmly.

“Okay.” Ou Qi stopped teasing her and sat down obediently.

After such a huge incident, that child must be quite worried.

Xing Jiuan must be consoling him.

She decided not to disturb her.

At this moment, there was indeed someone doing some comforting, but it was Qi Lei who was comforting Xing Jiuan.

He was not good at consoling people and rarely spoke.

However, when facing Xing Jiuan, comforting someone did not seem to be difficult.

[Qi Lei: Sis, don’t be unhappy.]

[Qi Lei: I found out where that woman is now. If you’re unhappy, I can beat her up.]

[Qi Lei: This… I’m not being ungentlemanly. I just want to help you vent your anger.]

Xing Jiuan looked at the young man’s message with a gentle gaze.

Qi Lei had been holding his phone the entire time. The first thing he saw was Xing Jiuan’s message.

[Sister: Study hard. Have you finished the papers?]

[Qi Lei: I’m done.]

Xing Jiuan thought that he was quite fast.

[Sister: I’ll choose a few books for you to bring back tomorrow.]

[Qi Lei: But…]

[Sister: I’ll handle these things. Study hard and rest more.]

[Qi Lei: But I feel very angry.]

[Sister: Then read more books.]

[Qi Lei: …]

[Qi Lei: Sis, I’m speechless.]

[Sister: Be good.]

[Qi Lei: Okay, then.]

After chatting for a while more, Qi Lei expressed that someone had entered, saying it was time to change his dressing.

After his dressing had been changed, two underlings came in.

“Lei, where are you going?” one of them asked when he saw Qi Lei putting on his shoes.

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