The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss - Chapter 206 - She Seemed to Dislike You

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Chapter 206: She Seemed to Dislike You

Qi Lei’s voice was calm. “I have something on.”

“Boss told me to ensure you stay in the hospital. Without her, you’re not allowed to go out.”

“I just…”

“If you’re disobedient, I’ll rat you out.”

Qi Lei was most afraid of this, and it was the most useful threat to control him.

Qi Lei returned to the bed. “What are you guys doing here?”

The two of them sat down. “If we hadn’t come, would you have already gone out?”

Qi Lei had such thoughts.

He had found out Huo Chulan’s location. He felt that only by teaching her a lesson could he calm down a little.

In the past, if someone had tried to trip Xing Jiuan, he would have made a move immediately.

There was nothing that couldn’t be vented in a fight.

Because of his past experiences, Qi Lei had never hesitated on making a move.

It was all his fault for being hurt.

Qi Lei silently blamed himself.

He felt that he could not go out and help Xing Jiuan vent her anger because he was injured.

The thought depressed him.

Qi Lei ignored them and took a big book to read.

The two underlings leaned over to take a look. It was all in English, and they could not understand it. They sat back down and played with their phones.

Xing Jiuan drove two rounds on the highway at a very fast speed. After she had played enough, she prepared to end the session and go home.

Unexpectedly, someone sent her a message.

She took a look. It was a message from Jiu Chi.

Actually, she felt that Jiu Chi’s name was very strange. It was more like a code name.

However, she did not care if the other party told her his real name or not.

[Jiu Chi: Do you want revenge?]

Xing Jiuan didn’t understand what he meant.

[Jiu Chi: I know Huo Chulan’s current position, and I know that she will be making a move soon.]

[Xing Jiuan: I’ll handle it myself. There’s no need to trouble you.]

Her tone was distant.

Jiu Chi looked at this short reply and was silent for a while.

When Xing Jiuan saw that the other party did not reply, she put away her phone.

After playing two rounds, she felt full of energy.

She scratched her head and wondered if she should change her hair color again.

“Why are you sitting here?” Li Ting walked out and saw Jiu Chi sitting on the steps outside.

He had originally planned to leave today as he had something on at the last minute, but he planned to stay for another day.

“Nothing. What of the thing I asked from you?”

Li Ting handed him a small bottle. “What do you want this for?”

It was not difficult to hear the disdain in Li Ting’s voice. “It’s useless. Why do you even want it?”

Jiu Chi placed it in his pocket. “It’s not that bad either.”

Li Ting smiled. “Are you chatting with that girl?”

“You don’t have to know.” Jiu Chi’s voice turned cold.

“Actually, I know even if you don’t answer.

“However, I find it strange that your attitude toward her is so different from her attitude toward you.

“I don’t think she knows you, but you seem to have known her for years.

“Also, she seems to dislike you.”

Jiu Chi lowered his eyes, making it difficult to see his reaction.

However, it made him feel a little sad.

“I’m just a little curious. If there’s anything I said that made you unhappy, I’m very sorry.” Li Ting felt that he might have gone overboard with his words, so he quickly apologized.

After all, this man could be considered his savior.

“You’re right.” Jiu Chi’s voice was very soft.

If not for Li Ting’s sharp ears, he might not have heard this sentence.

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