The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss - Chapter 501 - Little Junior Sister    

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Chapter 501: Little Junior Sister


What they were thinking was that even though Nan Jing had made a mistake, he was still Mu Qing’s father. Mu Qing could not disown him, and she could not hit him! Xing Jiu ‘an was originally still watching the matter ferment. The more things Qin Wan released, the more he felt that everything was going according to her will and destroying everything she cared about. Seeing her desperate look made him feel even happier. However, she had never expected that they would release such information! She was the one who hit him, and she didn’t even hit him. She did hit him, but how could she do it to Mu Qing? These people were full of benevolence, righteousness, and morality. They said that Minister mu was unfilial, which made Xing Jiu ‘an feel ridiculous. She felt that Mu Qing’s heart was already very soft for a father like this. Now, with Qing Mu as a comparison, Xing Jiu ‘an felt that the pain he had suffered was nothing! How could the pain she suffered be compared to the pain that Mu Qing suffered? Xing Jiu ‘an registered a new Weibo account, and the Weibo name was Xing Jiu’ an. She quickly typed a sentence. [Xing Jiu ‘an: I beat him up. If I didn’t touch him, it’s still considered a beating!] [Also, don’t associate a person like Nan Jing with Minister mu. He’s not worthy!] Initially, she had wanted to write something like this. She felt that Nan Jing was not a human. Even a vicious Tiger would not eat its Cubs. He was worse than an animal. However, he was the biological father of Mu Qing! Originally, her new Weibo account couldn’t be popular. She didn’t even know if anyone would find out. It might just be a casual glance, but she had no choice. Who asked her senior brothers and sisters to find her! Lin ran and Lin Qi were right next to her. Seeing that she had registered a Weibo account and even posted something, they both followed and liked it, forwarding it in a row. Not only that, but they also had to add a caption,”transfer to Little Junior Sister!” After many people found out, they wanted to come here and scold her. In the end, one after another, the big shots followed and liked it at the same time. They even posted their posts and forwarded it to Little Junior Sister. Some people were shocked and commented on Xing Jiu ‘an’s Weibo post. [This, this, this … Is this true?] Xing Jiu ‘an saw it and replied,” [Xing Jiu ‘an: yes.] Xing Jiu ‘an appeared in the comment section, and the comments suddenly increased. Many questions were asked, but Xing Jiu’ an didn’t answer any of them. She went to look at the topic that was about to make it to the top of the hot search: How many senior brothers and sisters did Xing Jiu ‘an have? She also saw the messages sent by her senior brothers and sisters. In addition to those who had been known before, there were also the inheritors of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, business leaders, scientific leaders, and outstanding figures from all walks of life. Luo’ an also asked the official account of his family group to follow and like the post. Many people came to the official Weibo page to ask if they were a couple, but the caption was wrong! Luo’ an directly used the account he had just registered to comment. [Luo’ an: that’s right, it’s little Junior Sister. I’m her senior brother, her blood – related senior brother!] This news was simply shocking. Some people asked why they pretended to be a couple in front of others even though they were senior and junior. They asked if Luo’ an had lied to the netizens because he wanted to cover up this matter. Luo’ an laughed. “What’s there to lie about?” [I’m puzzled. I’ve been out mining for two years. Am I not able to keep up with the speed of your imagination?] [Luo’ an: you guys keep paying attention to other people’s family affairs. Those who don’t know might even think that you live by the sea!] [Luo’ an: you meddled too much, and your brain got a lot of water!] His disdainful comments made some people feel a little ashamed, but they would only receive more abuse. There would always be some people who felt that you should accept their insults and curses and not allow you to refute them. If you said too much, it would mean that you felt that it was not a crime to scold people with numbers! Luo’ an wasn’t going to let it go. He found a team of lawyers and a number of people to look at these accounts and then kept sending out lawyer’s letters and statements. At this time, grandfather Ling, who was staying at home, also discovered this matter. At that time, he was very angry. Xing Jiu ‘an’s identity was something that even if he and Xing Jiu’ an were enemies, he wouldn’t dare to easily confront him. Xing Jiu ‘an was still underage, but he had already made great military achievements with his own hot – bloodedness. The country treated him like a treasure! Moreover, Xing Jiu ‘an had saved many people and done many things for the country. He was a hero of the country. Now, he was being scolded to this extent because of some inexplicable things. It was chilling to think about it. He also had his own Weibo account, so he used it to repost Xing Jiu ‘an’s only Weibo post. [Ling: there’s always a conclusion. When are you going to come to grandpa’s place for dinner?] The crowd found that someone was speaking up for Xing Jiu ‘an. Some haters had finished scolding the others and were about to come in to scold him when they saw the other party’s shiny logo. What was that title again? it was too eye – catching. They didn’t dare to look at it! General? Was he serious? Then, he looked again. Old Mister Ling … Seemed to have some impression. Back then, grandfather Ling had even appeared on national television programs to talk about his battles for the country. At that time, someone had even revealed his Weibo account, which helped this grandfather gain some fans. The fans immediately recognized him, so the people who criticized Xing Jiu ‘an didn’t dare to criticize him anymore. This was a person who had been recognized by the old general! It wasn’t that he didn’t want the money, nor that he didn’t want to earn it, but he really didn’t dare to! This money should be quite hot to hold. The Internet Water Army stopped, and the haters didn’t dare to criticize him. On the contrary, the matter of Grandpa Ling speaking up for Xing Jiu ‘an became a hot topic. Moreover, the way grandfather Ling addressed Xing Jiu ‘an was so intimate, as if he was calling him his own granddaughter. The relationship between the two of them must be very good. Xing Jiu ‘an followed these people back one by one and went back to the Weibo comment he had given to grandfather Ling when he had time. At this moment, another message was posted. This person sorted out all the things that happened to the Nan family in the past and posted them on the internet. Among them, Nan Jing used his power to force Mu Qing’s mother, who already had a lover, to marry him. The mistress that Nan Jing brought home caused the death of the first wife. Nan Jing abused his wife and child all year round. Mu Qing even personally sent his father to prison. The entire Nan family was destroyed in his hands. Things had taken a big turn again, and the melon – eating man was so scared that he couldn’t even eat his melon. They had scolded her for a long time in the beginning, but if they added these three points, they would definitely say that she did a good job. Whether it was the third party killing the legal wife or domestic violence all year round, these were things that many people hated. Especially when Nan Jing had been in prison for more than ten years, and the first thing he did when he came out was to arrange a marriage for Minister mu. Many people put themselves in their shoes and were so disgusted that they couldn’t speak. This wasn’t because Minister mu had done anything wrong. He was already being particularly soft – hearted by not making a move on Nan Jing. He had been abused by his father since he was a child. He had even witnessed his mother die in front of him and sent his father to prison. At that time, he was only eight years old. It was hard to imagine how he had spent the past ten years! However, there was still one thing. What was the relationship between Xing Jiu ‘an and Mu Qing?

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