The Villain’s Face Slapping Counterattack - Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

Face-slapping the childhood sweetheart (6)

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Two months later, the results for the College Entrance Exams were out, and Zhou Xu got more than twenty points higher than Ru Yu, becoming the highest-scoring student of that year in the literacy subjects.

With the scores he had, he could get into almost any college he wanted, but in the end, he still chose a music school. The host of his body always wanted to have some success on piano, so Zhou Xu wanted to make the host’s dream come true.

Ru Yu’s scores weren’t bad either and were among the tops in the province; however, he was not satisfied with being beaten by Zhou Xu.

After Zhou Xu filled out his desired college, Ru Yu took a peek and smiled. With such a good score, he could easily get into the top overall schools, like Tsinghua University or Peking University, not a music school, despite that it was the best in that field of study.

Ru Yu filled in Peking University for his and wrote finance for his major, one of the most difficult in the university. After he graduates, his future would have infinite possibilities.

Zhou Xu and Ru Yu’s schools were local, and Yang Lizheng also got a school that was slightly above average. He got into a second-tier local university, but the major was one that he loved.

After getting the acceptance letters, Ru Yu went to Yang Lizheng’s parents and asked, “Mom, Dad, I want to go be an intern in our company, is that alright?”

Ru Yu had been constantly performing very well and had high interests in the company, so they of course would agree.

As for Yang Lizheng, he had no interest in that once so ever. His parents tried many times to guide him onto this path, but all failed in the end. Anyway, they had been treating Ru Yu like their own child, so they thought that it would also be fine if they let Ru Yu take care of the company in the future and didn’t think much else about this.

Yang Lizheng’s major was Athletic Education. He wanted to be a student-athlete himself, but as his parents were strongly against it, he compromised and chose the education path instead, still completing a dream of his.

After so many years, Yang Lizheng’s parents’ company was very well developed, and Yang Lizheng’s mom came from a powerful background, so the company never had any real competitors.

When Ru Yu wanted to be part of the company, they were very glad, and after some discussion, they decided to place Ru Yu in the sales department. After all, that department was the toughest of all.

They didn’t put Ru Yu in a high position at first, just a normal sales worker, but Ru Yu requested that he wanted to go to the building sales branch, to which they also agreed.

After Ru Yu got into the department, he went straight for the manager. At first, the manager didn’t know who Ru Yu was, but Ru Yu said very straightforwardly, “Manager Wang, I am Yang Ru Yu, Yang Gong’s son. I want to take over the sales for that entire apartment complex next to the river.”

Manager Wang initially wanted to say something else, but now, he just nodded with a smile, “Sure, those apartments would be yours.”

Ru Yu also nodded and said, “Thank you, Manager Wang, for your cooperation.”

For others, the first month of college would be mandatory military training, but Ru Yu immediately found a doctor and used a medical leave to avoid this month of training. He knew how to make up the credits for that, so he wasn’t worried at all.

After officially getting that project, Ru Yu found another person to cooperate with, and the only purpose of that person was to deliver his messages.

Looking at the apartments he got to sell, Ru Yu found them to be very well built for living. The sizes vary from forty square meters to a hundred forty square meters, all with excellent designs. All that’s missing was some precise furnishing, and they could all be sold easily.

Now it was time for the interior design. Ru Yu smiled and thought that if he couldn’t get something, destroying it would also be good.

Normally, companies would not spend much on designing fees to design these normal apartments, mainly because the designers would use simple designs for these. But Ru Yu paid more than twice the normal price and hired the company that Ye Shaoyun was in.

When the boss saw the price and the task, he agreed to it immediately, and when signing the contract, the person that Ru Yu worked with added a term stating that all the designing process must be done by Ye Shaoyun.

The boss agreed because the Yang Family Corporation was rich and powerful and never had many problems with this, so the boss signed the contract on the spot.

After the contract was signed, the person said, “Would Ye Shaoyun please come to visit the apartments? Our manager said that even the measuring process had to be done by Ye Shaoyun. Please understand, Mr. Chen.”

Chen Qi was Ye Shaoyun’s boss. He nodded and thought that it wouldn’t be a big deal, so he called for Ye Shaoyun. Ye Shaoyun, of course, didn’t have a problem with that, so he went with them.

Normally, measuring the dimensions would be done by interns, but since this project’s value was so high and the designing process wouldn’t be difficult, Ye Shaoyun thought going there a few times would also be worth the price.

Ye Shaoyun left with the contractor. At first, he wanted to bring an intern with him, but since the contract stated that everything must be done by him, he went alone.

In fact, the Yang Family worked with their design company before. Even though there had been small projects, the processes went smoothly, but this time, Ye Shaoyun felt that the conditions were a bit weird.

After thinking that to himself, Ye Shaoyun went to see the apartments.

The neighborhood was large, divided into the East, Central, and West sections. The East section was all completed, the Central was in the construction process, and the West was still old buildings yet to be destroyed.

“Mr. Ye, you can just call me Xiao Li from now on. Oh right, I’m bringing you to meet our sales manager. He should be waiting for you right now.”

“Okay. So, do all the apartments in the area need to be furnished?”

“No, only a third of them need to, and the rest would be sold directly.”

“Alright, got it.”

“This is the first building of the neighborhood, the manager is waiting for you in room 101. I’ll park the car, and you can go ahead.” Xiao Li said.


Ye Shaoyun got out of the car and looked around, checking the status of the buildings before heading inside.

After going in, Ye Shaoyun saw Ru Yu.

Ru Yu smiled gently and said while leaning against the unpainted wall, “Long time no see, Uncle Ye.”

Ye Shaoyun’s indifferent face turned even colder because he finally understood what all this was about. It was all Ru Yu behind this.

Turning back, Ye Shaoyun was just about to leave, but Ru Yu’s voice sounded again, “You didn’t sign the contract, so you must not know how much your company needs to pay if you leave.”

Ye Shaoyun didn’t even turn back and walked away.

Ru Yu said again, “Uncle Ye, if you want to leave, then I should just tell you now. The fine for breaching the contract is six million yuan.”

Ye Shaoyun paused, and Ru Yu laughed from behind, thinking that Ye Shaoyun would turn back, but he simply said to Ru Yu, “Just six million, I’ll pay for it.”

Then, Ye Shaoyun left.

Xiao Li, who just parked the car, came over and met Ye Shaoyun coming out. He walked up and asked, “Mr. Ye, did you meet our manager?”

Ye Shaoyun said, “Let me borrow your car.”


“Your car.”

Xiao Li handed over the car keys to Ye Shaoyun, and Ye Shaoyun asked, “Xiao Li, do you know who you are working for?”

“Yeah, he is Yang Ru Yu, he asked me to be his assistant.”

“Then, I hope that you will have a great time working with him.” Then, Ye Shaoyun went to the parking lot and went away in Xiao Li’s car.

Xiao Li was confused when Ru Yu walked out and said, “Go find a lawyer and sue Qi Meng design company.”

Returning to the company, Ye Shaoyun was called upon by Chen Qi.

Before Chen Qi could even speak, Ye Shaoyun said, “Mr. Chen, Yang Ru Yu should have called you already, but I refuse to work on this project. If resigning will work, I can leave today, and if not, I can pay for all the fees.”

Chen Qi wanted to scold Ye Shaoyun, but judging from his attitude, he guessed that something must be wrong, so he slammed his hand on the table and said, “What are you talking about? I’m the one who signed the contract! If you don’t want to stay and work, then just leave. I had been wanting to leave too. At most, we’ll just shut down the company, and with the capital leftover, we could live a good couple of years if split among the dozen of us. In a few years, you just register for another company, and I can work for you. Resign? As long as this company is still here, no way I’ll let you do that.”

Cheng Qi was, in fact, Ye Shaoyun’s classmate, and they built the company together. When the company had just started, they worked more than twelve hours every day, doing everything from the basic measuring to final designs. After two years of hard work, they finally got a decent return.

They were not only classmates but also friends for life, so when Ye Shaoyun heard this, the corner of his mouth curled up, and a little smile appeared on his solemn face.

Chen Li saw the expression and said immediately, “Gosh darn it, what are you smiling for? You’re going to scare someone to death.”

The smile disappeared, and he said, “The person who wanted me was Yang Gong’s son. I thought that he was a good kid, but now I found myself to be wrong. That kid is targeting me, so I’ll try not to appear for a while. If he insists on seeking trouble, then give me a call and I’ll be responsible for this.”

“Fuck fuck fuck, you are going to disappear again? Darn it, I work so hard every day, and you just go enjoying your happy life. It’s so unfortunate of me to design with you…”

Ye Shaoyun nodded and said, “Yeah, you are quite unfortunate. Bye, keep up the good work.”

Ye Shaoyun was just about to walk out the door, but Chen Qi furiously took off one of his dress shoes and threw it toward Ye Shaoyun, but Ye Shaoyun accurately kicked it away and coincidentally landed on a flower pot. The pot shattered instantly.

The scream from Chen Qi could be heard from the entire company, no, the entire office building, “*Cry*… My Spiky…”

Ye Shaoyun closed the door as soon as he could and left the scene.

The rest of the workers looked at each other and asked quietly, “What is happening to the boss? And who is Spiky?”

“It’s his cactus. He probably got driven mad again by Mr. Ye.”

“I feel sorry for the boss.”

“Yeah, me too.”

That day when Ye Shaoyun got home, he started cooking right away. After making some of Zhou Xu’s favorite dishes, he took the food box to Zhou Xu’s school.

Under the bright sun, Zhou Xu was standing in line for military training.

After looking around for a while, Ye Shaoyun found Zhou Xu’s class in the corner of the field.

All of them were young teenagers, and with a clean uniform on them, they appeared to be full of vitality, especially Zhou Xu.

His body was tall and straight, and after the days of training, his skin darkened, but the texture was just as smooth.

His eyebrows were relaxed and wide, much different from when he was little. At this time, he should be the star among the tens and thousands of people. At least in Ye Shaoyun’s eyes, no matter how many people were on the field, they could only be Zhou Xu’s background.

From a distance, Ye Shaoyun sat down beside a willow with the lunch box.

The willow leaves slightly covered his face every once in a while, and the suit on him made him seem like a person from the elite class. Looking from where Zhou Xu was, Ye Shaoyun had the temperament of a mature man.

Their eyes met, and the love in Ye Shaoyun’s eyes could not be dissolved, so was Zhou Xu’s.

After an hour, the instructor finally allowed them to take a lunch break. Instantly, several people gathered around Zhou Xu, and several others also gathered around Ye Shaoyun.

Both of them were tall and thought the crowd, they just looked at each other. At this moment, Ye Shaoyun felt that everything in his life was as light as a feather. Everything except for Zhou Xu, who was heavier than a thousand pounds, the most important in his life.

With a cold “Excuse me, I need to get to someone,” Ye Shaoyun got out of the circle of people around him and went to Zhou Xu.

Zhou Xu just stood where he was and waited as Ye Shaoyun approached.

With a few quick steps, Ye Shaoyun got next to Zhou Xu, and his cold face quickly became kind. His lips curled and said, “Xiao Xu, I’m here to see how everything’s going.”

With a light kiss on Ye Shaoyun’s lips, Zhou Xu said, “Yeah, I know.”

The two of them walked away holding each other’s hands, publicizing their relationship. Some people seemed supportive, and some others seemed disappointed, but no matter what they thought, Zhou Xu and Ye Shaoyun didn’t care.

On the school’s grass field, Ye Shaoyun opened the lunch box, but Zhou Xu disregarded that and went over to kiss Ye Shaoyun’s forehead, “In the future, don’t wear a suit outside, you look too good. So good that some butterflies might even be attracted to you.”

Ye Shaoyun also said, “Next time, you shouldn’t even come outside. I suspect that you will attract butterflies too.”

The two pairs of eyes met, and both of them laughed. The peaceful times were pleasant, and the calming years were good, just like their love, peaceful and pleasant.

After lunch, Ye Shaoyun was about to leave, since Zhou Xu had to continue his training, but Zhou Xu asked before he left, “What happened in the company?”

Ye Shaoyun was surprised for a second and said, “Ru Yu signed a contract with the company, requesting me to design his apartments. I wasn’t there when the contract was signed, but after I found out that the one responsible was Ru Yu, I refused to cooperate. He is about to sue our company.”

Zhou Xu nodded and said, “When you return today to your company, take a picture of the contract and send a copy to me, I want to take a look.”

“What do you need that for?”

Zhou Xu smiled and hugged Ye Shaoyun’s waist with his head against his shoulders. His fingers were fidgeting around Ye Shaoyun’s chest. Over the thin shirt, Zhou Xu was scratching and drawing circles and his motions were luring.

A part of Ye Shaoyun’s body straightened again, “Xiao Xu, that’s enough. It won’t be so good if others saw you like this.”

But Zhou Xu didn’t care, answering the previous question, “Honey, I want to help~ you~”

Zhou Xu’s voice was so warm that the part on Ye Shaoyun’s body fully straightened again, and after playing with him for a while, Zhou Xu pushed Ye Shaoyun away freely, “Alright, I have to go back to training again. Remember to send it to me tonight.”

Looking at his body part that was straightened and Zhou Xu’s fading back, Ye Shaoyun sighed and calmed himself over and over again before returning to work.

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