The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute. - Chapter 288 - Bai Ling’s PK, God Y’s Gang Fight

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Chapter 288: Bai Ling’s PK, God Y’s Gang Fight

System Notification:

“[Bai Ling] challenged [Laughing Breeze] to a PK challenge. Accept or reject?”

The most famous person in “Battle of Lightyears” now was none other than [Bai Ling].

The moment [Bai Ling] went online, the world news exploded.

“Owww, the goddess is finally online!!!”

“Heavens, the goddess is still so valiant. She started PKing as soon as she came online.”

“Hurry up and go over to watch. Otherwise, the PK arena will be jammed.”

“That’s not right. Have you realized who the goddess wants to PK with? It’s that [Laughing Breeze], who’s been a madman recently.”

“Really? Someone is finally here to deal with [Laughing Breeze]. Since this person is so arrogant, someone should deal with him.”

“I remember [Laughing Breeze] killed [Evil Dragon Crossing the River], who had been teaming up with the Goddess, and banished him to level 40 today.”

“This [Laughing Breeze] is so arrogant. He obviously wants Goddess to appear and PK with him.”

“Waiting for Goddess to crush [Laughing Breeze]!”

“Waiting for Goddess to crush [Laughing Breeze]!”

After that, everyone started scrolling through the world channel.

Chu Luo didn’t say anything. She waited for [Laughing Breeze] to accept the PK. She thought that if this person didn’t accept it, she would force him to PK.

At this moment, [Laughing Breeze] suddenly sent a private message.

[Laughing Breeze]: “Bai Ling, nice to meet you.”

[Bai Ling]: “Accept the PK.”

[Laughing Breeze]: “I can’t beat you.”

[Bai Ling]: “Even if you can’t win, accept the PK.”

[Laughing Breeze]: “What if I don’t?”

World news:

“[Laughing Breeze] refused [Bai Ling]’s PK challenge.”

World news:

“[Bai Ling] forcefully PKed [Laughing Breeze].” The officials allowed that, and the two of them were about to be sent to the PK arena.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The PK began.

“D*mn! D*mn! I haven’t seen my goddess use such an awesome and gorgeous skill in a long time. Indeed, watching my goddess PK makes my blood boil.”

“Although this [Laughing Breeze]’s skill isn’t bad, it’s still inferior to Goddess’s. After offending Goddess, she forcefully PKed him. [Laughing Breeze]’s current mood can only be described as fucked up.”

“Who asked him to provoke the friend of the Goddess out of everyone here? He even killed the friend of the Goddess. What is this called? Reaping what he sowed.”

“Eh, look. This [Laughing Breeze] actually concealed his strength previously. His ability is also powerful.”

“Holy shit, he actually blocked Goddess’s chain attack!”

“Why is this person’s technique looking more and more familiar?”

“He looks familiar? Could it be that the brother upstairs has seen him before?”

“I remember now. This person’s technique perfectly combines the skills of the fourth-place [Linebarrel] and the third-place [Chimimōryō].”

“Eh? It’s true!”

“Who is this person? To think he can learn the techniques of [Linebarrel] and [Chimimōryō] so proficiently. Can the Goddess defeat him like this?”

Everyone suddenly became a little nervous.

Chu Luo quickly realized this and immediately became serious.

The PK between the two of them was so exciting that everyone sitting in front of the computer watching only had one expression. Their eyes were wide open and their mouths were agape. As their hearts raced, they kept saying “Holy shit” in their hearts!

As it was a fight between experts, this match lasted for nearly half an hour.

[Laughing Breeze]: “I lost.”

Chu Luo looked at her game character who still had 30% health left and was very dissatisfied. “Continue.”

[Laughing Breeze]: “Do you really want to beat me back to the Novice Village?”

[Bai Ling]: “Yes.”

[Laughing Breeze]: “You have to think carefully. I’m not weak. If you fight me, you might have to fight for an entire night before you can beat me back to the Novice Village. Do you have nothing to do tomorrow?”

Chu Luo couldn’t be bothered to say anything else and continued PKing.

Many people saw their conversation and the world channel exploded.

Many people said that [Laughing Breeze] was too arrogant. A small portion of people felt that with the skills mastered by [Laughing Breeze], they still didn’t know who would end up worse between [Bai Ling] and him.

Just as everyone was making all kinds of guesses, an online message quickly appeared. It was then pushed up by dozens of messages every minute.

However, some people saw the online message.

“D*mn! D*mn! Am I seeing things? I actually saw God [Y] online.”

Someone replied:

“I saw it too. The elusive God [Y] is actually online at this time. What day is it today? Goddess is online, and so is God [Y]. Could it be that God [Y] knows that Goddess’s friend is being bullied and is here to help her?”

“Indeed, God [Y]’s and Goddess’s ship aren’t baseless rumors!”

“Ahhh… I’m so excited to see God [Y] online. I hope he can help Goddess!”

Not many people paid attention to these words. When [Bai Ling] and [Laughing Breeze] finished another round and [Y] suddenly stood in front of [Bai Ling], the entire game world suddenly stopped.

[Y]: “I haven’t fought with anyone in a long time. Do you mind if I PK with [Laughing Breeze] for two rounds?”

This question was obviously directed at [Bai Ling].

Before Chu Luo could type, a strange scene heralded by the words “Say Yes” appeared on the world channel.

Chu Luo looked at [Y] standing at the side and thought for a while.

[Bai Ling]: “Sure.”

[Laughing Breeze] “I quit! Hey! Are you two top experts of the world going to bully a newcomer like me? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at by everyone?”

[Y]: “Whatever.”

With that, he started a forced PK with him.

Then, all the onlookers were left with agape expressions of surprise.

An hour later, [Laughing Breeze], who had dropped from level 100 to level 60, said, “I admit defeat. Let’s end it here tonight.”

With that, he went offline.

Everyone: “…”

This person actually escaped!!!

Chu Luo looked at [Y], who was standing there, and said, “Thank you.”

[Y]: “No need.”

With that, he went offline.

Chu Luo saw that [Y] had logged off from the game, pursed her lips, and withdrew from the PK stage.

She then realized that there were many avatars flashing in the news column.

Opening the message column, Chu Luo was about to reply to a few messages from familiar people when the office door was pushed open.

She subconsciously looked up and saw Li Yan striding in with a laptop in his hand.

Li Yan walked up to her and glanced at her display. “Baby, it’s eleven o’clock. Let’s go home first.”

Chu Luo nodded and said to Tang Zhiyun, “We can talk about it tomorrow. I am going off first.”

With that, she exited the game and closed the computer.

Li Yan pulled her up and held her hand as they walked out of the office.

As Chu Luo walked, she told him about [Laughing Breeze] whom she had met just now. In the end, she puffed up her cheeks and said, “That person is simply outrageous. He actually went offline just like that. When I’m free, I’ll definitely beat him back to the Novice Village.”

Li Yan tilted his head to look at her and smiled.

When the car drove into the gate of the Imperial Sky Park villa, Chu Luo suddenly thought of the drone and the Hill cipher she had decrypted on the top floor today. She told Li Yan about it.

“I want to take a look there.”

Li Yan nodded and got the chauffeur to stop the car halfway. Their figures disappeared into the shadows.

Li Yan checked and said to her, “It’s three kilometers from No. 22.”

“I’ll use a teleportation talisman to teleport us there.”

After saying that, Chu Luo took out a teleportation talisman and teleported the two of them to the back of villa 21.

Chu Luo used another Invisibility Talisman and the two of them entered the villa.

Just as the butler had discovered, the villa was undergoing renovation. The two of them walked around the villa and returned to their residence.

Chu Luo said, “The butler sent someone to investigate. That villa is under the name of a real estate developer.”

Li Yan was silent for a few seconds before saying, “The renovations inside don’t conform to the habits of real estate developers.”

“Mm?” Chu Luo didn’t quite understand.

Li Yan reminded her, “Real estate developers usually pay attention to the Feng Shui layout of their residence. Have you observed the decorations in that villa carefully?”

“I’ve observed it. It wasn’t set up according to the best layout.” Chu Luo immediately guessed it after he reminded her. “You mean, the person who’s going to move in isn’t the registered owner?”


As Li Yan spoke, he pulled her hand and continued upstairs. As they walked, he said, “I’ll send someone to monitor that house. Go wash up and sleep first. It’s already very late.”


The next day, after dinner, Chu Luo took Roundy and the skateboard to Imperial University.

When everyone saw her today, they were obviously more enthusiastic than before.

Chu Luo listened for a while. These people mostly talked about electing the school belle. She didn’t care about this at all, so she put the skateboard on the ground and headed into the school with Roundy.

When she quickly disappeared, everyone was shocked.

“Chu Luo actually brought a skateboard to school!”

“Her posture on the skateboard is so fairy-like. It’s a pity that she’s not wearing a dress. If she were wearing a dress, she would definitely be a fairy.”

“Don’t you think that the skateboard Chu Luo brought is very special?”

“That skateboard of hers runs so fast. Won’t she hit someone?”

“And that robot of hers. Why do I feel that it’s a little different today? It’s moving so fast.”

“That’s not the point. You said that the final voting for the school belle contest will be held today. Who will be chosen between Chu Luo and Gu Lexuan?”

“I think both might be chosen. Actually, what I want to know the most is, who will be the top school belle at Imperial University this year?”

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