The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 2835 Chapter 2835, the awesome da Hua (asking for votes)

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The purple piglet’s body trembled. It knew it! It knew it! This black-hearted master did not forget this weird name!

If it was not really suffocating, it would not have come out. HMPH!

It was clearly purple, why did it have to call it da Hua, such a vulgar name with no class? !

“Da Hua, don’t Dawdle, Hurry Up! Otherwise, master will change your name to Big Fatty!”Yun chujiu shouted as she dodged the priest’s Spiritual Beast’s attack.

The purple piglet’s body trembled again. Alright, Da Hua it is! It’s better than Big Fatty! I’ll let you scum see how powerful da Hua Grandpa is! Eh? Why is it so awkward? Da Hua Pig? Just you wait! We’re not done yet!

Next, everyone was stunned by the changes of the Purple Pig!

​ The Purple Pig, which was originally only a foot long, grew bigger and bigger, bigger and bigger..

Yun chujiu looked at the huge pig in front of her with a confused expression. Was this a pig bought as a pet pig and raised to be a big fat pig in the end?

No, this could no longer be called a pig. Have you ever seen a pig that was as big as three houses?

Yun Chujiu felt that the name ‘Big Fat’seemed to be more suitable for this fellow in front of her.

The priest was so frightened that he took a few steps back. His spiritual beast was even more cowardly and immediately dissipated. Yes, it dissipated..

Yun Chujiu, this fellow, was stunned for a moment before she laughed out loud. “Come! Come! Don’t you have a spiritual beast and a support beast? Release them all! Let me tell you, those three pieces of junk of yours are not enough to fill the gaps between my da Hua’s teeth!”

The priest gritted his teeth and released the spiritual Python again. However, this so-called spiritual python seemed like a small loach in front of Da Hua, and it was still a small loach!

Da Hua stepped on the Spirit Energy Python with one step. As for the two poisonous snakes, they were dispersed by da Hua’s tail..

Yun chujiu was so happy that she could not close her mouth!

What did it mean to exhale! What did it mean to amaze the world with a single feat! She was! Hahaha! Who would have thought that da Hua, who had not shown her face all this while, had become so powerful! She was simply her great treasure!

The face underneath the priest’s mask was as pale as paper. How did this Yun chujiu have such a powerful spiritual beast? It was over, it was over!

He was simply regretting it. Back then, in order to fool the people of Chessboard Island, he made up the so-called Fairy’s prophecy. At that time, he just casually said that there would be a young girl coming out of a huge turtle shell in the future, that was the fairy of Chessboard Island.

Heaven and earth, he felt that how could a person come out of a turtle shell? This was definitely something that would not happen, so it was used to fool these islanders.

Who would have thought, God damn it!

Two days ago, a guard hurriedly came to report, “Lord Priest, there are islanders who went out to fish, reporting that there is a huge turtle shell floating over from afar! They said that it is very likely that the fairy has returned!”

At that time, the priest’s heart was like a dog that was bawling!

However, he thought that it might just be an empty turtle shell. How could it be so coincidental that a woman would come out from it? This was impossible!

However, a young woman had really come out from it. Moreover, she was extremely beautiful. Even if he did not admit that she was the goddess, the Islanders would not believe it!

When the priest thought of this, he was filled with regret. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Yun Chujiu, you, why are you in the turtle shell? Why did you float here?”

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