Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 393 - Your Praise Is Like Sarcasm

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Chapter 393: Your Praise Is Like Sarcasm

Ming Yeqing: “……”

“Did you think of this all by yourself?” Qin Muye was a straightforward person. Could she think of such an evil idea?

Ming Yeqing looked at Qin Muye with suspicion.

He would not believe it at all.

“It was actually my brother’s idea,” Qin Muye admitted.

Ming Yeqing nodded. That made sense.

The dishes they ordered were served one after another.

The waiter served the grilled buns and fried noodles.

Soon all the dishes they ordered had been served.

Qin Muye asked the waiter for an empty bowl.

She wanted to scoop half of the fried noodles into the empty bowl.

However, the noodles were sticky and soft, mixed with a thick sauce, and all tangled together.

They were not easy to scoop.

If she used too much force as she held the chopsticks, the noodles would break.

She carefully pulled out a whole strand.

The chewy, soft noodles then splattered sauce all around.

At this time, a drop of sauce splattered onto Qin Muye’s face, right below her eye. Just a little bit farther and it could have gone into Qin Muye’s eye.

The fried noodles were scalding hot. Even the bowl that contained the noodles was hot. That would have been dangerous enough, not to mention if the chili sauce had gone into her eye.

“Don’t scoop anymore,” Ming Yeqing quickly said. “Eat from the bowl directly, and then leave the rest to me if you can’t finish it.”

“Aiya, how is that okay?” Qin Muye was embarrassed.

“Quickly eat, why are you being so particular about this with me?” Ming Yeqing said with a smile.

Since Ming Yeqing did not mind, then Qin Muye did not hold herself back.

As it was hot, she could only use her fingers to grip the sides of the bowl and carefully brought the bowl in front of her and excitedly ate a mouthful.

“This is so tasty!” Qin Muye was so satisfied, her eyes narrowed.

There was sauce on her lips, and she was scared to waste it. She quickly licked it and brought it all inside her mouth.

“Although we’re doing this to anger Brother Zhiqian…,” Qin Muye continued talking about the topic, “…we also have to guarantee that the boy is a good person. What if after they met and interacted, Mo Mo really developed fond feelings toward him?

“Even if Mo Mo did not develop fond feelings toward him, since the boy was willing to meet with us, then it means that he likes Mo Mo. We have to guarantee that at least his character is good. It can’t be that what started as just a meal would have him harassing Mo Mo incessantly in the future.” Qin Muye held her chopsticks with her left hand and her grilled lamb skewers in her right.

Then she ate a mouthful from the skewers. “That’s why I wanted to ask you, is Upperclassman Cheng reliable?”

“He is very reliable. Moreover, because Mo Mo is famous at Beijing University for being a genius, even if many boys like her, they also are afraid to approach her. But Upperclassman Cheng said before that men who are not able to accept if a girl is more outstanding than them are trash.” Ming Yeqing smiled. “I interact with him often. He really is a good person.”

“Ah, if he is that good, then maybe it’s not nice for us to make use of him to anger Brother Zhiqian?” Qin Muye couldn’t bear to do it.

“That’s no big deal. He already wanted to ask Mo Mo out. If we don’t help him, he might not be able to ask Mo Mo out by the time he graduates,” Ming Yeqing said. “Moreover, I will tell him clearly that if he is found out by Brother Zhiqian, the consequences could be severe. We’ll see if he is willing to take the risk.

“We’re not really making use of him. We will have already explained clearly to him what’s going on, then see what choice he makes.”

Qin Muye thought in shock that these words were not much different from what Qin Mufeng had said.

In Qin Muye’s heart, Ming Yeqing and Qin Mufeng were extremely intelligent people.

Since both of them held the same view, then it meant that there was nothing wrong with this matter.

“All right, then we will choose Upperclassman Cheng,” Qin Muye decided. “My brother will find out the location and time of Brother Zhiqian’s next blind date, and then we will arrange for Upperclassman Cheng and Mo Mo to meet there at that time.”

“Okay.” Ming Yeqing nodded. “We will not tell Mo Mo about this.”

“Right, of course we have to hide it, or else Mo Mo certainly will not come out.” Qin Muye nodded.

“Moreover, it will be a bit better for her to be caught by Brother Zhiqian when she’s not expecting it. If Brother Zhiqian knew that she did it on purpose, then it wouldn’t be any good.” Ming Yeqing became more thoughtful.

“That’s right.” Qin Muye nodded.

After the matter was settled, Qin Muye concentrated on her food.

As she had also eaten a grilled bun, Qin Muye was not able to eat more than half the bowl of fried noodles.

“When we eat here the next time, I will not eat any other main dishes and will only eat the fried noodles. They are too tasty,” Qin Muye said, rubbing her tummy. She pushed the fried noodles to Ming Yeqing and laughed in an embarrassed manner, “Yeqing, I cannot eat anymore, can you finish it? If you can’t, then just leave it.”

“It’s all right, I can eat it.” Ming Yeqing smiled. He loved fried noodles and started to eat.

On Monday, Ming Yeqing arrived early at the lab.

He saw that, as expected, upperclassman Cheng was the first to arrive.

Other than them, there was currently no one else in the lab.

Ming Yeqing walked up beside upperclassman Cheng and asked in a quiet voice, “Upperclassman Cheng, Mo Mo did not agree to go out with you?”

Upperclassman Cheng was depressed about the matter. “You’re right, no matter what excuse I used, I did not succeed. She always had a reason to reject me, and I was unable to think of anything else.

“But I did not dare to say explicitly that I wanted to pursue her. Otherwise, she probably would start keeping a distance from me in the lab,” upperclassman Cheng said miserably.

“Upperclassman Cheng, since you know Mo Mo’s attitude, you should also know that toward you, she probably…” Ming Yeqing was embarrassed to say it out loud, “…even if it seemed like this, you still won’t give up?”

“I realize she does not like me. If she had the slightest bit of fond feelings toward me, I wouldn’t have failed in asking her out until now.” Upperclassman Cheng was straightforward. “However, she not only doesn’t like me, she also doesn’t like anyone else.

“I haven’t heard that she has fond feelings toward anyone, and others also did not manage to ask her out. Since this is the case, I feel that I can still try,” Upperclassman Cheng said. “What if she was touched by my efforts and I succeeded?”

Since Tan Mo did not have a boyfriend yet, and did not have anyone she liked, then that means there was still space to try.

There was no need to give up yet.

“Knowing that she does not like you, but you are still trying hard, your perseverance is admirable,” Ming Yeqing gave upperclassman Cheng a thumbs-up.

“……” Upperclassman Cheng had a difficult expression on his face. “I guess you rarely praise people?”

Ming Yeqing: “…you could tell?”

“Yes, I can, your praise was like sarcasm.” Upperclassman Cheng nodded.

Ming Yeqing: “……”

“Upperclassman Cheng, let me make up for my mistake.” Ming Yeqing decided to go with the flow. “Let me try and ask Mo Mo out for you.”

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