Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 394 - 00 in the Evening at Teatime

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Chapter 394: 8:00 in the Evening at Teatime

Upperclassman Cheng asked in shock, “When I asked for your help before, you were absolutely unwilling. Why are you suddenly willing today?”

“Previously, I felt that if you were unable to ask Mo Mo out, you would give up quickly, so why should I waste the effort?” Ming Yeqing explained. “But now I see that you are trying hard and are persevering. It would not be very gracious of me if I didn’t help you.”

Upperclassman Cheng exclaimed, “See, it is still possible to move someone by trying hard. I could move you into helping me ask out Tan Mo, and perhaps I could move Tan Mo into accepting my courtship.”

Ming Yeqing: “……”

He felt oddly sorry that he had given upperclassman Cheng such an illusion.

“However, upperclassman Cheng, you should also know that Wei Zhiqian is very picky about any of Tan Mo’s potential boyfriends. His expectations are very high,” Ming Yeqing reminded him. “It may be all right if you two get together. If Mo Mo really likes you, he will not break you apart.”


The reason why Ming Yeqing had felt that Qin Mufeng’s idea was not bad and he had enthusiastically cooperated was because he wanted to have fun at Wei Zhiqian’s expense.

He did not even know who he liked, and he still went on blind dates?



He already could not wait to see Wei Zhiqian’s reaction when he found out that Tan Mo was on a date with another person.

It would be exciting.

However, thinking of upperclassman Cheng’s personal safety and serious and responsible attitude, Ming Yeqing solemnly reminded him, “If Mo Mo does not like you and you keep on pursuing her, it will be trouble, especially this time will be Mo Mo’s first time agreeing to eat with someone from the opposite gender. Brother Zhiqian will definitely get to know about it right away. When the time comes, you might have to face pressure from him.

“Upperclassman Cheng, you have to think it through,” Ming Yeqing reminded him. “If you feel that you are up to it, then I will help you. But if you feel pressured, then forget about it. I do not think that that would be cowardly. After all, anyone who faces Wei Zhiqian would feel stressed.

“You do not know this, but I have been good friends with Mo Mo since we were young. We are like siblings, but we are after all not related by blood, and Brother Zhiqian used to keep a close eye on me.”

“Then why has he put his guard down now?” upperclassman Cheng quickly asked.

Ming Yeqing smiled. “Naturally it’s because he is certain I do not have romantic feelings toward Mo Mo.”

Upperclassman Cheng slowly nodded. “I have to try. I cannot give up without even trying. Otherwise, how can I say I like her?

“If Wei Zhiqian finds out and pressures me and I am unable to take it, I will give up.” Upperclassman Cheng continued, “I know my limits. I do not have much of a background. I am just a small character, and I will give up when it is time to give up. I will not let myself get into trouble because of liking someone. I am quite realistic with regard to this, and I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind, and it is better to give up early so that you do not lose out.” Ming Yeqing heaved a sigh of relief.

In this case, upperclassman Cheng was the best candidate.

He would not lose out if he gave up early.

He had been worried that upperclassman Cheng would forcefully persevere.

Wei Zhiqian would not go overboard, but he would certainly find out everything he could about upperclassman Cheng.

It had not been Ming Yeqing’s original intention to bring trouble to upperclassman Cheng.

When the time came, he would have to help upperclassman Cheng.

It was not possible to do nothing if upperclassman Cheng suffered.

“All right, since you have agreed, then I will help you ask her out.” Ming Yeqing reminded him, “If I mentioned you, Mo Mo probably wouldn’t come, so I will not mention you when I ask Mo Mo out. Don’t give yourself away.”

He had to keep Tan Mo in the dark so that she could not be blamed by Wei Zhiqian.

Ming Yeqing felt that it was not easy for him to be thorough on both ends.

“No problem!” Upperclassman Cheng was moved and grabbed Ming Yeqing’s hand. “Yeqing, thank you very much! If I really can have Tan Mo as my girlfriend, I will certainly treat you to a meal.”

Ming Yeqing smiled and did not say anything.

This wish of upperclassman Cheng would be very difficult to attain. It was better if he did not seem to egg him on so as to not give upperclassman Cheng false hopes.

Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye methodically completed their plan a step at a time.

Qin Mufeng did not fail them and obtained Wei Zhiqian’s next blind date’s location and time.

“On this Friday night, 8:00 in the evening, at Teatime,” Qin Mufeng informed Qin Muye via text.

Qin Muye: “Received!”

After she finished chatting with Qin Mufeng, Qin Muye said to Ming Yeqing, “Luckily Brother Zhiqian chose Teatime. He did not choose an extravagant place.”

Ming Yeqing nodded. “Teatime serves Cantonese cuisine. The environment is not bad, and most people can afford their prices. It will not cause stress for upperclassman Cheng.”

“That’s good.” Qin Muye sighed in relief. “I was worried that the place Brother Zhiqian would choose for his blind date would be extravagant, such as Qiwei or Tangyan. They are expensive, Michelin-star restaurants, and reservations need to be made far in advance. Upperclassman Cheng would not be able to get a table.”

“Qiwei and Tangyan are restaurants under Changping, and Brother Zhiqian would never choose one of Changping’s restaurants. The restaurants under Changping in B city have good environments and are of high quality, but the staff would recognize Brother Zhiqian. Brother Zhiqian would want to prevent the staff from filming a live broadcast of his blind date and would never go to these restaurants. As for medium-quality and popular restaurants, although lively, the environment is still not as good, and they are not suitable for blind dates,” Ming Yeqing said, analyzing the situation.

“Excluding Changping’s restaurants, there are only a few restaurants left in B city that have class and good environments.” When Ming Yeqing heard the blind date was at Teatime, he understood exactly what was going on. “Although Brother Zhiqian has agreed to go on blind dates, it seem that he is not taking the blind dates to heart, which was why he chose Teatime. The environment is all right, but it is not especially classy. The food is not bad, but is not fancy. It is a suitable place for everyone to eat at on a shopping trip or for a gathering between family and friends.

“If we are talking about the location for a blind date, it is not unacceptable. For the average person, this restaurant is indeed enough. Actually, it would be all right to go for hot pot or barbecue. However, since it is Brother Zhiqian who is going on this blind date, it seems that he is really indifferent about the dating when he chooses such a location,” Ming Yeqing said with a smile.

“Since he is so indifferent, why is he going on the blind date?” Qin Muye pouted. “Since he is going, he should have a good attitude.”

“It is because he probably understands his own feelings.” Ming Yeqing smiled.

Wei Zhiqian might be trying to see if he could meet someone compatible.

On the one hand, he hated blind dates.

He felt conflicted.

“It is even better if the other party thinks that the restaurant he chose was not high-class enough, so there would be no need for them to meet the next time,” Ming Yeqing said.

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