Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 1014 - Ultimate Killing Star

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Chapter 1014 Ultimate Killing Star

The older generation of Sages opposed each other and argued endlessly. As time passed, the new Sages also began to take sides.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du felt a headache. He missed the atmosphere when the Divine Might Heavenly Sage presided over the Heavenly Dao. Who dared to say they were anxious under the Divine Might Heavenly Sage’s eyes?

However, as time passed, the Divine Might Heavenly Sage’s image in his mind inexplicably became blurry. He couldn’t even remember his true name.

In the end, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “Let the Flying Heaven Sect Master and the head of the Han family meet at the peak of Buzhou Divine Mountain. Sage Han Yu, you have to go personally to prevent chaos.”

Han Yu nodded.

Speaking of which, the Han family’s master was of the same generation as him, but the difference in cultivation between the two was too great. They had never met. The expressions of the Sages changed slightly. They felt that Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du was biased towards the Han family, but facing Han Yu, they did not dare to act recklessly.

Although Han Yu was a calm person, his grand-disciple, Qin Ling, was not to be trifled with. He had a fiery personality. A Sage once spoke ill of Han Yu. Qin Ling immediately hunted him down when he heard of it. A Sage would have died if not for the older generation standing up.

After this matter was settled, another Sage mentioned another important matter. This was the Universal Hall. Once the Sages gathered, it would definitely take a long time to settle things.

The mountains undulated and the red sun hung above the mountains and rivers. Han Jue and Han Ling walked in the forest. The forest here was sparse and many cultivators were coming and going. They were all facing one direction.

Han Jue and his daughter were like transcendent immortals, so they naturally attracted a lot of attention. However, no one came to cause trouble for the time being.

Han Ling asked, “Father, the aura ahead is not strong. It’s even inferior to some of the cultivators coming and going. Could it be a


Han Jue smiled. “What does it have to do with us? Just take it as joining in the fun. Let’s go.”

The father and daughter went up the mountain and stopped at a stone pavilion. This mountain was majestic and one could look down on the nearby mountains and rivers.

From here, he could see a Daoist temple located halfway up a mountain. In front of the temple was a dam platform with dozens of cultivators sitting. There were also cultivators in the nearby mountains. It was a spectacular scene.

Han Jue waited for the Immortal to preach the Dao while preparing to use the Creation Heaven’s Chosen.

He had already accumulated the Creation Heaven’s Chosen twice. It was time to use it once.

[Activating the Creation Heaven’s Chosen. A random Great Creation will appear among your descendants.]

[Your descendant Han Ye has awakened an Innate Great Creation-Ultimate Killing Star]

[Ultimate Killing Star: Born with the soul of the Killing Star, he is arrogant by nature. The more he kills, the stronger his cultivation. He cannot tolerate any providence of heaven and earth.]

Ultimate Killing Star?

Han Jue was secretly curious. He began to deduce Han Ye.

This fellow was not Han Yunjin’s descendant, but Han Yu’s. Their bloodlines were thousands of generations apart and had already deviated from the main family. He was born in a village in the mortal world. His parents were farmers and he did not know the origins of his ancestors.

Han Ye was only two years old and was undergoing a great change.

Han Jue asked in his mind, “Between the Ultimate Killing Star and the Primordial Emperor Star, who is stronger?”

[It is hard to compare Innate Great Creations.)

Han Jue was interested in Han Ye.

He decided to visit him in a few years.

Several years was a very short time for Han Jue.

In the wilderness, a youth with sharp eyebrows and bright eyes walked as if he was flying. In front of him was a wild boar that was taller than an adult.

“Bastard! You’ve invaded my garden. Where are you running!”

The youth leaped and landed on the wild boar’s back. He waved his small fist.


The wild boar instantly fell to the ground. Its fat head smashed into the ground, and the sound of bones breaking could be heard. Blood splattered everywhere.

The youth was not appeased and continued to punch. The wild boar quickly died.

He stood up and grinned. Then, he carried the wild boar back to his house. The difference in size between the two was huge and visually shocking

After returning to the village, the youth threw the wild boar at the entrance, attracting the attention of the villagers.

“Han Ye is really powerful.”

“Tsk tsk, the power of a nine-year-old is so terrifying. It’s like a Devil Master descending from the heavens!”

“Well done. This wild boar deserves to die!”

“Hahaha, Han Ye, can you share the meat?”

“Tsk tsk, I killed a huge worm last time. This time, I killed a wild boar as big as a carriage. It’s too ferocious.”

Han Ye placed his hands on his hips and laughed. “You can all split up the meat. Send the right thigh to my house!”

With that, he rushed towards the mountain on the left of the village. He was like an ape in the forest, quickly traveling. He arrived at a valley after traveling for more than ten kilometers. The entrance of the valley was covered in vines and weeds. At first glance, it was very difficult to find a path here.

Han Ye rushed in directly. After entering the mountain pass, there was a small wooden house. In front of the wooden house was a lake with green waves.

A young man and woman were fishing in front of the lake. The woman was as beautiful as a flower and could cause the downfall of a city. The man was even more handsome and had a more immortal aura than the woman.

Han Ye approached them and said excitedly, “Immortal Masters, I killed a very big wild boar today. Didn’t you see that the wild boar was as big as this wooden house? I killed it with three punches and two kicks!”

Han Jue glanced at him and smiled. “Has your strength increased?”

Han Ye nodded excitedly and clenched his fists. “Immortal Masters, the luck technique you taught me is too powerful. My strength actually increased after killing the wild boar!”

Han Ling frowned but did not say anything.

Han Jue smiled and asked, “You came to tell us this?”

Han Ye scratched his head and chuckled. “Immortal Masters, I want to kill more evil beasts to increase my strength, but there are too few evil worms in the forest within a hundred miles. What should I do?”

“All you know is to kill. You’re so fierce at such a young age!”

Han Ling scolded him, scaring Han Ye.

He had known this pair of immortal masters for half a month. He was most afraid of Han Ling because she had never given him a good attitude.

Han Ye looked at Han Jue pitifully.

Although he was only nine years old, Han Ye looked about thirteen or fourteen years old. His appearance was not at all similar to Han Jue, but he indeed had his bloodline.

Han Jue smiled and said, “I’ll teach you a fist technique. You don’t have to kill them to increase your strength. Go back and cultivate for a few months. Come and find us when you master the technique.”

Then, he raised his hand and pointed without waiting for him to answer. Han Ye trembled and immediately fell into a daze.

He had already returned home when he woke up. A memory appeared in his mind. He worshiped Han Jue even more. He was really an immortal master!

In the valley.

Han Ling asked in confusion, “Father, do you like him so much?”


Han Jue smiled. “Can’t I?”

“Although he’s a descendant of our bloodline, the difference in seniority is too great. He’s like a stranger to us. Furthermore, this child is violent by nature. I can’t see any good in him.” Han Ling shook her head.

Han Jue thought to himself. It seemed that the chosen ones couldn’t sense each other.

Han Ling could sense Jiang Jueshi’s Great Creation because the Primordial Emperor Star was superior.

Han Jue smiled and said, “Although he enjoys killing, he’s still very good to the village. How can the path of cultivation not have killing sins? You haven’t experienced it, and that’s because we’re here. If not for me, you would have to fight with others just for a safe place to cultivate.”

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