Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years - Chapter 957 - Revival of Will

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Chapter 957 Revival of Will

Han Jue questioned himself. Should he put the 53 Chaotic Fiendcelestials into the Primordial World? They would help him unify it.

But he realized there was no need upon a second thought.

His control over the Primordial World was absolute, and these 53 Chaotic Fiendcelestials were born and raised in the Heavenly Dao, after all. Karma was difficult to sever. He couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t become a weakness of the Primordial World in the future.

Forget it.

All eggs couldn’t be placed in one basket.

What if someone betrayed him? Besides, he could never reveal all his trump cards.

Han Jue pondered.

He wanted his disciples and descendants to remain in the dark about all the forces he controlled.

Even the people closest to him didn’t know, let alone enemies.

Han Jue observed the Primordial World and then teleported to the main Dao Field.

He hadn’t paid attention to the Heavenly Dao for many years. He should take a look.

No matter what, he had protected the Heavenly Dao several times and it had already become his possession.

This was his territory. He had to take a look!

More and more Heavenly Dao Sages emerged in the Heavenly Dao while he was in seclusion. There were already more than ten Freedom Sages in the territory. The Heavenly Dao Domain doubled in size and the Immortal World changed drastically.

Han Jue was very glad. He was right to leave the Sages alive.

The Heavenly Dao wouldn’t be so prosperous if he were the one governing it.

He was only suitable to back it, not to manage all living beings.

More and more Heavenly Dao cultivators went to the Chaos and spread the Heavenly Dao’s providence and karma on the vast map of the Chaos.

Some old people left and some new people rose in the Heavenly Dao. There were many people, and it was currently the healthiest development.

The Heavenly Dao did not carry out an absolute peaceful policy, so providence sects and dynasties often attacked each other. However, such a situation made the Heavenly Dao stable. Yin and Yang were harmonious. It was feasible for immortals and gods to be righteous. The netherworld was reasonable and could be taken in. The hatred in the world was not suppressed. Although negative karma increased, there were no signs of calamity.

Several hours later.

Han Jue left and returned to the third Dao Field.

He called Xing Hongxuan over.

“Husband, do you miss me?” she asked with a smile.

Han Jue smiled and said, “That’s right.”

Overjoyed, Xing Hongxuan pounced into his arms.

Just as she was about to take the next step, Han Jue said, “I’m preparing to expand the Han family. What do you think?”

Stunned, Xing Hongxuan asked in surprise, “Do you want children or descendants?”

Han Jue smiled. “Anything is fine. I plan to have a son every ten million years.”

Xing Hongxuan said in a low voice, “Then it’s Xuan Qingjun’s turn. She’s been waiting for a long time.”

“You’re willing?”

“Of course. It’s already my honor to serve you. How can I monopolize you?”

Xing Hongxuan shook her head. She knew very well that liking someone was not about dominance.

If not for Han Jue, she would only be a mortal. He would accompany her for her life and she could still find another good person. Women were never the most important thing to Han Jue, so she didn’t dare to be greedy and try to control him.

Han Jue smiled. “You have to persuade Huang’er and Qing’er to start a family when they return.”

Xing Hongxuan nodded. “Huang’er is still fine. After all, he’s a man. Qing’er is a woman. How can she take the initiative? She’s your only daughter. You have to be careful about her marriage. You can’t take her marriage lightly.”

Han Jue fell into deep thought.

That was true.

How could the Divine Might Heavenly Sage’s precious daughter marry just anyone?

How many people could catch his eye in the entire Chaos?

Choose from the disciples?

Forget it, he still had to ask his daughter about her thoughts. If she did not have such intentions, it would be fine if she did not marry. After all, the direct bloodline had to be inherited by a son.

Several days later.

Xing Hongxuan left in satisfaction.

Han Jue continued cultivating.

Since he didn’t know when the Chaotic Will would appear, all he could do was continue cultivating

He had to become as strong as possible!

In the crimson sky, the sea of clouds overlapped and the endless sea surged.

The Holy Mother of Order stood at the end of the sea, majestic like a mountain. The sun behind her emitted a blinding light.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of the Holy Mother of Order. It was Laozi.

Laozi frowned and asked, “Do you feel it?”

The Holy Mother of Order replied, “Let nature take its course.”

“What power is that?”

“Supreme Rules.”

“Then why would it affect us Great Dao Supremes? I’m already like this. As for the myriad living beings…”

Laozi narrowed his eyes and asked, “Was my master controlled by this power back then?”

The Holy Mother of Order said, “Everyone other than him.”

Laozi was moved.

The Holy Mother of Order sighed. “Fellow Daoist Li has already reached the peak of the Great Dao and can be considered to have transcended the rules. You should understand the difference between doing it along the way and going against the Dao. Go back and cultivate well. Wait for your Dao heart’s guidance.”

Laozi asked, “My master was surrounded by the Chaos back then. Although he used a great Mystical Power to suppress the calamity, the Heavenly Dao could no longer develop. Could it be that my master compromised?”

The Holy Mother of Order did not answer.

Laozi asked, “Who are we talking about this time? The Divine Might Heavenly Sage? The Ultimate God of Punishment? Or that Dark Forbidden Lord and Life Lord?”

The Holy Mother of Order still did not answer.

Laozi understood something and bowed before disappearing.

The Holy Mother of Order did not move. She was like a statue standing on the sea, ancient and weathered.

There was no day or night in the Order World. The sky would occasionally change color, but it was still daytime.

After a certain period of time.

The Holy Mother of Order slowly raised her right hand, causing a tornado to rise from the sea and soar into the sky.

The tornado suddenly exploded, turning into torrential rain that enveloped the entire Order World. The rain rumbled and thunder rumbled, as if a storm was coming.

The Holy Mother of Order did not move no matter how the violent waves struck her body.

Above the Chaos.

The high and mighty Seven Supreme Rules began to slowly fuse. Their movements were very slow and there was no movement.

Apart from a few mighty figures, no one in the entire Chaos noticed this.

On a barren star.

Huang Zuntian was meditating in a huge pit. Countless tiny black stones floated around him.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and strange black patterns appeared between his eyebrows.

He frowned and muttered, “What’s going on? The power of the Divine Authority…”

Black light suddenly burst out from his eyes. His entire body began to shake violently as if he was about to explode.

After a while.

Huang Zuntian regained his calm. He raised his head again and his expression became indifferent. He looked into the depths of the universe and muttered to himself, “Divine Might Heavenly Sage, you’ve harmed me this deeply!”

He suddenly stood up and disappeared with the countless tiny black stones around him.

At the same time.

Heavenly Dao, outside the 33rd Heaven, in a palace.

The door suddenly opened!

A terrifying aura erupted!

A figure slowly walked out. It was Azure Heaven Mystic.

Azure Heaven Mystic’s face was filled with anger and killing intent. He looked down at the Immortal World and shouted in a low voice, “Divine Might Heavenly Sage, you severed my karma. I will definitely eliminate


This would definitely have disturbed the other Sages in the past, but no Sage appeared this time.

The 33rd Heaven fell into a strange silence.

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