Trafford’s Trading Club - Chapter 867 - Volume 9 – Chapter 119: When The Cherry Blossoms Are Dancing (Part2)

Chapter 867 Volume 9 – Chapter 119: When The Cherry Blossoms Are Dancing (Part2)


There was a sudden loud noise. The turbulence between heaven and earth escalated again at this moment, and a vast mountain not far away broke directly at this moment!

Susanoo and Tsukuyomi looked at it simultaneously, but they felt that their divine position was faltering at this moment. The world power imposed on them even began to become irritable, as if they were about to break away from control at any time!

“What the hell is this!? Slay it!”

Susanoo roared furiously at this time. He drew out the weapon from his waist in an instant. It was a dark red strange katana. After all, the ten-span sword had been broken. This weapon was second only to the ten-span sword in Susanoo’s collection.

But at the moment when Susanoo was about to rush into the thick fog, he saw the thick fog surging as if something was about to break out of it!

A vast black figure with eight giant heads rushed out of the thick fog in an instant! The eight giant heads came from different directions at this moment, and the sixteen hideous eyes were only on Susanoo’s body at the same time!

“Orochi. Why are you here!? You can’t be here! I’m not afraid of you!!!”

Susanoo frantically held up the treasured saber on his hand and chopped off one of the giant snakeheads. One slash after another, but after the snake’s head was cut off. It grew back again immediately!


“Susanowo. What is he doing?”

Tsukuyomi was in a cold sweat at the moment. The handsome face was ashen in an instant! In front of his eyes, Susanoo of Three Deities was mad at the moment, holding a weapon and waving it indiscriminately while roaring angrily!

“Could it be that Susanowo was caught in illusion?!” Tsukuyomi thought of this possibility. He suddenly became even more frightened. Susanoo, the murderous man, also fell into the illusion. The black hidden behind. What terrifying means did that evil demon, who stole the world, possessed!

“Amaterasu, we can’t just sit and wait! If we lose Susanoo, it will be even more disadvantageous for us!” Tsukuyomi could not help calling her sister affectionately at the moment and looked directly at Amaterasu Omikami. After just a look, Tsukuyomi frowned, “Amaterasu, what are you laughing at this time?”

“Because I am happy.” Amaterasu Omikami showed a weird smile at this time but pointed to Susanoo, who was going crazy below, and smiled lightly, “Tsukuyomi, do you want to accompany Susanoo? You and he are the men among Three Deities!”

“Amaterasu, what are you talking about? Wait!” Tsukuyomi suddenly thought of a terrifying possibility!

Even if we are in a world crisis, Amaterasu Omikami will not act so rash, driving all his subordinates to the forefront! She would only use her identity to force Susanoo and me to make a move first!

And this strange speech manner…

“You. Who are you?”

“Me?” Amaterasu Omikami smiled slightly, “Of course I am you. Look at me!”

Amaterasu Omikami in front of the original Tsukuyomi instantly turned into Tsukuyomi’s appearance. From appearance to demeanor, even the faint divine might leak out; they were all similar!

“Impossible! You monster!” Tsukuyomi took out a small Tachi from him and held it in his backhand. Amaterasu might have perished a long time ago. Susanoo was caught in the opponent’s trap and had gone crazy. He could only survive on his own!

“Just you?” “Tsukuyomi” sneered at this time, “Look at who I am again?!”

‘Tsukuyomi’ changed again in an instant. It turned into a dignified and noble fair beauty!

“Izanami. Mother God!” Tsukuyomi was startled and suddenly woke up, “Don’t lie to me! You monster!”

“Izanami” waved her hand slowly at this time, “Tsukuyomi, how dare you be so rude in front of me? Accept the punishment! I will deprive you of the power of Three Deities from now on. You will become a mortal!”

Tsukuyomi only felt the power brought by the divine position dissipating madly. Immediately, his body began to dry up, and his hair fell out one by one.

“This is not me. It’s not me!!”

Tsukuyomi looked at his skinny and bone-like hands and yelled in horror, “This is not me! Don’t take back my power! Mother God, I’m wrong! It’s my fault! Don’t take away my power!”

‘Izanami’ was motionless, just showing a weird smile it had since the start.

Dazhe rubbed his chin and looked at the maid sister beside him curiously, “Ms. You Ye, are these guys stupid?”

“They are not stupid.” The maid said calmly, “They lost to the fear in their heart.”

“Really…” Dazhe shook his head.

The world in front of him were all the subordinates of the Three Deities, ‘Eight Million Deities,’ demon, reincarnated samurai, and reincarnated demon beasts. All of them were high on drugs. They would suddenly laugh out loud, crying for a while and some of them even yelling. Even if Susanoo, who fought with him, was like a mental hospital patient.

Of course, Dazhe saw the girl in a kimono next to Eric. Her name seems to be Miki.


The earth began to shake at this time. There was a crack in the dilapidated Unripe Rice Village ahead, and then something stretched out frantically!

It was like a vast pillar… It was a tree trunk!

This tree trunk grew crazily. It soon exceeded the height of the mountains in an instant, but it did not stop expanding! Simultaneously, the rhizomes below stretched out crazily, absorbing all the ‘Eight Million Deities,’ demons, reincarnated demon beast, and samurai!

The rhizomes absorbed subordinates under the Three Deities. Only their heads were exposed. The trunk that emerged from the earth received ample nutrients. A large number of branches began to grow at the top. Then, it came the green leaves!

“Eric, is this your masterpiece? A world-class nightmare is not bad.” You Ye suddenly turned and looked behind her.

Dazhe was taken aback. He hurriedly turned around and saw the weird guy he met when he first came to Yan Wuyue World, Eric!

“Is it pretty?” Eric smiled, “My vessel.”

A touch of pink appeared from the tree’s crown and then spread to all the branches.

The cherry blossoms were actually in full bloom.

But spring had not come yet.

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