Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart - Chapter 1122 - Ji’er Was Very Reliant On Chu Qi

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Chapter 1122: Ji’er Was Very Reliant On Chu Qi

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Long Yang had actually never washed any clothes before.

However, he felt guilty toward Ji’er and because of his love for the child, he wanted to do something for her.

Even something as minor as washing her clothes would make him feel better.

That was why when he carried the clothes to the stream, he washed them very carefully.

He was even more careful and serious than when he was marking Palace Memorials.

Zhao Qian would have been shocked to see him this way.

The two little pieces of clothing were washed thoroughly from the inside out by him.

After he was done with the washing, he returned to the hunter’s home and hung the clothes out to dry in the courtyard.

Chu Qi was currently feeding Ji’er goat’s milk.

The baby was enjoying it with a happy look on her face.

Long Yang’s heart softened when he saw her drinking contentedly.

He stared at her for a long time without looking away.

At that moment, Ji’er had her fill of milk, so Chu Qi carried her up gently and let her lean on his shoulder. He proceeded to pat her gently on the back and only put her down again once she burped. He held her in the nook of his arms.

The hunter’s wife noticed the puzzled look on Long Yang’s face and explained, “Ji’er used to always throw up the milk after she was done with her meal. Lil Qi figured out that by doing this, she vomited less frequently. It’s quite effective, to be honest.”

Long Yang looked at Chu Qi in surprise.

He had witnessed Chu Qi taking good care of Ji’er the entire day, but he was still astonished when he heard the hunter’s wife tell him that.

Lil Qi had grown up at Long Yang’s side and he knew that the young man was not a very patient person. He had not expected Lil Qi to show so much patience with Ji’er.

The hunter’s wife could be right. There were times when it was the bond between people that mattered.

Chu Qi was very fond of Ji’er and Ji’er was very reliant on Chu Qi.

This must be what people would describe as a congenial moment.

As for the relationship between Long Yang and his daughter, he was the one who had destroyed it with his own hands.

Long Yang mused over this dejectedly.

His gaze fell once more on Ji’er.

He suddenly saw her little mouth widen and she smiled at him.

It was a small smile, but Long Yang had spotted it.

A look of delight appeared on his face.

He felt his heart melting at his daughter’s smile and the crestfallen feeling he had immediately disappeared.

“She smiled. She actually smiled at me!” He was so overjoyed that the hard look on his face disappeared and he gave off a warmer aura than before.

The hunter and his wife smiled at each other when they saw this.

Ji’er was a child that anyone would love the moment they saw her. Even the most hard-hearted person’s heart would melt if she smiled at you.

The man in front of them was the best evidence.

Long Yang looked at Ji’er and was reminded of Weiwei’s worry for her daughter. This made the smile on his face disappear.

If Weiwei knew Ji’er was alive, she would be so happy.

He decided to bring Ji’er back to the imperial capital the next day.

As he owed the hunter and his wife a great debt, he informed them that he would be taking his daughter with him.

The couple turned silent after he told them about it.

A long moment passed before the hunter’s wife said a little sadly, “She’s leaving so soon?”

“Yes. Ji’er’s mother is ill because she misses Ji’er so much. She’s going mad thinking about her. We have to return as soon as possible.” The memory of Weiwei going hysterical at the cliff was enough to make him visibly worried and dejected.

The pressure point technique he used on her could only stop her momentarily. He was worried she might do something unthinkable once she woke up.

The hunter’s wife understood his situation when she heard this. “I see. When are you planning to leave tomorrow? We’ll prepare some rations for your trip.”

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