Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in the ‘90s - Chapter 315: "So we will be neighbors from now on?" (2)

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Chapter 315: “So we will be neighbors from now on?” (2)

“You really decided to sell your house?” The Village Party Secretary was a distant relative of the seller. He felt odd that they wanted to sell the house and buy overseas.

“Yeah, we don’t have much choices. Nannan has to work and take care of the baby. It was hard. We can’t sit by and watch. It is not like we have anything in particular to take care of here. So we might as well go over there and help our daughter take care of the baby.” The owner smiled. As long as they could be with their daughter, it didn’t matter where they live.

“I object. I object to you selling this house.”

They had just finished signing when the old lady, somehow finding out about this, came running over. A couple followed behind her and the man resembled the seller some. He was most likely the old lady’s younger son.

It was obvious that the seller did not let the old lady know that he was selling the house. Perhaps when they went to bring over the Village Party Secretary today, they were spotted on their way and had let the words out. There were always those few who loved gossiping and watching dramas in a village. As such, the old lady had found out about this.

“I object to you selling this house. Look at you. This is your root. You can sell anything except the house. Where are you going to live when you return in your old age if you have sold your house?” The old lady only wished she could beat some sense into them. “Who goes and take care of their married daughter? And she wants you to sell the house for her? Isn’t she worried that she’d be struck by lightning?”

“We are moving overseas. It is our idea to spent our money for our daughter. It’s not like we are spending your money,” said the older daughter-in-law bluntly.

“That’s my son’s money too. What now? You are going to move overseas and not supporting me in my old age? If you don’t support me in my old age, then give me this house. Or I am going to sue you!”

In the end of the day, the old lady wanted the house.

“Sure. Go and sue us. And you better make good on that,” said the older daughter-in-law while look at the old lady with resentment in her eyes. “You didn’t give us anything when you split up your possessions. Lao Xia and I left empty handed. We’ve agreed at the time that you will be giving your house and all of your savings to your younger son and we will not have to take care of you when you get old. What? That was just a few years ago. Have you forgotten all about it already? It’s fine if you had forgotten. It was all written down. Old Village Party Secretary and the manager at the factory were still around. You can’t go back on your words. I have never heard that everything can go one son but both sons had to split the expenses when you get old. And we have to hand over our house that we worked our entire life for over to you. Are you really that shameless?”

Apparently, the older daughter-in-law had been very disgruntled and she didn’t care about blurting them all out.

The old lady was much less aggressive after her daughter-in-law’s spiel.

“She might not have allocated anything to you, but brother-in-law was also from the same mother. He wasn’t born being able to take care of himself.” The younger daughter-in-law interjected.

“You shut up.” The older daughter-in-law gave her a stare. “Everything was written down. You want to go back on your words now? That’s fine too. We can take care of her when she is old. We will redivide their possessions. We get half of what was given to you. We will do whatever you do in the future to take care of her. I won’t even go overseas anymore. I’ll stay home and take good care of her.”

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