Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 1497 - The Wen Yan Couple (32)

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Chapter 1497: The Wen Yan Couple (32)

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“Don’t fight him head-on.” Wen Ruoshui looked at her seriously and reminded her, “As the saying goes, a strong dragon cannot suppress a local snake. You’re unfamiliar with this place. Don’t go overboard.”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Nangong Lengyu told the taxi driver to leave quickly and smiled. “I know what to do.”

Through the window, Wen Ruoshui looked at her high-spirited back view and frowned slightly. Her eyes could not hide her worry. After all, this was her first time in China. Huo Ci was a tyrant in the capital, so she would be at a disadvantage if they fought.

During the afternoon break, Wen Ruoshui received a call from Nangong Lengyu, asking her to help find Yan Yuanfei and get a transfer student slot at Beijing Fourth High School. She wanted to go to school there.

Huo Ci was currently in No. 4 High School, his third year of high school. The college entrance examination was in a few months.

Nangong Lengyu turned around. She was also in her third year of high school and had even told her that she wanted to take the college entrance examination.

“Why do you want to take the college entrance examination domestically?” Wen Ruoshui felt uneasy when she heard her strange words. Which one of these rich second-generation heirs in the country did not want to go to foreign universities?

Especially for someone with poor grades like Huo Ci. His family must have arranged for overseas schools.

“Huo Ci made a bet with me. If I score higher than him in the college entrance examination, he will agree to break off the engagement.” Nangong Lengyu sneered. “He wants to beat me with his lousy results?”

“What exactly did you tell him?” Wen Ruoshui kept feeling that she had been tricked by Huo Ci.

Nangong Lengyu told Wen Ruoshui the main point of her negotiation with Huo Ci in the morning.

In order to take revenge on her, Huo Ci had asked her to stay together from now on until the end of the college entrance examination. Before the results were out, it would be convenient for him to make things difficult for her during this period.

“Huo Ci must be taking this opportunity to take revenge on you.” Wen Ruoshui frowned. “You shouldn’t agree. Let’s think of another way.”

It was obvious that Huo Ci had thought of a plan to take revenge on her. If she lived with him, who knew how he would bully her!

“Don’t worry, I have a way to deal with him.” Nangong Lengyu was calm and open-minded.

“I’m not talking about that. The two of you will live under the same roof alone. Do you know that feelings grow over time?” Wen Ruoshui knew that Huo Ci would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. He had no interest in Yu’er now either. He just wanted revenge.

However, who could say for sure about feelings? What if his brain was squeezed by the door one day and he developed feelings for Yu’er?

Yu’er had never liked a boy or fallen in love since she was young. It was serious that she had been deceived by him.

“I’m a man now. I’m Nangong Lengyu’s boyfriend.” Nangong Lengyu emphasized her words. “The two of us hate each other now. Don’t worry, this kind of thing that you’re imagining definitely won’t happen. Even if I like a dog or a pig, I won’t like Huo Ci.”

Was she joking?

A bastard like Huo Ci was stupid, impulsive, petty, and irritable. He was also annoying in every way. Even if the seawater flowed backward, it was impossible for her to like him!

Wen Ruoshui knew her temper. No one could persuade her when she had decided on something. She sighed and reminded her, “Then be careful. Don’t think that you’re safe just because you’re dressed as a man. Who knows what Huo Ci will do with his personality?”

It was not a big deal for a man and a woman to live together for a day or two. If they stayed together for too long, it was hard to guarantee that there would not be any problems.

Especially since Yu’er’s identity and gender required special attention. If Huo Ci found out that she was Nangong Lengyu, his fiancée, and that she had lied to him, he would definitely not let the matter rest.

“Just keep it a secret between you and Chu Chu.” Nangong Lengyu did not need to worry about anything else. This was the first time she had come to China since she was young, so she did not know any children of Chinese families or daughters of wealthy families.

The only two people she knew were Dongfang Chu and Wen Ruoshui. As long as they did not say anything, no one would know her true identity.

She also believed that a person like Huo Ci would not hesitate to take revenge on her and would not casually investigate her background because he looked down on her.

Yan Yuanfei solved the issue of Nangong Lengyu’s transfer with a phone call, allowing her to successfully enter Fourth High School. She also stayed in the same dormitory as Huo Ci.

Wen Ruoshui and Dongfang Chu discussed this matter and unanimously felt that it was still a little risky. However, other than Huo Ci taking the initiative to propose a solution to the marriage, they could not think of any other good ideas for the time being.

After all, Huo Ci was not someone who could be dealt with using money or threats. If he was unwilling, no one could do anything to him.

Wen Ruoshui rested for half a day on Thursday. She finally had time to move. She found a moving company and moved back to her house from the rented house.

Yan Yuanfei had accompanied the President on an overseas visit this week. Before she left, she had even left a note on his door to tell him that she had moved.

Habit was a very scary thing.

Although Wen Ruoshui had moved, she still subconsciously walked towards the rented house every day when she went out.

That night, after the surgery, it was already past one o’clock. She took a taxi and told him the address. When she reached her house, she suddenly realized that she had gone the wrong way. She returned to the door of the rented house.

The note she had written was still at the door next door, but he had not returned. Disappointment flashed across her heart imperceptibly. She touched his house key in her bag and hesitated for a moment before opening the door.

She told herself that she did not want to stay at his house, but it was too late. It would take too much time to go home. She would not be able to sleep for a few hours before she got up to go to the hospital to work.

The room was very quiet. Perhaps it was because no one had lived in it for too long, but coldness and loneliness assaulted her, making her feel a little lonely.

She did not turn on the lights or go to the bedroom. She was really too tired. After lying on the sofa for a short while, she fell asleep.

Yan Yuanfei got off the plane and rejected the President’s suggestion to have dinner with his colleagues. He got in the car and left eagerly.

The President looked at the secretary beside him and asked, “Far from being in love?”

The President’s secretary replied in a low voice, “I’m not sure about that.”

The President smiled. “He must be in love. Only people in love would want to grow wings and fly to their lover’s side immediately like him.”

A minister beside him started talking. He smiled and said that he seemed to have heard that he was in love. It was normal for young people to be in love.

However, they were all very curious about how outstanding a woman was to be able to catch the eye of their pure-hearted Cabinet Chief.

When Yan Yuanfei reached the door, he saw a note pasted on it. The girl’s handwriting was beautiful, and the words were like her. She exuded a cold and stubborn aura.

When he saw the contents of the note, disappointment flashed across his eyes. He took the note and folded it carefully before turning to leave.

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