Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 773 - Dated Before

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Chapter 773: Dated Before

Ling Sheng thought to herself, if it really happens, you’ll become my stepmother. Even if you’re willing, I’m not. “What if it’s real, he only likes you and will only marry you.”

“Scram!” Shi Lingyu scolded her. “Isn’t Movie Queen Nangong still around? Why would I have this kind of dream? One has to be realistic.”

She was quite good now. Although Yu Bei was foolish, he treated her very well. It was the feeling of love that she liked. She would not exchange it for ten or even a hundred Huo Ci!

When Ling Sheng thought of the Movie Queen and her father, she sighed deeply and nodded. “From an outsider’s perspective, what do you think of them being together?”

“A deity with another deity, a big shot versus another big shot. They’re evenly matched in strength and a perfect match for each other. Both of them are kings!” Shi Lingyu secretly tried to get her to talk. “The Movie Queen and King used to have that kind of relationship, right?”

Ling Sheng rejected leaking any spoilers. “I don’t know.”

Shi Lingyu said, “You must know. Anyway, I think they’re really compatible after watching their video! When the time comes, don’t call her Aunt. Call her your uncle’s wife[1].”

Ling Sheng: What uncle’s wife? I’ll have to call her Mother. I’m not chatting with her anymore. After saying a few more words, she hung up.

It was already the 29th of December. Her father was really capable. She was full of admiration. Despite being chased and scolded by her grandpa every day, he had still dragged the time out until New Year’s Eve.

The three of them would only be returning to the Huo Family’s old residence to celebrate the New Year tomorrow. She would also be at ease. Delaying by a day was a day anyway..

For the entire day today, her father had been watching Xiaoqi. It was snowing outside, so the duo had stayed at home to play the whole day. When she returned, the two of them had fallen asleep on the sofa.

At night, they had a simple meal. Ling Sheng stewed spare ribs, made steamed fish, and stir-fried two types of vegetables. She also made braised noodles and even boiled silk melon soup. The luffa was plucked on the spot from the vegetable garden so it was very fresh.

Huo Ci had gotten hungry a long time ago. If the brat had not said that she was coming home to cook, he would not have been able to resist ordering takeout early on. As soon as the braised noodles were out of the pot, he filled a big bowl with them. And while Ling Sheng turned around to get something, he secretly lifted the clay pot and picked up a piece of spare ribs.


This brat’s culinary skills were excellent. He did not know who she had learned them from, but they happened to suit his taste buds and matched well with his preferences.

Ling Sheng went to pick up some bok choy. When she returned, she saw her father standing in front of the stove eating. She frowned in disdain. “Father, dinner will start soon. Aren’t you still going to eat later?”

Huo Ci, who was still eating, retorted incoherently. He felt a little guilty for stealing the food, but he could not lose in terms of his imposing manner. “Do you still have to control when I eat something? Do you want me to starve to death?!”

Ling Sheng pouted. Upon seeing him carry the bowl out as though he was protecting it, she even scooped a small bowl of ribs and passed it to him. “Father.”

Huo Ci gave her a look and frowned. “You put poison in it, right?”

Why was she suddenly so kind?

“I poisoned it. There’s poison in everything. Don’t eat anymore.” Ling Sheng was so angry that she laughed. Upon seeing him carry the bowl out, she asked, “Father, do you know that my Fifth Uncle is in love?”

Huo Ci stopped in his tracks. “Why should I know?”

They had severed their relations!

He had already cut ties with all of them, other than Fourth Brother and Second Brother!

Ling Sheng probed further. “Father, has Fifth Uncle really not dated before?”

She kept feeling that this was impossible. Although he had mentioned that, Fifth Uncle was already very old. How could he not have dated even once?

[1] In English, both 姨 and 舅妈 are translated to ‘Aunt’ but in Chinese, the second title 舅妈 refers to one’s maternal uncle’s wife.

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