Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 788 - Eighty-one Sufferings

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Chapter 788: Eighty-one Sufferings

“Everyone has their own luck. Perhaps this is the tribulation I have to experience. Without hardships, how could I marry Sheng Sheng?” Jun Shiyan was already very open-minded.

The true owner of the Huo Family already knew about his existence, and Grandpa had not objected that strongly either. As for Huo Ci, he would change his attitude all the time, but he did not dislike him that much.

“Yes, it’s not that easy to win the beauty’s heart. If I were Sheng Sheng’s mother, I wouldn’t marry my daughter to you so easily either. At the very least, I would have made you experience eighty-one sufferings,” Nangong Lengyu joked.

She was joking, but Jun Shiyan shivered for no reason. Did she want to compete with Huo Ci to see who was more ruthless?

Jun Shiyan and Nangong Lengyu planned to wait for Ling Sheng to come back and see how they would eat their New Year’s Eve dinner. They refrained from eating the whole time, and had planned to watch the Spring Festival Gala and wait for her to come back.

Xiaoqi was a boy, so he felt terrible after behaving himself in a room for a day. Thus, Jun Shiyan took him down for a walk and took a look at what he wanted to eat. He bought him some food to cushion his hunger. Children could not be starved.

The duo strolled down the road for half an hour before realizing that many shops beside the hospital had closed early. Besides those with 24-hour service, there were also chain fast-food restaurants all year round open.

Whether one had money or not, no one could be busy every day for 365 days a year. One had to rest well during the Lunar New Year. The shops would only open on the fourth or fifth day of the lunar year.

In the end, they only bought a few small cakes, some snacks at the mini supermarket and a few sticks of candied hawthorn before returning. The hospital was also deserted. There were not many people there.

When they passed by the lobby, they even bumped into a few stray dogs. Xiaoqi finished distributing the sausages they had bought to them.

The television in the ward was switched on the whole time. No matter which station it was, it would be broadcasting the Spring Festival Gala today. They found a random channel.

Xiaoqi was sitting on the sofa eating a small cake and whispering to Jun Shiyan. The two figures, one big and one small, looked like father and son. They were indescribably warm and harmonious.

Nangong Lengyu sat on the bed, unable to move. Actually, she could not tell if she was lucky or unlucky to have gotten into a car accident and been hospitalized anymore.

If she had not gotten into a car accident, she would not have run into Sheng Sheng and Xiaoqi. Perhaps they would even be able to have a New Year’s Eve dinner together later. She would be satisfied.

The gala started at eight o’clock sharp. Nangong Lengyu had already sat onto the sofa with Jun Shiyan’s help. There were also various snacks of Xiaoqi laid out on the coffee table. However, the two of them had weak stomachs, so they could only look at them.

Xiaoqi, on the other hand, ate happily. At home, his mother and great-grandmother would not let him have snacks before dinner.

When the list of programs appeared, Nangong Lengyu was baffled. “Didn’t Sheng Sheng say it was the tenth program? Why did it become the second one?”

“Perhaps it was not finalized yet when she told us!” Jun Shiyan had also seen the latest program list.

Huo Ci was the opening act.

His young lady was on the second program.

Actually, Nangong Lengyu had not paid attention to these before. In the past, when she had been overseas, her family had not watched any gala events because Huo Ci would appear.

Today’s gala was something she saw again after more than 20 years. It was much more innovative and fancier than before. Of course, the various installations had also become more advanced. It was still very lively and festive.

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