Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 919 - Forgave Him Already

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Chapter 919: Forgave Him Already

She simply could not bear to look at the scene in front of her. Father, that’s your father-in-law. Is it really appropriate for you to hold a knife?

Huo Ci was also stunned. He looked at the person in front of him and calmly put down the knife in his hand. His lips curled up in a polite smile as he greeted him, “Hi, Uncle Nangong.”

When Nangong Lun saw him, he held back his anger and shot him a cold look. He only nodded as a form of response.

He had come to check on his daughter. When he went to the hospital, he had been told that she had already been discharged. There had been no one at home either, so he had thought of coming over to take a look at night. He had not expected that not only was Ling Sheng here, but that scumbag Huo Ci was also here.

Upon hearing that there was a thief, Nangong Lengyu followed Huo Ci out closely and saw her father and Huo Ci standing opposite each other. The air around them was a little cold, and there were faint sparks flying.

Upon seeing the situation in front of him, Nangong Lun was momentarily angry and disappointed at the same time. He ignored Huo Ci and Ling Sheng, only looking at Nangong Lengyu with a severe face. “You, come with me!”


She was really great!

Hadn’t she said that she did not have any past feelings for Huo Ci and did not even want to look at him?

What was going on right now? He wouldn’t say anything about her bringing her daughter and grandson over to live with her, but what was with Huo Ci? They were living together behind his back.

“Father, why are you here?” When Nangong Lengyu finished speaking, her face turned pale all of sudden. She held her stomach in pain and started coughing softly.

“Don’t come over. I’ll leave. I’ll leave immediately, all right?” Upon seeing that his daughter’s gastric problem was about to act up again, Nangong Lun instantly became nervous. He looked at Ling Sheng and ordered, “What are you waiting for? Lend your mother up. Hurry up!”

Then, he did not dare stay any longer. He watched her worriedly while running away.

What kind of sin had he committed? His daughter fell ill when she saw him. Would he never be able to see his daughter again? When he thought of this, grief welled up in his heart, and his eyes reddened.

Upon seeing the Nangong Family’s Old Master turn around and run, Ling Sheng wanted to laugh, but she also felt somewhat sympathetic. She supported Nangong Lengyu and said, “Mom, go in and rest for a while.”

Nangong Lun ran far away. Upon seeing that the family was about to return to the house, he pointed at Huo Ci and shouted, “You, come here!”

Huo Ci was still holding a knife in his hand. He looked around before passing it to Xiaoqi. Then, he walked over casually. “Uncle Nangong, you called me?”

The more Nangong Lun thought about it, the sadder and more unwell he felt. He could not even see his daughter. On what basis could the culprit, Huo Ci, live with her? “Why are you here?”

“My arm broke.” Huo Ci showed his injured arm and smiled. “My daughter and grandson were worried that I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself, so they brought me over.”

This old thing knew how to feel bad now. Why had he not thought of the consequences back then?

“I’m warning you! You’re not allowed to have any ideas about my daughter.” Nangong Lun’s heart was full of mixed feelings. He knew it. He knew it. As long as Ling Sheng was around, it was impossible for Huo Ci and his daughter to have absolutely no dealings with each other. They had a daughter as a common point! Now, they even had a grandson!

What he had feared the most had happened in the end.

“About this question, didn’t I explain to you clearly enough last time at the hospital?” Huo Ci’s smile was mocking.

“Swear it.” Nangong Lun’s eyes were deep and solemn as he looked at Huo Ci. “Swear right in front of me now that you will never be with my daughter again!”

Huo Ci’s eyes turned wintry abruptly as his lips curled up. “Why should I take an oath?”

Nangong Lun said, “I just knew you wouldn’t give up on your foul designs. Your arm was broken on purpose too, right? You came here to seduce my daughter, right?”

Huo Ci continued smiling. “Uncle Nangong, you can start publishing books!”

Nangong Lun asked, “What do you mean?”

Huo Ci said, “Uncle Nangong, you have a very rich imagination.”

A ball of fury rose in Nangong Lun and he gritted his teeth as he pointed at him. “Stop changing the topic! I’m warning you, Huo Ci. I absolutely won’t let you get the chance to hurt Yu’er again!”

Huo Ci said, “Uncle Nangong, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be going back. I’m a little tired.”

Nangong Lun looked at his back view, his face ashen with anger. He looked at the old butler standing beside the car and pointed at him before saying angrily, “Old Li, Old Li, look at what you’ve done!”

Uncle Li bowed respectfully and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

He knew that it was all his fault, but he did not regret it. If he had really listened to the Old Master and sent Sheng Sheng to an unknown orphanage by random, they would never have been able to find her. That would have made him feel uneasy forever instead.

The current outcome was already very positive.

“Where’s Ah Mo? When will he finish filming the movie?” Nangong Lun could not check on his daughter. After all, his daughter would fall ill whenever she saw him!

“Probably at the end of the month!” Uncle Li said.

“Tell him to come back after filming to watch over his sister! Don’t let Huo Ci get close to her again.” Nangong Lun wished he could bring his son back right at this moment and keep an eye on that scumbag Huo Ci!

“Yes.” Uncle Li took another look in the direction of the villa and finally felt at ease.

“Mom, I think I saw my granduncle just now.” Ling Sheng passed her a glass of hot water. “Is his body still all right now?”

The original owner of this body’s Granduncle a.k.a her foster mother’s uncle. He was also the Nangong Family’s butler, Uncle Li. They had not met many times, but he would send them money. When she was young, he would send her toys and children fairy tale books. When she grew up, he would often send her clothes, stationery, and delicious food too.

Additionally, her foster mother would often send him her photos, awards, and school reports.

“Do you want to see him?” Nangong Lengyu looked at her. “He should still be outside. If you want to see him, go over and meet him!”

Over the years, Uncle Li had been taking her place and doing his best to help Sheng Sheng and her foster mother.

She knew that this issue was not Uncle Li’s fault. He had only followed orders. However, she still didn’t want to see him. After all, he had kept this from her for more than 20 years. He had watched her suffer and grieve, but he had not told her anything.

“Then, Mom, I’ll go over and take a look.” Ling Sheng knew that the original owner had always liked this old man, whom she had seldom met but was the only relative of her foster mother. She also wanted to go over and thank him on behalf of the original owner.

In the end, this matter could not be blamed on an old butler either. The culprit was not him. She could still understand the principle of doing one’s best to serve someone after eating the food given by him.

When Ling Sheng chased after him, he had indeed not left yet. The car had just started moving when she ran over to knock on the window. Her face was almost plastered on the window. “Old Master Nangong.”

Nangong Lun was overjoyed. He hurriedly rolled down the car window. Hiding the surprise in his heart, his face remained stern as he asked, “What’s the matter?”

Yu’er must have asked her to chase after him! After all, she was still his precious daughter. How could Yu’er be so heartless as to not want him, her father? She must be prepared to forgive him!

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