Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 920 - Enemies on a Narrow Road

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Chapter 920: Enemies on a Narrow Road

Ling Sheng smiled politely. “I’m looking for my granduncle.”

Nangong Lun was even stunned for a moment. When he saw that she was looking at Uncle Li, her big eyes sparkling with excitement, he immediately felt his heart throb achingly.

Uncle Li had not expected that the girl had still seen him when he had stood so far away. He was so happy that he could not close his mouth. He got out of the car after informing Nangong Lun. He looked at the lass and asked, “Why did you come out without a coat? Are you cold?”

Then, he tried to take off his coat.

Ling Sheng hurriedly stopped him and smiled. “Granduncle, you’re already so old. Be careful not to catch a cold. As a young person, I’m healthier. This bit of chill is nothing.”

Uncle Li looked at the cheerful and pretty young lady in front of him. His eyes grew hot and his nose felt sore. He nodded. “Okay, whatever you say.”

It was good that she was fine. He had once thought that she would suffer a blow because of Xiaoqi and be ruined for good. He had not expected her to recover so well. She seemed to have walked out of the shadows.

It seemed like he had done the right thing by getting her to find Huo Ci.

Ling Sheng did not know why either, but she felt that the old man in front of her was very kind and amiable. She felt very close to him. The smile on her face had not disappeared since she started talking.

Nangong Lun was in the car, and the duo was standing behind it. When he turned around, he could see the girl’s bright smile. It was as dazzling as a spring flower, and he could vaguely hear her voice too. It was also sweet and pleasant.

The more he looked, the more his heart ached and felt bad. That girl was even happier and more intimate when she spoke to an outsider than when she spoke to her grandpa.

That wasn’t right. She had never treated him as her grandpa either. Every time they met, she would call him Old Master Nangong politely.

Originally, he had not felt anything other than anger either, aside from thinking that she lacked manners.

However, when there were these two comparisons made today, he only felt sad.

“Granduncle, when are you free? I’ll take you shopping.” When Ling Sheng walked him to the car, she asked again with a smile.

“When do you have time? I have time all the time.” Inwardly, Uncle Li felt as though he had eaten honey. He had not expected this girl to become more sensible as she grew up. Her mouth was sweet, and so was her heart, as she knew how to be filial now.

“I might have to wait until the filming is over. Today is the last day.” Ling Sheng frowned in slight disappointment before she smiled. “I’ll send you a message after I confirm the time. I’ll take you out to eat, shop, and buy new clothes.”

Uncle Li smiled especially lovingly. “Okay.”

Nangong Lun sat right beside them and listened to the duo’s conversation. He coughed and took a look at Uncle Li. Still going shopping for clothes? Upon seeing the girl leave after saying goodbye, he finally frowned and asked in a sarcastic tone, “Are you that happy?”

Uncle Li was still leaning against the window to look at Ling Sheng. His face was full of smiles as he nodded and sighed. “Sheng Sheng has really grown up. She knows how to dote on others now.”

Then, he felt the air around him turn a little heavy. When he turned around, he saw that the Old Master’s face was all dark. He hurriedly straightened his face and sensibly changed the topic. “Old Master, are we going to eat now?”

He had been with the Old Master for decades, so he could accurately judge his emotions. Was he unhappy now because of Miss? Or was it because of Sheng Sheng?

Whoever wanted to be unhappy could be unhappy on his own. Anyway, Huo Ci was very happy. When it was time to wash his face, Xiaoqi ran over and shifted a small stool over to step on. He beamed and said, “Grandpa, Xiaoqi will wash your face for you!”

Huo Ci had just brushed his teeth. It was a little uncomfortable to wash his face with one hand, but he could still do it. He looked at the little brat and smiled haughtily. “Wash it cleanly!”

Xiaoqi nodded hurriedly. “Xiaoqi promises to wash Grandpa clean.”

Huo Ci had come in a hurry; he had come straight from the hospital. He had not brought any toiletries. As for items like toothbrushes, he had bought them on the spot at the small supermarket by the entrance. Since he did not have any facial cleansing milk, he told Xiaoqi to use the one Nangong Lengyu had prepared.

After washing his face, he also took ladies’ skincare products and got Xiaoqi to apply them on his face. As an actor with excellent professionalism, he still had to take care of his skin. This was a form of respect for his profession.

Xiaoqi wiped his face while huffing and puffing away. His expression was very serious, as though he was handling an important matter.

The more Huo Ci looked at the little brat in front of him, the happier he became. The corners of his lips grew wider and wider, and tears of emotion welled up in his eyes. He had not doted on him for nothing!

Upon seeing his grandpa smiling at him, Xiaoqi did not understand why. “Grandpa, why do you keep smiling at me?”

“You’re my grandson. I’m happy just to see you.” The more Huo Ci looked at him, the more he liked him. Why had he not realized that the brat was so adorable in the past? He asked, “Are you happy to see me?”

Xiaoqi thought for a while and looked at him seriously. “But Grandpa, you’re not my grandson.”

Huo Ci choked with frustration, and his handsome face darkened abruptly. F*ck! This child couldn’t be kept anymore. He was taking back everything he had just said! What was so adorable about this stinky brat?! He was not cute at all!

Before he could reprimand him, he heard a low, crisp laugh at the door. When he turned around, he saw Nangong Lengyu enter with a towel.

Nangong Lengyu had come to bring Xiaoqi a towel. She had not expected to hear the duo’s conversation when she reached the door. She could not help but laugh. She let out a low cough and hung the towel on the clothes rack. “Xiaoqi, this is your towel. Wash your face with this?”

From the time they had met till now, this was the first time Huo Ci had seen her laugh so carefreely. It was a heartfelt laugh, and he was momentarily entranced too.

When Nangong Lengyu left, Xiaoqi tugged at his hand. “Grandpa, what’s wrong?”

Huo Ci reached out to pinch his face and carried him down from the sink with one hand. He warned him sternly, “You little brat! You’re my grandson, my grandson!”

Xiaoqi frowned. Grandpa was very strange today. Why did he keep saying this? He knew that he was Grandpa’s grandson.

Ling Sheng got up early the next morning. Xiaoqi was sleeping with her father, so she was sharing a room with her mother.

Nangong Lengyu opened her eyes in a daze and saw that she had already gotten out of bed. Her voice was hoarse with sleep as she said, “So early? Let me send you there!”

“No need, Mom. Go to sleep. It’s still early,” Ling Sheng smiled at her. “I’m not leaving now. There’s a famous steamed bun shop nearby. I’ll go buy breakfast for you guys.”

Nangong Lengyu was very sleepy. She nestled happily under the blanket and watched her daughter put on her coat before leaving. She even reminded her to wear more clothes. There was a down coat she could wear in the changing room. It was cold in the morning.

Ling Sheng put on a down coat obediently, the kind which reached her ankles. She drove out to buy breakfast. The fog outside was a little thick, and visibility was a little low, so when she drove, she was completely wide awake.

However, while she was rounding the corner of the road, an idiot going against the one-way traffic might have realized that he had gone the wrong way. He suddenly started to make a u-turn. She was very close to him. By the time she saw the car speeding over, she could not brake in time. She hit the car’s trunk with a bang.

Then, she realized that this d*mn idiot had yet to turn on his rear fog lights!

When she drove, she was most afraid of meeting such a person—a road killer! Ling Sheng’s face was all black as she got out of her car angrily and directly knocked on his door. “Hey, get out!”

What kind of person was this? Was he courting death by driving on the road?! Not only had he not switched on the fog lights on such a foggy day, but he hadn’t even switched on the rear lights of his car. He had even made a sudden u-turn!

The car window rolled down slowly. When Ling Sheng saw the person in the car, her eyes narrowed instantly. She could clearly smell the strong stench of alcohol. Her lips curled up into a disdainful sneer. Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road. This b*stard Gu Shen!

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