Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains - Chapter 281 - Which Is More Important, Traditional Music or Traditional Chinese Medicine?

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Chapter 281: Which Is More Important, Traditional Music or Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Then, Lu An received four keepsakes from the masters.

One after another, they told her to work hard and practice more.

On the other side, Fan Hui couldn’t help but feel nervous as he sat below the stage. He was worried that Lu An would be tricked into learning musical instruments. All the traditional Chinese medicine masters had charged him with the task of pulling Lu An over to their side.

Fan Hui rubbed his hands nervously. He was only 26 years old; how could he compete with the four masters?

Whether he could win or not, would he be labeled as being disrespectful toward his elders and then beaten to death?

Just thinking about it was a little scary!

Seeing that Lu An was about to be swayed, Fan Hui steeled his heart and contacted Grandma Yan and the others.

It just so happened that this group of people rarely came to South City. They had gone sightseeing, and were currently resting in South City.

Very quickly, Grandma Yan and the others arrived.

You four shameless old men, how dare you snatch our precious disciple? Don’t you understand what first come, first served means?

Li Zheng couldn’t stop them!

“Mr. Liu, from what I understand, our An’an already has consummate music skills. Whether or not she continues practicing isn’t important. However, treating illnesses and saving lives never ends. An’an can do more for this world with medicine!”

“Madam Yan, you can’t put it that way. Medicine can indeed make a person healthy, but good music can also promote blood circulation and keep illnesses away. An’an’s music, in particular, is pure and resonates. If she further hones her skills, this will be a boon to the people!”

“So, music alone is enough to prevent illnesses? There’s no such thing in this world!”

“Then, as long as there’s medicine, a person’s health is ensured? Without music or other pleasures, what’s the difference between living and being a zombie?”

Just like that, this group of people started arguing. They were still polite in the beginning, but were practically about to come to blows toward the end. Everyone at the scene was utterly stupefied.

Hello, what on earth was going on?

The audience was dumbfounded, and Director Chen and Director Qiu were also at a loss. They all stood up, not knowing if they should stop the fight.

Poor Director Li Zheng and the host, Xu Xuan, were even dragged over to preside over the argument.

“Come, tell us: Is music or medicine more important?”

“Er, this…”

The two of them looked at Lu An pleadingly. It’s too difficult for us!

Lu An was even more stupefied. She was torn between the two groups and couldn’t react at all; she was like the center in a tug-of-war.

And on the side, the foreign group waited like gentlemen. Who knew what all these other people were doing, but they couldn’t help but feel restless, worried that Lu An would be snatched away.

Qi Yan’s expression was already very ugly, and the audience in front of the live stream was already laughing like crazy —

[Hahaha, Little Sister is so pitiful. Is this the result of being too awesome? Two groups of big shots are even fighting over her?]

[Don’t forget the foreign group on the side. It feels like they’re about to cry with grievances. They must be thinking: The Chinese are so scary!]

[Hahaha, why am I gloating? I hope they fight! Fight!!!]

Then, the word “fight” practically flooded the screen. Everyone was happy to watch the excitement.

In the end, Fourth Brother couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Enough!”

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