Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains - Chapter 282 - The Country Owes Me +1

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Chapter 282: The Country Owes Me +1

What were they trying to do? They were about to tear Little Sister’s arms off!

A certain fourth brother’s face was cold. He had never been so angry and indignant. He grabbed his little sister’s hand and pulled her behind him to protect her. He said coldly, “Arguing one after another; have you asked me, her brother, what I think?

“I don’t want her to be good at medicine, nor do I want her to be good at music. I just want her to be happy and do what she likes. If you can guarantee that she’ll be happy, we’ll talk about it then!”

With that, Fourth Brother dragged his little sister away without looking back.

Lu An was dumbfounded as she stared at her brother and followed him obediently.

On the other side, everyone was stunned. Senior Yan and Senior Liu looked at each other, then started blaming each other in low voices —

“It’s all your fault!”

“It’s all your fault!”

As the two of them spoke, they even elbowed each other.

The people in front of the live stream found it utterly adorable. [Hahaha, they’re even blaming each other?]

These cute elders!

They hurriedly stopped Fourth Brother and said, “So, you’re Xiao An’an’s brother. We were joking.”

“Right, right, we were joking.”

The elders had embarrassed looks on their faces.

A certain fourth brother’s cold gaze swept over them. He still didn’t look too happy, and he didn’t acknowledge them. He looked at his little sister, who was in a daze, and his heart ached. He asked in concern, “Are you alright? Do your arms hurt?”

“No, they don’t hurt!” With her brother’s concern, they didn’t hurt at all!

The little girl shook her head frantically and blinked as she stared at her angelic fourth brother. The corners of her lips couldn’t help but curl up. Heh, it was good to have a big brother!

Not far away, Ling Chuan gave them a look. Forget it, he would give this older brother the chance to perform.

In front of the live stream, the audience was about to explode again —

[Ahhh, so, this is actually our little sister’s brother?]

[I say, no wonder he’s always by Little Sister’s side. It was the same when he was preparing the outfits earlier. When all of you were watching Little Sister’s performance, I actually wanted to shout, “Where did this immortal little brother come from?!” He’s amazing at making outfits! Ahhh, he’s actually our Little Sister’s brother? Little Sister is too happy! The country owes me a brother like that +1!]

Lu An’s fans were ecstatic, but there were also people who were disdainful —

[Tsk, don’t you think he’s very disrespectful toward elders?]

[They were clearly just joking. Did he have to go that far, pulling Lu An away so publicly like that? It’s an honor that they’re willing to fight over your little sister, alright? He doesn’t know a good thing when it’s right in front of him!]

[So? Just because they joked about stealing our little sister, our brother can’t dote on her?]

[What kind of person are you? The older brother is just concerned about his little sister. He doesn’t want her to be awesome, and just wants her to be happy. What’s wrong with that?]

[I think you’re just jealous. You’re jealous that our little sister has such an angel for a brother! Besides, the big shots don’t mind, so why are you kicking up a fuss?]

Lu An’s fans were angry once again as they started tearing into the haters furiously.

The haters immediately fell silent.

On the other side, the live broadcast was still running.

Since they were already here, Grandma Yan and the others took the opportunity to promote medicine, like what medicine was good for health and beauty, what medicine could be used to treat common minor illnesses, what medicine could be used to treat physical wounds, and so on and so forth.

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