Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start - Chapter 344 - As a Man, You’re a Failure

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Chapter 344 As a Man, You’re a Failure

At this moment, Li Cheng walked directly to the messenger’s corpse. He was filled with anticipation thinking about the good things this messenger would drop.

When he thought of this, Li Cheng excitedly picked everything up. “Ding, dong! You’ve triggered the ten thousand times increase and obtained the spoils of war, the Immortal-grade God of Creation’s trident!”

“Ding, dong! You’ve triggered the ten thousand times increase and obtained the spoils of war, the highest-level authority of the Furnace of Death!

“Ding, dong! You’ve triggered the ten thousand times increase and obtained the spoils of war, the complete coordinates of the universe!

“Ding, dong…”

Hearing the system notification ring in his ear, Li Cheng’s mind went blank. Even he was shocked.

He had expected that something good would drop, but he did not expect such a good thing to appear.

The highest-level authority of the Furnace of Death. This was a supreme Immortal weapon that the God of Creation had used to kill tens of thousands of Immortal-grade units. He did not expect that he would obtain this after only killing an oracle. In a sense, this item now belonged to him.

Before Li Cheng had the time to check the attributes of all the items, countless terrifying and vast auras suddenly appeared behind him.


“Kid, you really opened my eyes. I didn’t expect you to be brave enough to attack the God of Creation’s oracle!”

“Hehe, if I’m not wrong, this is the first oracle that has died. I think it must’ve dropped many good items, right?” “Human, we’ll give you a chance. Give us the things that dropped, and we’ll spare your life!”

“Right, right, right, we’ll spare your life, Hahaha…”

Hearing the voices, Li Cheng was also a little stunned.

These Gods really came at the right time. The Hourglass of Time’s time freeze just happened to pass, and they appeared right after.

Did these people think that they could eat him?

The condition of repairing his Heart of Massacre required him to kill Immortal-grade units anyway…

At this time, the God of Liches waved his hand, and instantly, a teleportation gate that was emitting a cold aura suddenly appeared.

In the next moment, countless strange Liches floated out of the teleportation gate. Their bodies were very long and they did not seem to have a physical body. They wore tattered light gray mage robes, and their bodies were emitting a cold aura.


Seeing these Liches appear, Li Cheng narrowed his eyes and cast a few scouting spells.

[65,890,000 x Ice Machine Lich (Crown)]

When he saw this, Li Cheng nodded. It was just as he had thought.

The God of Liches and Clark from the East had a cooperative relationship. Liches were very common in the undead army.

The Liches in front of him were all extremely elite and high-ranked soldiers, the strongest of them being level-13 soldiers.

Li Cheng had some understanding of liches. They were a type of soldier that was difficult to deal with.

They did not have a physical body, which meant that they were completely immune to physical damage. At the same time, they all had a common skill, which was the Lich phylactery. As long as there was a Lich, there would be a Lich phylactery. If the Lich phylactery was not destroyed, these liches would always be resurrected in the Lich phylactery.

Similar to the evil spirits in the underground world, their strength would also be reduced with each resurrection.

As Li Cheng was thinking about this, countless teleportation portals appeared one after another. A black mass of troops slowly walked out from the teleportation portals. Seeing this, Li Cheng cast a few more scouting spells.

(26,890,000 x Wild Wolf (Crown)]

(54,900,000 x Vicious Enigma (Crown)]

With the appearance of countless legions, the combined forces instantly formed an extremely terrifying pressure.

For the spoils of war dropped by the God of Creation’s messenger, the God of Liches and the other Gods who had been hiding in the dark could not help but send their most elite troops to retrieve the spoils of war for them.

The messenger’s equipment was basically made by the God of Creation. There was nothing ordinary about it. If they were not afraid that the God of Creation would notice, they would even send their divine soldiers.

Of course, the Crown soldiers in front of them were also assets that they had accumulated for thousands of years. In the eyes of these weak Gods, they were still treasures.

Li Cheng had already used so many trump cards. In their eyes, they had enough to deal with Li Cheng who was already greatly weakened.

The God of Liches smiled slyly, his eyes were full of disdain as he looked at Li Cheng and said, “Kid, I’m giving you one last chance. Become my subordinate. I can grant you eternal life. Do you want to consider it?”

As the voice of the Lich God fell, the system’s voice sounded in Li Cheng’s ear.

“Ding, dong! The God of Liches has invited you to join the Lich Kingdom. He promises to make you into the strongest Lich and give you eternal life!

“Ding, dong…”

Hearing the system’s voice, Li Cheng was stunned. He thought to himself, ‘Is this Lich God sick or something?

‘Immortality? If I want to become a God, I can do it anytime. There are so many divinity fragments in my backpack, and most of them are stronger than the God of Liches. After becoming a God, I’ll naturally become Immortal. Why would I take a fancy to the useless things you have to offer me?’

Moreover, the path to immortality given by the God of Liches was of the lowest-end one, to become a Lich.

When becoming a Lich, one would lose many functions. For example, one could no longer taste delicious food, and one could no longer have any wonderful sparks with one’s lovely wife.

For a normal man, what was the point of eternal life if he could not enjoy some sparks with his lovely woman? To watch someone else’s fireworks?

Li Cheng would rather die than accept the God of Liches’ request.

Li Cheng almost laughed out loud. Then, he looked at the Lich God with pity and said, “Unfortunately, I don’t want my beautiful wives to be widowed.

“I understand that you can’t understand this feeling. As a man, you’re a failure.”

As Li Cheng’s words fell, the Goddesses and heroines had different expressions.

Some rolled their eyes at Li Cheng in embarrassment while others fiercely glared at him.

No matter how many wives Li Cheng had, whether they were Goddesses or heroines, they all knew they were his in their hearts. However, no one had said it out loud before, and Li Cheng also had never mentioned it publicly as well. This was also the first time he had said such words in public, so the Goddesses and heroines’ expressions changed slightly out of surprise.

Of course, now was not the time for their hearts to flutter. They all knew what should be done and what should not be done at the moment. The Goddesses and heroines did not say anything at this time.

If the God of Liches still had any muscles on his face, he would have probably exploded with anger by now after hearing Li Cheng’s words.

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